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Lunatique chapter 8 . 3/3/2013
Maybe I'm being too damned paternalistic, but the thought of Jee as a woman in this setup gives me all sorts of extra anxieties. Just last night I read a harrowing Rolling Stone feature on rape in the military and how the victims are treated. One of the many, many shittastic factors is the chain of command itself, where women often feel like they have no choice against a superior, so the bad memories could be making me antsy. Good on you for mentioning the double standard that presents itself across so many cultures.

That said, I'm glad you made it clear from 2. on that Jee is in fact aggressively into the play, and as someone who appreciates the charms of younger men I am in full agreement with the Lieutenant about the advantages of young lovers. (I'd never go that young, but Zuko is legally in adult in his society so whatevs.) And LOL Iroh's brand of sex ed. Dare I ask what metaphor he used for the, um, bees?

3. was just a moment of pure, well, beauty. I love the warm companionship and simple acceptance in their interactions. That's a great insight about beauty and how it can't be confined to conventional standards. And I do in fact find lady!Jee sexier than man!Jee, though that may speak to my proclivities more than anything. And is she taller than her male version, or is Zuko just younger than he is in the show? That's so cute, the thought of him with a tall older lady.
Guest chapter 7 . 9/20/2012
write more! :)
Guest chapter 7 . 9/18/2012
This is so good please write more! I really think the idea of Mai and Jee meeting would be cool, though I think that it would make Zuko freak out and go a little insane over what they were saying. loltz. You mention Zuko showing Jee photographs, but there weren't photos? I just don't get that part but it's still cute that Zuko had a picture of Mai! MAIKO FOREVER!

Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, write more of Three Years At Sea! it's my favorite fanfiction, like ever, and you left me hanging! I know you haven't updated in a while and I get if you're busy, but PLEASE WRITE MORE! I saw the fan art on deviantART and that made me want to read it and it was soooooo good I read all of it in like 2 days.
Rickashay chapter 7 . 9/8/2012
I really enjoyed your entire story! I love the acceptance for each individual character and the different moments. The idea of Mai talking to Jee is an excellent idea and I absolutely love this series. I was surprised there aren't more stories involving these toon a romantic sense. I thought of something that really interests me, the reaction after Iroh tells the crew about Zuko's banishment, Jee's reaction would be interesting to find out. Excellent job and fantastic writing. Your writing style is very nice, detailed and yet it is very natural.
Somariel chapter 7 . 8/29/2012
Nice chapter. This is definitely a conversation that would need to happen once Jee started working for Zuko.
Lunatique chapter 7 . 8/29/2012
Ah, a nice conversation between the girlfriend and the ex, sort of. I hate character assassination (which is occasionally literal) for the sake of a ship, and it's nice that Maiko and Jeeko coexist comfortably in your canon. Nice bit of filling in on Jee's life between the Siege and post-canon (HE'S NOT DEAD DAMMIT), and I liked the chaotic atmosphere and Jee's take on Mai's character. The paragraph near the end, the one that begins with "She was easy to like..." reads a bit choppy, though, with all the short sentences and a sentence fragment. Nice job!
Lunatique chapter 6 . 8/7/2012
Nice! I like seeing these two as friends as well as lovers, and it's a good show of unconditional acceptance that Jee is more invested in Zuko's mission than in loyalty to the current regime. I like the dynamic here, with Jee coaxing Zuko to share this masked (literally) part of himself.
Somariel chapter 6 . 8/6/2012
Awesome chapter. I can totally see this happening in this situation.
DracoMaleficium chapter 5 . 5/30/2012
I'm so, so sorry for not commenting on this sooner! It's just thins thing I have, I read a fic or a chapter, promise myself to come back and review when I'm coherent and then it takes ages. So sincere apologies for that.

But this means that I had a chance to reread it now and what a special treat that was! First, HANDCUFFING FUCK YEAH! That was very, very hot. I love imaginative, original sex scenes and this one was a jewel. Especially since Zuko was the one initiating and being in control, which is not seen very often. This switch in their traditional roles was really interesting and fun.

Also props for addressing the age difference thing. It is bound to become and issue sooner or later and Zuko's reaction to Jee's angst is precious (another reversal in their traditional dymamics, it seems!). For all my love of submissive Zuko, I also love it when he has more agency and you did it in a lovely way.

So many good things to say here, really - a wonderful chapter overall and a great treat. Also good to see you more comfortable with erotic scenes ;) Great job!
Lunatique chapter 5 . 5/21/2012
Woo, hot! There's a nice interplay of passion, warmth, and vulnerability in the interaction between Zuko and Jee, which I think is what really made the mood of the story for me. Nice use of suspense in revealing what it was Jee said that pissed Zuko off so much, and good descriptions of the erotic and emotional responses, too, though the erotic parts seemed a little bit tame to me. Maybe it's because expressions like "beyond intoxicating" don't have a lot of specificity, though I liked the tenderness of Jee reflecting how he could stare at Zuko all day.

I confess the relationship dynamics are a little bit disturbing to me now that there are specifics, what with Jee calling Zuko "sir" and the whole underage aspect. Maybe those two things even out the power balance, I don't know. Hmm.
Somariel chapter 5 . 5/19/2012
This is lovely. And I especially love the little bit of humor at the end.
SaucePear chapter 4 . 2/4/2012
I hope you're planning on continuing this, I've really enjoyed each of the chapters. The way you describe the dynamic between Jee and Zuko is really fascinating and I'd love to read more about it.
Lunatique chapter 4 . 12/24/2011
Aww, it's heartwarming to see Jee coming to see a different side to Zuko, especially with "The Storm" episode as a pivotal point. Both the dislike and the beginnings of sympathy and respect were in character and very well depicted.
treena-ivy-carter chapter 4 . 12/22/2011
Awe...that's sweet.


True Colours chapter 1 . 12/22/2011
I felt that there was a slight lapse of tone there with the words 'dork' and 'whatever.' It's hard to judge, since Iroh says 'okay' a lot, for one thing, but this just felt too jarringly twenty-first century teenager, whereas the rest of your language is twenty-first century enough to feel familiar and relateable-to, without denying the possibility of a different culture.

But I wouldn't be picking you up on such a little thing if it wasn't superb overall. What fantastic writing - this doesn't even feel like crack any more!

And I love what you're doing with Jee's forthright character. And the way Zuko 'followed' his advice. Nice blend of humour and seriousness.

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