Reviews for A New Place To Stay
24bookgeek chapter 79 . 11/22
Omg this story was completely awesome. It was brilliantly written and just simply amazing. Love it!
nightpurr1 chapter 30 . 11/22
This is my 3rd time reading this. What can I say? It's a very good story
A big fan
Calmzone1 chapter 47 . 11/20
I always wondered why Dumbledore never shared the information out that Tom Riddle was Voldemort. It would have kept so many from joining. When I read the original books, I could never understand why Dumbledore didn't widely disseminate the information to all. It potentially would have stopped him almost in his tracks. Yes, he would have had other things to fight for, but people would have been hopefully thinking before joining him and financially supporting him. I mean, doesn't anyone wonder why he doesn't have his own house, or why they were in an obviously Muggle graveyard to revive him?
Calmzone1 chapter 30 . 11/19
good AU story. Nice progression. Btw, Neville bought a 5 inch wand... might want to change that ;)
Guest chapter 58 . 11/9
How Lord Voldemort found the Elder Wand.
Ollivander told Him about Gregorovich.
Gregorovich told him it was stolen, but he didn't recognise by Who, so Voldie used Legilimency to learn what the thief looked like.
There was a picture in Bathilda's house of Albus and Gellert so all he had to do was read Skeeters book.
Then when Gellert denies Legillimency again, which tells him it was taken by Albus.
That's according to book and movie Cannon with a little extrapolation within JKR's framework, it fits with cannon.
My name is K. Chapman, unfortunately I don't know how to leave an e-mail adress.
innocentfairygirl chapter 79 . 11/9
its a good story i just dont understand why you dont have harry in relationships during the storys instead of just at the end i know u could write a great story
Guest chapter 79 . 11/9
good story
Guest chapter 7 . 11/7
mersykun chapter 79 . 11/6
Sev is awesome~
Guest chapter 79 . 11/3
This is a very good story, and I like how much you were able to stick to cannon while making the story completely your own. I have found that often when an author makes a major point of diversion so early in the story line they try to justify the differences by making major plot changes later on and exclude certain elements of cannon that didn't need to be left out. You managed a great balance with your stories, and your characters were very plausible. I felt more like I was seeing each character from a different but just as true viewpoint rather than seeing characters being rewritten to suit the authors purpose.

I do feel that it could do with a bit of revision. I was frequently distracted by spelling and grammar errors, and I feel that some of the shorter chapters could be combined or worked into the longer ones. Even for someone who regularly devours 500-700 thousand word novels, seeing that this story was 79 chapters was a bit daunting. Best of luck on all future adventures!
Guest chapter 40 . 11/1
Please no Harry as a father. Teen parents are a sure fire way to ruin an otherwise good story.
Guest chapter 27 . 11/1
Turn Umbridge into a toad and have Hedwig eat her.
Guest chapter 79 . 10/30
I really liked the whole graduation concept you don't see that often.

I can only imagine the dedication you put into this was well written.
Guest chapter 69 . 10/30
I just love how Neville is riled here haha
Rachel George chapter 68 . 10/28
I very much enjoy this story...I've read it several times. But there are many, many typos and other errors that you want to address
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