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Flowergirl chapter 12 . 3/23
Just found this fic yesterday, rec'd on SRWN, and I'm lovin it. Good mix of humor and angst.
xXTeam-HottiesXx chapter 62 . 3/22
I've been trying to find an upbeat version of Lucky Ones by Lana del Rey but I can't. Could you or someone please post a link for YouTube? Thanks! :)
darcystwilight chapter 70 . 3/22
Awwwww….what a wonderful life they have built together. I can't believe how quickly everything came together. From virgin to twins in a little over a year. Ekkkkkk….. Wake up call if I've ever heard of one.

I love that E/B finished the fan fiction and then published it. It sounds like Bella might even have more published work in her future with and sequel. Who knows where it will go after that!

Lauren Mallory got what was coming to her! We all have those people from our HS days that we would LOVE to tell off. I like that Edward remained the bigger person and Bella did the dirty work. What different did it make to Bella, she didn't know the bitch. :)
darcystwilight chapter 69 . 3/22
I absolutely loved the birthday party! It was neat that Edward arranged it and purposefully left out all the Cullen people/friends. This was a party just for Bella and about Bella. I missed Charlie so much in his fic. He is one of my favorite characters from this franchise, so it was great to spend a little bit of time with them. Did Renee know about the party too? Did Edward tip her off and give her time to send that dress? Maybe I missed that, but looking back it certainly seems like that is what has happened. Still, that is fast turn around. I keep forgetting that we have only covered a very small amount of time with this fic.

Speaking of which, I love Bella and Edward, but they are wacko for wanting to move in together. I know this is fiction and they are hopelessly in love. I know that they are gonna live happily ever after and all that good stuff…but they still seem to be in the stage of the relationship where absolutely everything the other person does they find charming. I'm a firm believer that you need to get past that stage, figure out what annoys you, and then decide if you wanna love in together. I guess that's the beauty of this being fiction. Nothing will ever annoy them about each other. :)
darcystwilight chapter 68 . 3/22
Another super sweet chapter! I think I might get a cavity from all this sweetness! :)

I love that Bella and Edward are going to become a writing team. I thought for a moment Bella might even ask Edward to write the Edward POVs. Either way, I think this is great, and how adorable is it that Edward wants to be involved? Again, he is ruining other men for the entire world.

The deflowering (that name cracks me up) party was cute. It's nice to see all the couples just hanging out, free of drama and misunderstandings. I'm sure Esme is beside herself with happiness to see both of her children so happy. They'd had pretty rough pasts in the love department, and no mother wants to see her children sad. Even though Edward probably didn't realize it before, he was living a pretty sad and lonely life. I assume Esme worried about this a lot (we know Alice did), so this is really nice.
darcystwilight chapter 67 . 3/22
Have I mentioned that these two are just too cute for words? Your Edward puts men to shame. He is just too sweet and wonderful on so many levels.

I'm glad I got an answer to a question I posed earlier in a review. The reason why all of Edward/Bella's physical moments have played out at Bella's. One interesting question…does this mean that Edward never took one of his one-night-stand girls into the hot tub? I figured that would be the first place they would go. I just find it interesting that he would take Bella there, but not in his shower.

I can't wait to read about what Bella is writing now. I hope it is another chapter. It would be fun to write an entire fic about this quick start to a relationship. I still wonder how all of this will tie into his publishing world.
BPlemons chapter 34 . 3/22
Oh my! I really can't put this down! I'm glad I found you, bannerday! I can't stop laughing! This is hands-down the best fic I've read in a while! Sorry I'm reviewing it probably a year after you wrote it, but better late than never!
divyvicki chapter 14 . 3/22
The last two lines were just fabulous. Loved it.
darcystwilight chapter 66 . 3/21
There were a whole lot of smexy times in this chapter. I'm not complaining, but I don't feel like I'm very good at discussing. I fear I might pull a Bella and start blushing. :) Edward was very much a gentleman. I LOVE that. So many fics turn Edward into some crazy animal in the bedroom. They have him performing acts that I'm not sure are legal and I'm pretty sure would damage his ding-a-ling if really a factual person. This Edward, although incredibly sexy, is a normal man. This encounter was realistic and sexy and I could feel the love between these two.

I also enjoyed Emmett and crew showing up. I think Bella needed that. It gave the final closure needed for Bella and Edward to be able to completely move forward and leave all these silly misunderstandings behind.

For the last few chapters, here is what I'm wondering/hoping for:
1. More fic writing in some way. One could also hope from reviews. How would this work now that many of her readers have spilled the beans? Esme says she won't be reading anymore. Would Emmett? Alice?
2. Edward and Bella will in some way move forward with this publishing idea. Will Bella become a writer? Will she publish? She has mentioned that it is just a hobby…does she have other aspirations?
3. Will there is a future take? Will we see these adorable people at the winter formal in the future? If so, could that also be a time for an engagement?

I think that's all for now…at least what my very tired brain is coming up with! :)
darcystwilight chapter 65 . 3/21
HOLY CRAP! I can't believe I actually guessed most of this right! LOL This is too funny. I literally thought I was throwing crazy ideas out that you could giggle at. I think we have some kind of strange mental bound or something. Our brains are apparently very similarly wired. (This makes me worry for you on many levels). :) 2 of my guesses were spot on. I still can't believe it. AHHHHHHHHHH!

The "I love you" moment was sweet. I like that they said it at the same time.

I LOVE the parallel to New Moon. I was thinking that even before you brought it up in the author's note. While reading I was picturing Bella run through that foundation with her brown button down shirt. Edward's line about it being easier in the movies was fun too.

I hadn't anticipated the private messages from Emmett, Alice or Esme. Those were all very sweet notes and I'm glad that they got to fully explain to Bella what happened and what she means to them. I also find it hilarious that Edward's grandma was short in sweet. If my grandmother would review FF (as if), I would totally picture her using as few of words as possible. Very creative there!
darcystwilight chapter 64 . 3/21
Ok, I'm sure you want to hear my strange ideas for Operation Bellybeans. They are SO wrong, I have no doubt, but I figured you would be humored by them, so here goes..

1. Edward is taking Bella's truck to make a life-sized version of the flowers he had sent. He now has a blue pickup truck so he could potentially make it possible by filing the bed with dirt and planting a bunch of flowers inside. This theory is a bit strange, and a bit messy, but it is the long logical reasoning I could come up with for Edward taking the actual truck.

2. Edward is buying her the truck…kinda boring, but I would appreciate the gesture.

3. Edward took the truck so she couldn't leave the house…

4. Totally unrelated to the truck theory. Alice is making Bella a new banner for the story. This banner will somehow magically reflect things that have happened in E/B's relationship post where the written part of the story left off. This would make Bella realize that Alice is the banner maker, solving some of the anger at Edward from that misunderstanding. Again, I love this idea, but don't know how the truck plays into the whole mix of things. :)

How did I do…

And realize..I asked for no angst. My wish was not granted. I have apparently forgiven you though since I'm still here..reviewing as usual. I hope you still enjoy them. :)
darcystwilight chapter 63 . 3/21
Oh boy…I sure hope that Bella doesn't try to take off like she did when she found out that Edward was reading. Knowing her, she will trip and fall all the way down the bleachers. It really wouldn't be good. I highly advise against it! Please take this well, Bella. I can't take angst this late the story. :)

Esme is an interesting character in this one. Don't take this the wrong way, but in fics (at least in my experience) she is often portrayed as this perfect mother. Here, she is a bit annoying. Don't get me wrong, I like her…but something about her seems a little "dense." Gosh, that sounds bad. Maybe she is just more realistic to what moms are like.

Bella's appointment reminded me how much of a pain being a woman is. I doctored with a wonderful female doctor all through my first pregnancy. She sadly got sick when I was pregnant with my second and they brought in a new doctor. A male doctor. He isn't just a male doctor, but he is a gorgeous male doctor. I stuck with it, but it added a completely new level of awkward to my appointments. I feel your pain Bella. Being a woman isn't fun! :)

I can't wait to see how this moment plays out. I am also looking forward to their big weekend. I am curious what will happen with the new car. Will Edward buy it? I find that sorta hard to believe, but at the same this, this is Edward we are talking about. The man has no boundaries, and that's why we love him!
Peelmeagrapenyc chapter 71 . 3/21
Just perfect! This was really such a great happy love filled story. Thank you.
Peelmeagrapenyc chapter 70 . 3/21
This is so good. It doesn't feel like a long story, but then I realize how many days I've been wrapped up read it!? ) Delightful.
anon chapter 19 . 3/20
Oh my god! I am just starting yo read this story and have enjoyed so far.. and about that warning at the beginning of the chapter, I wish I would have heeded.
You see me and my hubby have this arrangement. He has this weird fetish (!?) shall we say; he gets (ahem)
aroused when I giggle. (I said weird didn't I?). Can you imagine I read 20 chapters in our bed... Needless to say he is very thankful ;)
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