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Error4North chapter 9 . 3/15
Excellent story:) One of the best Ranma goes to a medieval magic dimensions like we see in many RPG's. Well written, not many spelling mistakes and some small character growth, also like the fact that Ranma can't quite dominate every opponent in a fight, has to be a little bit tactical. Thanks for your good work.
HakanoSabishii chapter 9 . 2/12
Really happy to see more on this fic. It is really one of my all time favorites
TransientStar chapter 9 . 2/8
Oh wow, that was a long hiatus. Nice to see you back.
jack the shmee chapter 9 . 2/3
It is beyond awesome that you are alive and kicking! So happy for you! I've seriously been reading the Journey fanfic since The Lost One's page was still up and running, and that's gotta be over a decade.

Thank you for updating. I love the story! I hope you and your wife and children are doing super well! Take care!
Ibskib chapter 1 . 1/21
What, attractive snakes? Does Ranma have a snake fetish?

a few day - a few days
even civilization - even seeing civilization
Intellegences - Intelligences (around a dozen instances)
god's - gods
I effect this - I help with this
damp your aura - dampen your aura
Selias chapter 9 . 1/8
What is he? The god of getting lost? The god of pigs?
The Nameless Author chapter 3 . 1/7
One thing I've noticed about this story is you NEED scene breaks. You are going along with Ranma and then bam there is a scene shift to some place else that is completely unrelated to what had happened in a previous paragraph. YOU need to put in scene breaks between different parts of the story that have nothing to do with one another until you tie them together elsewhere.

What you have right now is not good writing. Use dashed lines, or even type in the words in all caps "SCENE BREAK". Do something because it gets confusing to see Ranma doing one thing and then all of a sudden you shift to Nerima with Nabiki or shift to somewhere in Atlantis with Abdul-Ra.

It's jarring and makes no sense.
Timmy811 chapter 9 . 1/2
I can't believe this story has been finally updated after all these years! One of my all time favorites. Can't wait to see how Ranma is planning to lay waste to Atlantis.
Happerry chapter 9 . 1/2
I'm really happy to see that this isn't dead. I've long felt this is one of the best stories on the net, so seeing this update really made my day.
Sdarian chapter 9 . 1/2
Nice to see more of this.
Aaronmizuno chapter 9 . 12/31/2014
Holy crap! An update to Journey!?
I'd long given up hope that I'd ever see more content on this one!
Had to drop this comment in before I really have time to read it just to let you know how unbelievably stoked I am.
I'll totally comment again once I've taken it all in.
The bottom of this chapter mentions that a newer version that can be found but then stops. Do you have a website somewhere?
I'm totally going to hit up your self published works after the New Years company leaves xD
The DCG chapter 9 . 12/31/2014
Well shit. How awesome to see this updated after so long. The kasumi stuff is interesting as it keeps building, poor nabiki? She's flaking out on her job.
Guest chapter 1 . 12/28/2014
You know... I think I read this story, a long time ago. Stopped somewhere around chapter 10-20, I only vaguely recall something about a huge pyramid. Was great going at first but things just seemed escalating wilder.

So I just stumbled upon this story, and hey I think it's the one I read long ago. Even the dates in your A/N seem to bear it out. I'm just glad you decided to revise and continue with it, because it's really interesting. Kinda strange to reflect, I'm in my late 30s now, it seems a very long time ago that I first started reading the Ranma manga, and subsequently fanfics. I've moved on to other fandoms but Ranma still has a special place in my heart (heh). So it's great to see you picking this story back up. Good luck! Looking forward to future chapters.
shugokage chapter 9 . 12/28/2014
Great job on this chapter and hilarious and interesting fight!
Bel213 chapter 9 . 12/27/2014
Very glad to see this updating again. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the Championship plays out. Ryouga going to Dragonball route for power it seems (and is now a God instead of just a godling) and Ranma going at it via Technique.

Considering what was said about Neko-ken users in chapter one its probably only a matter of time till Ranma joins Ryouga but hopefully not before he finishes his mission because a sudden ascension to godhood would probably annoy Thorth who went to all the trouble of finding a human agent.

Still, I am very interested in seeing how Ranma plan's to match Ryouga's advantage of strength and pure physical power. I guess the mention of the Hadoken from chapter 2 is going to play a part but the rest I'm not really sure about.

In any case, congratulations on the twins and very glad to see you back. Looking forward to chapter 15;)
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