Reviews for A Short Reflection My Dreams within these Walls
Shiek927 chapter 2 . 8/14/2011
Very bittersweat, like the ending - yeah, while it is true the "True Ending" is very sad, and I really want these two to have a happy ending, their's something about it that feels too 'good' ironically. What makes the "True Ending" so great is that it's as beautiful as it is's sad yes, but it's like a beautiful sadness. Even if they don't necessarily end up together, it's so darn beautiful I wouldn't wish for it any other way.

Of course, the Good Ending is always good because they end up together and get the happy ending they deserve; is it as beautiful? No, but darn it, at least they are both together XD.

Good news is though, that the end of the manga has them together again in a brand new ending; not to mention the rumored Tsukihime 2 that officially, whether it follows it or not, may have the two reunite again.