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Toaneo07 Ver2.0 chapter 25 . 3/3
mmm wow, cool
MadHat886 chapter 17 . 3/1
From what anime or manga do Kagura and Chisato come from.
Please get a chapter 7 . 2/26
Beta Reader, a lot of the mistakes you're making are easy to spot and fix. Several times, during each chapter, I have been brought out of the story because of how awkward the sentencing and wording has been. A beta reader would help fix the flow of your story. You're also having characters move from place to place without much detail, as an example when and how did the cat Kuro leave the room when the door to said room was closed.
D-Generation XX chapter 5 . 2/15
I just want to say that for all those who think this is bashing, this is SWEET CATHARSIS. Seriously this story is practically a satiric drama about how such behavior is downright nasty. Having "some issues" my ass, the Hinata Inn girls are practically exhibiting some forms of Antisocial disorders. They range from violent impulses(Naru and Motoko), no sense of right and wrong(Kaolla Su who even has plans of conquering Japan), lack of empathy and manipulative(Kitsune and to an extent for the former, Naru, Motoko, Mutsumi and Su). Granny Hina in a way is also displaying such behavior with how she just turns a blind eye to everything these girls do and being a control freak. I mean seriously in the actual show these girls even perform torture interrogation on Keitaro's friends for petty reasons.

I also love how you didn't demonize some of the chars and actually make them atone like Kitsune and Shinobu. Furthermore actually portraying Seta on how his parenting skills can warp his child and seeing it firsthand. You know what I think you should be the one working on the manga/anime business and not Akamatsu(ASSamatsu as I like to call him). Seriously sometimes I wonder if Assamatsu is right in the head if he thinks this shit is funny. Not to mention asking the audience to root for these girls who are practically sociopaths.
Ana-Shadow-Wolf chapter 23 . 2/6
Maybe I'm being harsh, but Naru's reason for attacking the teacher actually sounds a bit like the "she was giving wrong signals" excuse some rapists say... I'm really enjoying this and I hope to see Naru and Sarah paying for what they did. I'm actually glad that Kitsune is changing and becoming a better person!
Rictor Yagami chapter 6 . 1/6
I just read this chapter and it was really good. It looks like Mitsune is finally realizing that her so called harmless pranks have caused pain and a lot of trouble for Keitaro and I can't blame Keitaro for chewing her out when she was at his school. Everyone has a limit and it shouldn't be pushed past to the breaking point. As for Kaolla I can't believe how selfish and stupid she is being. Doesn't she realize that everyone has to grow up sometime? Keitaro didn't like what she was doing to him but she ignored his pleas all because she got some sick pleasure out of hurting him. The same thing with Hina. I'm wondering what the hell is the matter with her to allow this crap to happen?

I will be honest I didn't like what was said to Shinobu but sadly it was the truth, though I have to blame her parents for treating her like she some kind of property rather than a human being. Seriously those two need to realize they were hurting their daughter a lot, even though it wasn't physically. Mutsumi should have done more to help Keitaro and even she admitted in this chapter she should have comforted Keitaro but chose to take Naru's side.

Looks like Seta isn't happy with what his daughter told him and he will have a couple of words with Naru. Also whatever Haruka told Kyoshiro I'm sure he is not happy. The talk between Keitaro and his father isn't going to be pretty is it? Most likely not. Hope to see this updated again soon.

Good Luck Karndragon.
Flamingcheesepie chapter 25 . 1/5
This fic kind of feels like it is bashing several people. Naru, kind of Motoko, Su, etc. Although it does seem to get better. There are a few grammatical errors too, but overall I like it.
Rictor Yagami chapter 5 . 1/5
I just read this chapter again and man I honestly can't believe how stupid Motoko and Naru are acting. Especially when I learned that Keitaro helped out Motoko even though it was none of his business, but that ungrateful bitch Motoko went getting him involved with her stupid family squabbles. Hell all Motoko had to do was just tell her sister the truth that she wasn't ready to take over the God Cry School but no she had to pull this stunt.

Also after reading about how Mutsumi feels she now learns that she has made a lot of dumb mistakes and I'm glad Shinobu is willing to admit her faults and actually want to make it up to Keitaro. As for Su she needs to learn that Keitaro is human and not some toy she can just throw around and break.

I can't blame how Keitaro's parents and Kanako feel as they have a right to be upset for what Keitaro went through. Hina should have done more to help her grandson as well.

Keitaro meets with Shinsuke's wife for the first time and I am happy that he is getting better treatment from Motoko's uncle than he did back at the Hinata Inn. I hope to see this updated again soon.

Good Luck Karndragon.
Rictor Yagami chapter 4 . 12/27/2014
Just finished this chapter and man was it awesome! Keitaro gave his reasons for every single one of the girls and to be honest I can't blame him. Naru is just an abusive bitch that ran away from home just because her mom remarried and Motoko is a stupid sexist fake ass samurai who thinks all men are perverts just because her sister got married. Su is a stupid selfish brat that needs to grow up! Seriously Keitaro isn't Superman and her inventions could have killed him. Sarah is a vindictive little shit that needs her ass kicked! Sorry for the swears but even I can't help but be this angry.

And though I hate to say this but yeah Shinobu even caused him harm even when she didn't mean it. Mitsune got some sick enjoyment out of Keitaro's misery and to learn she never apologized for getting him fired and drained his life savings, she acted no better than a leach. As for Mutsumi I can't believe how dumb she is and she even says things that gets him in trouble.

Looks like Seta isn't happy and I can't blame him. Kanako and Keitaro's parents are here and they are pissed. Looking forward to the next chapter. Before I forget there were a few miss spelled words and a few typos for this chapter and the last. Just thought you should know.

Good Luck Karndragon.
Rictor Yagami chapter 3 . 12/27/2014
Just read this chapter and man I really want to slap Sarah for how she is acting. Seriously the stupid spoiled brat needs to realize her father won't be there for her every time. And I for one I'm glad Keitaro just told Naru that it's over between them. Hell even Haruka is getting tired of their shit.

Looks like Seta is going to learn soon that his daughter has been a little punk. I always wondered who Shinsuke was related to but I found out later in future chapters. Hope to see more.

Good Luck Karndragon.
Rictor Yagami chapter 2 . 12/26/2014
I decided to read this chapter again and I figure I give another review. I think I should write this in order for each chapter. Anyway the girls have once again jumped to conclusions and Keitaro has finally had enough of their bullshit and has left. Haruka actually did something right by siding with Keitaro in his decision. It's a start for her since as you pointed out she didn't help him much.

Sarah really needs her ass beat thinking it was funny on what happen to Keitaro. Naru and Motoko are a bunch of idiots for not even listening and just automatically got the wrong ideas. I'm sorry after read this chapter again I can't help but get upset and mad after what happen. And I thought Ranma had it bad. Then again I don't who's had it worse in what series. Ranma, Yamato, Keitaro and even Naruto, these guys got the short end of the stick one too many times.

As for Su, what a fucking idiot. Keitaro gets hurt and all her stupid ass could do is think about her stomach? Mitsune is a dumbass for pulling that stunt and I really want to see Motoko and Naru get their ass's kicked. Whew! Sorry had to get that out. Please update again soon.

Good Luck Karndragon.
GaredBattlespike chapter 25 . 12/26/2014
This is great! I am very glad that you have updated this wonderful story.

More, please?

Adding to Faves & Follows!
Frequent Reader chapter 25 . 12/18/2014
I STILL can't get over how stupid Mutsumi is being. Even HINA told her that her two "friends" are not to be trusted.

I also wonder what hell that brat Sarah is being put through at that new school of hers. She needs to be shown that her arrogant bratty behavior will be met with consequences. Also another ironic echo here about Keitaro warning her that her behavior would get her into trouble one day, and did.

Su, despite being a mechanical genius, is still a damn idiot. She just refuses to accept the reality of her situation. Most likely, she will be put away for a LONG time. Hope her "fun" was worth it.

Naru's an idiot as usual. STILL trying to blame others for her misfortunes despite the overwhelming proof against her, and now she's willing to work with Kagura and Chisato. I didn't think she'd sink any lower, but she surprised me.

I assume Marumi and Hina will have a court battle over the Hinata Inn, which Hina will definitely lose in. I suggest having Sosuke, Hikaru, Shakiko, Mitsune, and the Kuromitsu Inn guests as witnesses. They would DEFINITELY testify against Hina. Something else I think you should bring up: I noticed when Sosuke suggested to Marumi to invite the Kuromitsu Inn guests to the Hinata Inn, Hina got upset at the decision. What the hell reason would she have to be against it? Her tenants, Naru and Su, injured the guests and destroyed Shakiko's Inn. Did she not feel she should take responsibility for what those two brats did? This point should be brought up. I can't wait to hear what BS excuse Hina would give for it...
Rictor Yagami chapter 24 . 12/18/2014
I read this chapter again and decided to review it and it was a great chapter. In all honesty I wish you had Keitaro give Motoko one good smack in the head with the bokken when she was attacking him because she deserved an ass kicking for all the times she attacked him without just cause. Then we get to Naru who try's and points the finger at Keitaro, Shinobu and everyone else for what happen to her when all she was doing was making excuses for her poor behavior and not taking responsibility for her own actions. She ruined her own dreams, not Keitaro, not Chizuka, NO ONE! It was all her.

And now Mutsumi is being an idiot and is going to ruin her own dreams by wasting her time trying to help Naru. Hell even one of her classmates said they had an important lecture and she's going to throw it all away for someone who is a lost cause? Give me a break! I can just imaging a scene like this with her teacher. He is going to be asking her why she wasn't in class yesterday and he will be wondering what is wrong with her. He will even tell her she shouldn't get involved in other peoples business when she has no idea what is going on and you should have her teacher give this warning for a scene.

Mutsumi's Teacher: Mutsumi I will tell you this right now and you better listen well. Your future is important for your life and if I find out you went skipping class again I will suspend you. And if you continue to do so then I will call your parents and will have to inform them on why you are being expelled.

If she doesn't stop being an idiot she is going to end up miserable for the rest of her life. I really hope I don't end up like these two.

As for Mitsune I am once again glad she is changing for the better and is going to talk things over with her mother. I like the talk between her and Shinobu as she is now seeing all the wrongs she committed and wants to fix things with Keitaro.

Keitaro and Nagisa are going to have a wonderful date. Hope to see the next update soon.

Good Luck Karndragon and Merry Christmas.
javier de jesus segura salas chapter 25 . 12/16/2014
Please follow this exciting fanfic I hope next chapter
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