Reviews for Unanswered Prayers
Sassyvampmama chapter 14 . 11/26/2020
Thanks for sharing this with us.
BellaTesoro chapter 14 . 11/20/2020
I've really enjoyed reading this story but I sure wish that more time would have been given to the romance between E/B and seen more of what Bella tells us in these last few chapters about her development into healing. I'm not sure what to think about why she never could forgive her father. I take it he never made more of an effort to show her he had changed and was deeply sorry? I guess I'm a sap, I know everyone makes mistakes, we are human after all but I believe too that there is redemption to be had with time and patience.
Thanks for keeping this story here. I left you comments after each chapter so you'd know how much I got involved with your characters. Thank you!
BellaTesoro chapter 13 . 11/20/2020
It's good Bella is in therapy she really needs to let go of all this hurt and anger. It's a process and going through the memory box of pictures is a good part of that process as is talking it out with Charlie. Also she might want to ask her therapist about just how tough she is on Charlie since he is trying. It may not be enough for Bella and that's ok. Then she should stop punishing him too. He is at least there now and he wants the best for her he's trying to be a good dad and husband to his new family and as much as it hurts Bella, it is what it is and she needs to move on. These are all good steps forward. But if she can't forgive him, enough with reminding him of all the bad ways she's been hurt and it's ALL because of his poor parenting. I think he knows at this point.
BellaTesoro chapter 12 . 11/20/2020
Yay they are moving in with each other. I get Edward wants to take things slow because Bella is fragile in regards to her emotions and behind in her social/sexual parts of herself, but she is over 21 and certainly on her own and a full on adult. I think it's natural to take the step of exploring her sexual side with someone she loves, so what's with the keep waiting. Makes me think this is more a problem for Edward and Bella should start speaking up for what she's ready for etc. I still don't know why Edward hasn't had an adult relationship with a woman. I must have missed the explanation because what I recall seems less than understandable, just that he holds grudges...that his girl was kissing another and he couldn't forgive that high school thing? I guess it's not important. It's Bella with Charlie that is, so let's see if they can make peace.
BellaTesoro chapter 11 . 11/20/2020
I'm glad Bella is signing up for community college courses. I don't know why she's worried about money. In state college, especially community college is not expensive at all and she surely would qualify for grants and even scholarship money given her circumstances. And she's got $20,000. which can go to her education. And honestly Charlie owes her college money. He's got that house she's living in and I'm guessing no mortgage since he's holding on to it, sell that if money is tight. I don't know why my mind goes to practical things like that but...Now to Edward and Bella kissing him and running away for feeling rejected. I think if they have an open and honest relationship where all the cards are out there then eight year difference is no big thing at all. And hey what relationship comes with guarantees anyway. Go for it, Edward would make for a perfect 'first' for her and he needs to tell her why he is afraid she will hurt him.
BellaTesoro chapter 10 . 11/20/2020
Well Bella needed to hear from Charlie just why he left her like he did and carried on as if she wasn't part of his life. She was right to be so angry at him for finally coming clean having already heard the truth of why Renee left her. Boy Bella caught two misguided parents didn't she? No wonder she's so broken. Neither Renee nor Charlie handled their daughter's life the way they should have. On one hand some of what Charlie said was reasonable. Renee wanted her there with her in her dying days and so he left her there. I guess, man that he is, figured she was old enough to handle things because hey it was easier for him just to go back and make a life of his own.
Edward taking care of drunk Bella was sweet and his last words about being afraid of her is interesting. What's he afraid of? I'm guessing his backstory is coming next. And hey he needs to open up and be honest or he could be seen as similar to Charlie, too weak to tell the truth and be open with his own issues. Bella doesn't need another person to be afraid of her.
BellaTesoro chapter 9 . 11/20/2020
Charlie really is clueless. I wonder why Sue never pushed Charlie to take more of an interest in his own daughter the way he does with his stepchildren. I think that question needs to be asked and answered for Bella, she deserves an explanation as to just why it was so easy to leave her behind. But isn't that the way a lot of men are though. They find a woman they fall for and suddenly do anything to please that woman and form another family and leave the other behind. It's rare that blended families can feel equal in love, pity that. Edward of course was perfect from getting her out of Charlie's, giving Charlie a piece of his mind and then organizing that little birthday celebration and of course the 'believe' charm. And Bella asked the question I was going to ask. What is Edward's backstory? How can he not have a love of his life at his age? Did he have a special someone and something happened to her? How can he be unattached? He never answered that question really.
BellaTesoro chapter 8 . 11/20/2020
Reading this chapter where Bella goes to Charlies and sees evidence of him being a proper dad and she not a part of it was very emotional to read, I felt her pain. I was so happy though that the kids, Seth mentioning the picture of Bella Charlie has in his wallet and then Leah's hug and welcome home was great. I 'm so glad Leah didn't turn out to be an evil jerk. This was a good first step for this mixed family and long overdue but hey it's here now. Charlie was weak and for his own reasons couldn't be there for his daughter and her mother we can't condemn him entirely I think.
BellaTesoro chapter 7 . 11/19/2020
With the support of Edward and her new friends and allowing herself to explore life, Bella is getting out of her foggy life. I'm glad she decided to go to Charlie's.
BellaTesoro chapter 6 . 11/19/2020
I think Edward was right when he said Bella didn't have to forgive her father and make nice if she didn't want to but, and there's always a but when discussing family issues...Charlie admitted he was wrong, he's now trying to make room for his daughter and give her a place in his world and he does seem to care for her. Was he wrong how he treated her, yes but she loved her dad, that just doesn't go away unless he crosses too many boundaries of wrong and in this case he's her only family member now and she, for her own sake ought to find a way to forgive him and at least give her step family a look see and a chance to find a place for herself within that unit. Loved the pool scene. Good to see some lightness in her life.
BellaTesoro chapter 5 . 11/19/2020
I so get why Bella went off on Charlie when he demanded to know where she'd been, that he was understandably worried and she then gave it to him good...That all needed to be said, he needed to hear just how broken his daughter has become and he was at fault for not being there for her when she needed a parents love and protection. Edward and his maturity is a blessing for Bella. And although she sees that the age difference may be a problem, I see it as a plus in this case. She needs his wisdom and friendship. A very intense chapter. We went from seeing Bella finally open up and let go, allowing herself to trust Edward and jump off that cliff and feel alive again and then to see her crash and burn in front of her father and have Edward swoop in and hold her as she fell apart.
BellaTesoro chapter 4 . 11/19/2020
I don't understand why Bella was trying not to discuss her mother's passing and why she is so lost. I mean anyone can understand a child being caregiver and what the struggle with that could be like. It's sad and daunting in the best of circumstances so it would make sense to explain it to others so they'd know what she truly was dealing with. Edward was spot on how he handled their talk and his compass and words of wisdom. She needs to open up and step outside of her loss, sure she needs to grieve not only her mother's passing but of her lost youth, which btw isn't totally lost. She's just 21. Set that compass to educating yourself Bella.
BellaTesoro chapter 3 . 11/19/2020
I don't know why Bella is surprised that relationships she and they let go are just that, gone. It happens to most of us. School friends fall away when life sends us in different directions. In her case it was forced on her and she's in deep depression and in need of some help. Why isn't she thinking of college as a place to start?
BellaTesoro chapter 2 . 11/19/2020
Although, clearly, Bella's world has been focused down to being a caregiver. And that her father holds responsibility for the depression his daughter finds herself in. Because she is depressed if she hasn't been able to find some form of peace and at least acquaintances all these years. Also Charlie is a lot of bad things but at least he's offered her a place to be, the house free and offered to buy her a car. If he has had all these funds, why not get Bella some help while she was away caring for her mother? Having said that, Bella does now have his support such as it is, she certainly can go to college. She certainly has some money to start her new life with and her dad is offering to help now. She ought to let him and start living her life. Maybe she needs a good therapist to help her from this death and dying loss. I guess Edward is going to be of some help for her finding herself again. Again, she's not old now she's young and college is right there waiting for her to sign up.
BellaTesoro chapter 1 . 11/19/2020
I'm happy to have stumbled upon this story. I've had it on my TBR list and just getting to it now. I was in need of something intense to delve into and this looks perfect. Thank you for keeping the story here so we readers can still read your work.
As far as this premise, just wow. To be a young teen with her final years of high school ahead of you and all the milestones to be had and then to be hit with having to care for your dying if that's not enough but to feel abandoned by that parent and then the other when things got to hard to handle for him. Charlie was wrong to allow his daughter to remain there alone, with no one to support her emotionally. I mean gee, was there no other family members, no other friends, co workers no one? Renee must have lived a lonely life herself and how luck for her to have a daughter who would give up her young life and responsible enough to see it through. Sure it was hard and sure Charlie deserved Bella's wrath for him abandoning her like he did but in the end, once Bella gets to live life again, she'll feel happy to was able to be there for her mother. Now on to living life again. She's very young still, college is ahead for her to find those milestones again. Hope she doesn't have anymore heartache to handle any time soon.
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