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Guest chapter 41 . 5/25
You need to update! Please
Via948 chapter 41 . 5/21
Hello senpai , i'm from Asia and i really love your fanfiction especially Tomione. So please , update the story again soon
SpiritOfTales chapter 41 . 5/17
Im sad, i clicked on the next button. I wasent there. Love the story hope you will update soon.
ChaosCrinkleToes chapter 41 . 5/17
oh my god! this is amazing! its kept me glued to my phone for the last two days. i humbly request you update please this is amazing!
Iwillbedoctor chapter 41 . 5/15
Stupid Tom! No time to be relief! Blood and bruises? There's chance that she could be in coma, Trauma, or brain death. There's more list of what cause by torture! She will die from loss blood. I don't know if she's raped? If she got raped and she won't feel comfortable with everyone. But Victims of rape are more likely to attempt or commit suicide. Dementor? "You can exist without your soul, you know, as long as your brain and heart are still working. But you'll have no sense of self anymore, no memory, no...anything. There's no chance at all of recovery. You'll just — exist. As an empty shell. And your soul is gone forever... lost." - Remus Lupin

It's really enjoying to read this. But sadly it's not finish...
Guest chapter 41 . 5/14
I do love this fiction very much, if you have enough time, plz update! Your readers are all waiting for you! I'm eager to know what will happen next, especially the part of Tom and Hermione.
Xsadiex94 chapter 41 . 5/14
Noooo! Where's next!?
Xsadiex94 chapter 35 . 5/14
Noooo bring Regulus back! Hermione will not forgive Tom for this! Poor Regulus! He don't get know his brother! You make me hate Tom on this fanfic. So I ship Sirius/Hermione... -_-
Xsadiex94 chapter 28 . 5/14
Hermione, you fuck stupid! Why you did give Tom the paper by Regulus!? If you get him killed then... ugh screw this
Xsadiex94 chapter 19 . 5/13
i wish Hermione should try to become an animagi. If she want to be freedom, its be bird. But i think she's better become big cats: lion, tiger or WAMPUS. Tom, JUST LEAVE REGULUS ALONE! just did he use Imperius Curse on her!?
Lord Of Sky chapter 39 . 5/5
You have to update! Take all the time you need but PLEASEEE don't abandon!
This is my favourite tomione so far!
I hope you don't abandon this...
TheBestDamnSem chapter 41 . 5/3
Winterblume, this chapter, like all the others, blew me away! your knack for storytelling is one of a kind. I've never been captivated by a fic like this. the way you portray Tom and the struggle between his human and horcrux side is inspired. I know that you have a lot on, and your real life should obviously take priority, but if you are worried that your writing is not up to scratch, know this - you could literally write anything and we would still love and soak it all in. looking forward to more updates!
TwilightGirl100195 chapter 41 . 5/1
I'm so glad you updated! Yes, it has been quite a while, but this chapter is amazing. Can't wait to read more!
MaidenAlice chapter 41 . 4/28
My goodness... I saw a Tumblr post as a recommend fic to read just yesterday and i manage to read it all the way through just now. I couldn't stop. So many emotion and and just overwhelmingly good. I do hope you continue this because the uncertainty is amazing but it causes a person to crave for more. I am also amazed on how well you showed tom descent to madness due to the horcoax and loss of Hermione. He was so unfamiliar with his emotion and heartbreak. I wanted to comfort him but curse him for hurting hermonie and killing R.A.B . i wonder where he takes her. I hope. Sirius and lupin escape and all is well. I do hope you do continue this story. That its worth the effort and fans/viewers would appreciate it.
BlackRose207 chapter 41 . 4/28
So far, awesome...but incomplete. Please complete the story. This is really worth your time...Even though my mind made up a nice ending to sooth my thirst a little but the rest needs your wonderful and happy ending. Where do Tom take Hermione? Does Hermione again run away from him? Would Hermione be able to convince Tom to make his way back? Would Tom give in to Hermione's wants? would he feel remorse? Would his soul repair from the guilt and grief Hermione would pour in him? Would they have a happy and normal future together?
Please update as fast as you can. The anticipation is too much to hold on any longer. Wish you best wishes for the next chapter...
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