Reviews for Patience
RavenSkyAngel chapter 1 . 6/21/2011
Maura is a bitch! No...she a whore! OK... a slut! Jane is stupid for still wanting her...For patiently waiting for her. Really STUPID !

Jane is correct. Maura just wants sex...with any woman or any man who comes along. She is a sex maniac. She doesn't care about her relationship with Jane. I don't think she cares about "the relationship" at all. If she doesn't find sex with her partner pleasurable anymore...she then moves on to the next available person. Disgusting! This is what she did to Jane.

She is attracted to Frankie and Tommy while she was in a relationship with Jane. And she even tells Jane this! What kind of partner is this? How can Jane stand her?

She was in bed naked with Tommy, who was naked as well. He had his arms around her waist and was fondling her and already having an erection. AND WHAT DID SHE DO? Did she scream at him? Did she get angry and upset with him? Did she start cursing him for what he did to her...showing no respect as all to her and to Jane? Did she jump out of bed when she woke up and realized what was happening? NO! I don't think so. She didn't even tell Jane! If she was not in a relationship with Jane, I'm sure she would be fucking all three of them... Jane, Frankie and Tommy behind each other's back!

Did she maybe flirted with Tommy that is why Tommy had the courage to slip into her bed naked and tried to have sex with her? That is why even Tommy did not respect Jane's relationship with Maura anymore. Why is she not locking her door. She's sleeping naked!

Well, She's tired of Jane and she does not want to be with Jane anymore.

Yeah, now she is with Byron. Then the Mechanic and then Ian!

I only ask one thing, you should be fair to Jane too. Do not make her sad and miserable. Instead, she should be characterized as strong and is able to finally say "that's it", face up to reality and be able to move on and find another woman who will make her happy. She is strong and she's a fighter! She should not be portrayed as one who always cares about how Maura would feel or if Maura will be hurt. WHY? Maura doesn't care about her at all! And why should Jane be ...what? PATIENTLY waiting until Maura gets tired of her "loose woman" ways and decide to come back to Jane !

Maura should be the one who should end up begging Jane to take her back. Jane should go on and be happy and to make things VERY hard for Maura and, after Maura has patiently waited for Jane to take her back...Jane should just dump her and marry her new woman in the end. This kind of Maura deserves to be treated this way.

IMAJERK chapter 1 . 6/21/2011
well played