Reviews for Fan Fiction, Sex Gods and Single Girls
alli62 chapter 59 . 8/25
I have this ridiculous smile on my face the whole time I am reading this chapter.

They are so adorable.
Guest chapter 59 . 8/25
Oh wow!
SmartKoala chapter 48 . 8/25
Aaww! Such a gentleman! I knew there had to be a story about that sweatshirt when she put it on last chapter but of course you totally surprised me again with the back story :)
DreamerRoad chapter 59 . 8/25
Bella knows how to throw a picnic date! Nice! Not to mention fun, sexy and flirty. These two are killing me (in all good ways) with their sweet affection for one another. Edward's explanation of his dreamS was so great and what I wouldn't give to have her give an equally telling account of hers!

And who says you can't be 'in love' after three days dating and twelve days knowing each other? I'm buying it hook, line and sinker.

Now, anxious to hear how it goes as Edward 'meets' Renee... Fun!
Nlresda123 chapter 59 . 8/25
*Gasp* it's her mom. MUHUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm interested to see how the rest plays out. Yay. Can't wait for the next update.
tvd1992 chapter 59 . 8/25
omg can't wait to see how that phone call go
bigchill77 chapter 59 . 8/25
Still enjoying the rewrite- thanks for the update.
RP-Maddie-EC chapter 59 . 8/25
I got the email saying you updated the story when I was at work and all I wanted to do was go home and read it. Another great chapter. Can't wait to see how the story will continue to unfold!
Thunnababy chapter 59 . 8/25
He had a nerve answering her phone! Bad move Edward.
acw1 chapter 59 . 8/25
debslmac chapter 59 . 8/25
Thunnababy chapter 59 . 8/25
I want you to know you made my day infinitely brighter with this update. ️ I've been hoping for one for a few days now so now you may add "mind reader" to your profile. ️
Kksmum chapter 59 . 8/25
Well that was another great chapter. I just love them. Looking fireard to the next one.
starsmina chapter 59 . 8/25
This chapter had me cracking up all the way through! lol
I like their way of communicating, kind of like passing notes in a language only they understand.
The quiz Bella gives Edward shows off the teacher in her and him guessing all the right answers is him showing off the student in himself lol
Also loving their inner battles about telling the other that they are in love,, if they only knew what the other was thinking ;)
This should be interesting to see what Renee has to say to dear Edward lol Can't wait for the next chapter!
Guest chapter 59 . 8/25
ChristyWIX: The picnic, the songs, the conversation and the held back I love you's from each of them, was just as delicious this time around as the first. Yes, you can actually fall in love, forever love, in that time frame. The husband and I did so. For really reals. Three dates, in as many days, and we were both goners, hehehe. Ruh-roh, Renee is on the phone . . . eeeeek!
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