Reviews for Scream
one.long.melody chapter 1 . 6/25/2011
I realize I've commented on this already, but always think it polite to leave a review when faving. I just have to be sure I don't repeat myself this second time around - or try not to, anyway!

It's easy to imagine Olivia being forced to confront her regret at such a crucial point in the story: regret in failing to stop Malcolm's pursuit of Alicia (which would make for a fascinating AU story, IMO), and regret in her inability to protect Mal and Joel from their father's harsh and unnecessary criticisms.

Oh, and even though we've discussed it, it was amusing to read Olivia's opinion on misconstrued beliefs associated with women's reactions to childbirth. I think it must have been Malcolm's suggestion for her to carry on this way. As she said and what you said, women are going to be far too exhausted to scream more than once or twice. The rest of the time I imagine all they could do would be to whimper and groan. I've seen enough episodes of "16 and Pregnant" to know this is pretty much what happens. LOL.

Thank you, as well, for incorporating my suggestions, and for reworking them and making them sound so much better. It is always an honor for me to be able to offer a gifted writer such as you any help I can.

Oh, and congratulations on getting not one but TWO stories written and posted in less than a month's time! I can't remember the last time I was able to do that - at least for the same fandom. I'm very impressed. :)