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kindleflame5 chapter 49 . 3/31
Is this story finish? I was wondering.
Guest chapter 44 . 2/27
Tatia Al Ghoul and Bane go into Gothamn and try to destroy the city just like the movie, bit harder for them since Catwoman is fighting for Bruce.
Batman is still a vilgiante.
Bruce and Selina do somewhat go out and beat up bad-guys.
Joker and his 'kidnapped villians' are killed by Catwoman to save Batman.
Catwoman disappears for awhile since she wants to figure things out herself
Esburri chapter 50 . 2/17
So, I just finished reading the whole thing up for the moment. I must confess that, although I enjoy the batman-verse I usually don't have very high expectations for it's fandom. Amazingly, yours is not only the single best piece of text I've read about batman, but also ranks comfortably among the very best fanfics I've ever read - and that's a significant number

Most of your writing is spot on: the story is original while keeping true to "canon", the plot is paced right - nor too much to feel rushed but enough so that you don't give filler - and most impressively of all you managed to capture the tone and atmosphere of the series perfectly.

Also, the action scenes are in good in general, excellent in some parts, although perhaps one or two might feel a bit dragged on when they weren't all that relevant in terms of plot. Then again, this is batman.

Secondly, since you are clearly capable of good characterization and superb at managing the interaction between characters, the only other thing I can try to nick pick about is that perhaps you could sometimes show batman being batman in day to day basis. That is, just as you've said in some AN, batman is supposed to become a legend, a symbol, all of that. So he should also be there to deal all the common scum around and not just going about taking out the big fires. Of course, managing this while making it relevant, non-filler and entertaining to the reader is almost impossible, and you've already made it to an extent.

To sum up, because I've already written a lot more that I should or wanted to, this is an amazing story that I dearly hope you finish - eventually.

You did an amazing job so far, keep going!
Marcus S. Lazarus chapter 50 . 2/16
Nice job, to say the least.
If nothing else, you definitely earn points for the amount of thought you put into the issues Bruce would face in upgrading the Batcave in this version of events (One of my only real issues with ‘Dark Knight Rises’, really; why, when he abandoned Batman after Dent’s death, did he not only reconstruct the Batcave, but rebuild it to such an extent that it seemed to be in better shape than it was before the League of Shadows’ attack?), to say nothing of your introduction of other figures from the Batman mythos such as Hugo Strange, even if your Selina really steals the show (The best part being that I can still see her as Hathaway’s Selina; you put your own spin on her, but even when you wrote this long before Catwoman was cast in the Nolanverse, you really capture the essential essence of her character).
The subtle introductions to Poison Ivy and the Riddler also worked (Although, for the record, I would have thought Riddler would be fairly easy to adapt; make his costume less outlandish and he’s comparatively straightforward, whether or not you make him willing to kill), and your development of Selina in particular and the other villains in general works very well, introducing enough recognisable characters to make it interesting without leaving us feeling overwhelmed (particularly with such brilliant moments as Selina joining Bruce at Crime Alley).
The raid on the precinct house was a dramatic turn of events, giving Batman an interesting test of his skills while simultaneously working to avoid putting himself in a position where he’d have to hurt the innocent, to say nothing of giving him a chance to test his new equipment and have another meeting with Catwoman as she establishes her own identity. His later talk with Selina after the massacre gives them another interesting chance to bond, exploring the similarities between them as well as the differences- even with the gaps in his knowledge of her background, it’s clear that she never had an Alfred equivalent to rely on- and your idea about how to resolve the issue of Batman’s negative reputation without besmirching Harvey’s name was brilliant, to say the least.
Your use of Black Mask is also handled well; I considered him an interesting character before, but after reading your story and the publicity information for ‘Arkham Origins’- which identified Black Mask as an interesting ‘transitionary’ villain, operating between the professional mobsters who plagued Gotham when Batman began and the costumed criminals who came there because of him- your twist on him is superb, leading neatly into Bruce’s revelation about who’s under the mask and his own subsequent confession to Selina.
Hope you haven’t abandoned this story; with Joker back in the game and Selina developing her tools to serve as Batman’s ally, I have a feeling that the future is going to be VERY interesting in this series (And that’s before you consider the possibility of other villains coming in; even with the likes of Clayface and Man-Bat ruled out, there are still a few interesting possibilities available)…
Brett chapter 33 . 1/12
Universal allergy is acctuly real all spicy food. The biting feeling is a slight allergic reaction
Brett chapter 23 . 1/8
You got the riddle wrong it should say one muscle not no muscles but it was stil a grate chapter
Brett chapter 4 . 1/6
Not really a fan of flirty scenes in fics but the interactions between Bruce and selina seems very natural
Brett chapter 3 . 1/6
Definetly a good idea to include the kids it makes gotham seem as dark as it would have to be to create people like batman and his villains
en extase chapter 1 . 12/28/2013
Deep immersion Batman story, the best of its kind. Really loved this opening chapter.
parthaker chapter 45 . 11/21/2013
The readership may have spiked because this story is now in the DLP Library. That would probably make a difference. That's where I read about it.
R-dude chapter 33 . 10/7/2013
Why do you feel the need the to give credibility to your villains by having them dispatch Batman like its nothing? All it serves to do is undermine your protagonist and destroy any sense of credibility for your villain through sheer ridiculousness.
nv650nv chapter 50 . 10/5/2013
Awesome, one of my favorite stories on this site. Great plot & written superbly. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to the next chapter.
R-dude chapter 24 . 10/2/2013
Never go*
R-dude chapter 23 . 10/2/2013
I find it morbidly hilarious that every death, every single one, has been clearly and undeniably Bruce's fault.
He literally had the Riddler, who he knew was an expert assassin with a new employer, and he let him go. Simply let him walk away.

The power of plot is strong. Never in full retard.
R-dude chapter 16 . 10/1/2013
I feel the need to point out that not even Nolan Batman was this much of a doormat.
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