Reviews for Fan Fiction, Sex Gods and Single Girls
Atwiggs chapter 53 . 4h
Omg! Yes the girl is a virgin! Everybody remembers their first time! I wonder when Edward had his first time! I have a feeling that she needs a bit more time to get her head around this... Maybe Edward will hold out for a bit...
Atwiggs chapter 52 . 5h
I’m s glad he finally got that off of his chest! But she still doesn’t know about everyone else reading the story! She will be mortified!
LizziePaige chapter 73 . 7h
Wonderful ending to a great story. I feel like I’ve been reading this story for so many years that these lot feel like family! Thanks for sharing them with us. :) xx
foxylady1on1 chapter 73 . 7h
so sad its over, I have enjoyed every second again, thank you
Don't trust your eyes chapter 73 . 12h
Thank you for sharing with us this little piece of your heart.
DreamerRoad chapter 73 . 15h
This has been an amazing read filled with humor, romance and fun. I've loved every minute of this story. You created a beautiful world here and this epilogue summed it all up so perfectly. Thank you so much!

I'll continue to send positive vibes and prayers for your family. Best wishes truly.
helenemc chapter 73 . 16h
Thank you for posting this wonderful epilogue. What a ride this has been. Love the way all of them blended in so well into an extended family. It was even better the second time around. On another note, I hope the turning for the worts stays at bay and your husband continues to have nothing but good days. Would love more outtakes. Stella going on her first date would make a good one.
grandmachix chapter 73 . 17h
Wow! It's a movie, now. I love how all the diverse members of the extended families blended into one cohesive family unit. That's the very best Happily Ever After!
DICATAKADD chapter 73 . 17h
Oh my gosh...great end to one of my forever favs.

Love you.
Atwiggs chapter 50 . 17h
Aww Thirty-four years! I was married at age 17! He had orders for Vietnam Nam so we decided to get married for love but also because we wanted to get the benefits of being married with him in the Army even though he was only 18 and I was 17. We were married for 46 yrs. He died last Jan 31st and I miss him so much that I ache!
katieenicolee chapter 5 . 22h
SLUG. I’m dying. I couldn’t stop myself from actually laughing out loud at Mike and his “sluggish” ways. I’m in love with Bella in this story. I know Angela said she was shy but she has some spark to her and doesn’t seem overly self-conscious which always makes me happy. :) girl power and all. I’m so happy I found your story and will definitely be reading any others you’ve written next.
mibow chapter 73 . 22h
Atwiggs chapter 47 . 22h
Aww, I’m so happy that Alice and Edward had a real nice talk! Now if Edward would just tell Bella about how he knows the big secret! The longer he waits the more she will feel like a fool in front of him and his family! Tell her Edward!
tff000 chapter 73 . 5/26
good ending for them
Atwiggs chapter 46 . 5/26
I can’t wait to read more! I am stuck in bed due to a bad back and bad knees! I don’t go anywhere anymore because it’s just to painful..But I am soo enjoying this Fic because it is just wonderful and I can escape into your magical world away from pain and problems. Thx so much sweetie, you are making my day!
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