Reviews for Cleaning no Jutsu
ryyaikki chapter 15 . 7/14
I don’t really know how many times I’ve reread this fic and it always gets me as if it was the first time. And I just can imagine Hikari there at Gai’s bed… TTxTT
shogemoo chapter 15 . 7/12
I was fudging crying at the end of this, goodness, it's beautiful ️
jesi ki kage chapter 15 . 7/8
Gawd damn I loved this. Did not think I would as I've never read a pairing focused on Gai but your characterization was amazing holy kriff. Friend rec'd it and I clicked cuz the premise made me laugh. I was not disappointed, humor is definitely the right genre tag for this. Gawd this was amazing and several times I cackled aloud. Love the Old Civilian Families world building and how you showed that through the various threads and ripples among the siblings. The flower garden was amazing. How you handled her not completely changing the plot by adopting Naruto but still making his life a little better was outstanding. Super clever there because yeah, if she'd been any more involved in the ninja lives there would have been ripples. Great epilogue btw, absolutely loved the babysitting and ruined moment because that's so them. So good. That is for sharing!
The Indecisive Ambivert chapter 7 . 6/25
I had a feeling it was him, but to still have doubts until the reveal and be seamless. This had me laughing from start to finish
ReadingFenatic chapter 15 . 6/19
i love this story. i really loved this last chapter and how well you captured Gai
ObservantMushroom chapter 15 . 5/31
10/10 Im going to cry now
Mistress Charon chapter 15 . 5/29
I have to say, I did not think that I would read something so profound labed as "humor," but color me surprised. I'm very happy to have stumbled upon your story, it was a hilarious ride, filled with humor, fun, and sadness. You're a great writer! I loved the political machinations that you injected along with some interesting ninja lore/explanations. The ending was bittersweet, but really good. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Thank you for writing! :)
Guest chapter 15 . 4/6
Lee promising to babysit was great. I enjoyed this fic.
gillerya chapter 15 . 3/23
Kikidium31 chapter 14 . 3/18
Wah! I want a Gai in my life! I love how you portraited him in this fanfic.
Kikidium31 chapter 7 . 3/18
Ahhhhhhh! This is so goooood!
Kikidium31 chapter 7 . 3/18
This stare scene reminds me so much of the Witch of the Waist in Howl's moving Castle
JerHat chapter 15 . 3/16
Bah! Suckerpunched right in the feels.
crossforces chapter 13 . 3/15
I’m in tears.
AliasTesin chapter 15 . 3/6
Nice epilogue-chapter. Sad and full of courage and hope, beautiful.
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