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Ultra Rodimus chapter 38 . 1/13
I would log in for this, but it's too damn late and you can probably find me on here anyway.

Glad to see you're not dead, and neither is this story _ Just have to point out one thing (even though other readers probably already have)... That armor weighs half a ton. In one of the official novels it is clearly stated that the wearer *must* have the skeletal reinforcements or the armor would snap their spines. The reaction speed can rip a normal human's muscles clear off their bones. I recall reading somewhere that the original experiments with making that armor for normal humans ended... very messily.

Anyway. Glad to see this fic is continuing and very curious about what happens next.
Aggiefan15 chapter 38 . 1/12
I know this is nit-picking, but it has to be said. Those marines would never be able to take her armor. This is for multiple reasons. 1. It's too damn heavy. If I remember correctly, mjolnir armor weighs about one metric ton (too much for an non-augmented body such as a marine). 2. It's reaction speed is too high for someone without augments. Even Spartans with all their upgrades still had to adapt to the increased reaction speed. 3. They wouldn't know how to control it. No one has taught them how to use it. It's useless to anyone other than a Spartan.
DannyPhantom619 chapter 38 . 1/12
I really hope Six/Jennifer doesn't die.

Also a Spartan suit would kill a normal person.
Their IS a reason why the armor(s) were built for the Spartan programs.
Acriym chapter 19 . 12/29/2016
It's me again! There's something I've been randomly wondering since I first read this whole "he always picks [Kat]" and " [Kat] will pretend to cave and get what she wants later" conversation. If the team managed to survive to the end of the war and actually had time to work their shit out, how do you think the Kat/Carter/Jen triangle would resolve? Would he have gone with Kat or stuck with Jen?

(I personally think Jen's temperament better fits with Jorge but alas, my own shipping bias might be in affect there)
Acriym chapter 37 . 12/12/2016
One day I will review stories right when they are updated instead of several months later. Unfortunately, that day is not today.

Poor Emile. Knew it was coming but the emotional impact of his death in the story is still pretty sad. ;_; I think it's a testament to your writing ability that you can still invoke emotional reactions like that even when the reader essentially knows the fates of the members of Noble Team. I really like how this chapter is just a quiet contemplation in the aftermath of Reach's fall/Noble Team's deaths - everything so far has been, "I have to put this aside and focus on the war," "I'm a Spartan and shouldn't feel emotions intensely like this," and so forth. I like how there's just a kind of subdued, quiet acknowledgement of her and Carter's relationship (I probably shouldn't have lol'd when she admitted that they hadn't know each other well enough to have amazing sex, but I'm not quite yet sure if it was actually from hysterical sadness at the fact that he didn't survive to the end like I was hoping ;_;). It's a nice contrast to all of the attempts to brush off her feelings earlier in the story. Out of curiosity though, why did you bump the story up to an M rating? The mentions of the sex didn't feel to explicit in this chapter (you should see some of T rated stories and their use of/references to sex, man) or too out of place. On the note of those mentions though, I liked how she was still acting jaded ("and he was good" etc) about everything: the bitter undercurrent seems to show her sadness and anger over everything pretty well.

I loved the last line too: "Six jumped/Jennifer didn't." It feels very haunting! And fitting to her development/arc in the story. A part of Six is going to be stuck down there in that crash site with Carter, and hopefully Jen, who's finally starting to genuinely grapple and deal with her emotional/identity issues, manages to get off Reach and find herself fully. You know, I half-expected Jen to go and fight to death anyway because of her anger and then get rescued by someone, but I feel like this works better; the other scenario would have felt a bit too much like a deus ex machina rescue. It kind of suits the way she's been humbled and mellowed out throughout the story as well.

Tl;dr this chapter is a wonderful quiet moment/pause. i probably reread this story more than is healthy. please update soon.
MightBeGone chapter 37 . 8/19/2016
This fic is better than most published books. Absolutly amazing.
Caver Floyd chapter 37 . 8/18/2016
Venturing into uncharted territory here...I like.

Glad it's still going.
Stycorax chapter 37 . 8/17/2016
When I read the chapter title I immediately thought of Rapunzel's healing song from the Disney movie 'Tangled'-whether that was a deliberate reference or not I don't know, but if you haven't you should definitely check the song out, I think the lyrics fit rather well with what Jen has been going through the past few chapters but especially this one.

I've been rereading this story over the past week so the timing of this update was uncanny. I noticed a lot of things I passed over the first few times I read this story over, and I must say you have an excellent knack for subtle foreshadowing! Things you implied in the beginning chapters are being realized in these later chapters, and I never would've caught it and been able to appreciate it if I hadn't re-read the story!

One of the main things that really caught my attention was the way Jorge interacted with Jen. Did he develop romantic feelings for her? It seems to me that he did (and I love that by the way), but Jorge was such a kind fellow it's hard for me to tell if his feelings were romantic or merely friendly.

As to this chapter itself, it's definitely one of my favorites. I love how Jen gave Emile a resting place instead of just leaving him. Her believing he deserved better really highlights how much she's changed over the course of the story. Calling her trek back to where Carter died a pilgrimage and her realizing how 'Covenant' of a term it sounded like was a very nice touch.

The last few paragraphs were absolutely amazing- between Jen finally realizing she didn't want to die 'at all' instead of 'here' and the symbolism throughout the chapter coming to a powerful climax made me have to take a step back and settle down before writing this review!

All in all, excellent chapter as always!
Phoenix-Rising29 chapter 37 . 8/17/2016
Welcome back! This chapter had me in tears. Poor Jen. She's struggling so hard with so many different things and how you chose to write that struggle out was perfect. Absolutely perfect. A. That cliffhanger literally has me on the edge of my seat. Maybe it's not a cliffhanger but I see it as such. Is it a literal jump? Metaphorical? Don't know but I both love it and hate it because I so badly want to know what happens.

Sorry to hear that your computer is heading into the shop for an unknown time, but whenever the next chapter comes out I'll be eagerly awaiting it! :)
Acriym chapter 36 . 8/8/2016
Okay so I've been meaning to review since your last update (almost four months ago rofl) but kept forgetting, so I'm going to do it now.

I have no words for how much I adore this story; it's something I keep coming back to when I'm in the midst of extraordinarily stressful situations and need a good break. You have this attention to detail in your prose that I love, not to mention all of the other little details: stuff like the association between Jen's helmet and her usage of it to hide her identity, so to speak... and then during the mission to the Visegrad relay her helmet cracks and as she fixes it it's mentioned that it was due for replacement anyway, subtly noting/foreshadowing her gradually opening up to the team and her dissociated identity as "Six" slowly wearing down. I might be reading into that too much, haha, but regardless, you have a way of saying a great deal without saying a lot. A lot of stories, both on this site and off, make a habit of actually explaining too many things to the reader instead of letting the reader puzzle through these things themselves. Which is why this story is always a treat to re-read! I feel like I'm always realizing new things about the characters every time. There were some little inconsistencies in the beginning regarding canon (the circumstances regarding Thom's death, for example, and Halsey knowing Jennifer beforehand even though she didn't know anything about the S-III's was a little strange), but I didn't find that they detracted too much from the story.

I thought the romance was well done - although I felt kinda bad for Carter at times, lol! The poor guy keeps trying and Jen waffles quite a bit back forth (which was understandable, given what she's dealing with throughout the story). I kept rereading the sections with Jorge, and I couldn't decide on whether or not Jorge was just a very compassionate, friendly guy who was good at reading people and picking up on their emotions, or if he did have some quiet feelings for Jen. Either way, I suppose it all kind of ties into the tragedy of the story and the romance arcs: that regardless of what anyone felt, romantically or otherwise, there just wasn't time to sort through their feelings and work them out in detail. On another note, I kept hoping that the canon divergence warning in the summary would mean that Carter survived (I'm still in denial - maybe he escaped? ;_;) but alas! Hopefully it means that Jen will, though!

Also: reading the story from Carter's perspective would be amazing! I kept wondering all throughout what exactly he was thinking while Jen ran about her business (especially after the Long Night of Solace's destruction, when knowledge of her survival was kinda up in the air). One can kind of puzzle it out through Jen's perspective but it would be fascinating to read Carter's in detail. Were you still considering posting that story? If you decide to I will be all over that! I always thought an interlude from Kat's perspective would be an interesting read too, since she seemed to pick up on the undercurrents between Jen and Carter's interactions fairly early. Given that she was struggling with some of her own issues too, particularly regarding Carter, the war, Thom, and Jen, it'd also be fascinating to see certain scenes from her perspective (like that whole time they're stuck together during the assault on the Viery territory lmao).

Tl;dr: I really love this story and your writing. Please update soon! :D
Phoenix-Rising29 chapter 36 . 7/25/2016
Oh my god. I stumbled upon this last night and spent all night and a few hours today reading the whole thing. This story is absolutely amazing. All the characters are on point, no one was ever out of character, and everyone was so flushed out and written perfectly. You had me smiling and giggling and being as giddy as a young teenage girl with a crush on the hot jock and you had me crying. Such an incredible story and I'm hoping to see the next chapter come out soon! Hoping that you go the route that the game takes and do the final chapter to this story as being that "lone wolf" level so to speak, I think it would be a very fitting way for Jen to go out for sure. As for the Carter spinoff with the re-telling of this story from his perspective I'm so down! I constantly found myself wondering how Carter would react to some of the stunts that Jen pulled when she was with some of the others, or how he would think about certain things. Again, can't wait to read the next chapter! Hopefully it's soon but I totally understand that real life comes first too. :)
Sheity Williams chapter 36 . 4/7/2016
Oh man. Reading this felt like there was an invisible hard clenching my heart painfully. Jaysus. I loved this chapter so much. I don't know how to describe it, but this just made me so emotional, also because I know what happens in-game. Dang. I'm truly amazed. Incredible. Keep up the good work. Just wow. PS: I'm kinda hoping Carter is not quite dead and they can have one last goodbye, but I know it's not going to happen xD
WolfAssassin369 chapter 36 . 4/7/2016
Still here! Can't wait to see what happens next!
Beep chapter 35 . 1/31/2016
I would kill for this story told from Carter's POV.
custardcake chapter 35 . 1/18/2016
Helloooooo! Just wanted to say that this is an absolutely amazing fanfic. One of my all-time favourites if I'm honest. I adore how you've fleshed out Jennifer's character (so much so, that my heart broke for her by the end of this chapter), and how you've managed to illustrate her relationship with each member of Noble Team.
When I started to read this, it was kind of a given fact that Noble Team won't be making it through. But that you were/are able to make a reader care so much about them despite the end that awaited them is a testament to your writing ability.
Also, 'Winterbirth: Retrograde' seems like a fantastic idea! A oneshot would be amazing, but that you would consider fleshing out several different moments is almost like a dream come true.

So thank you so very much for this fantastic piece of work!
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