Reviews for I Fought The Law and The Law Won
LunaGirl180 chapter 1 . 8/11/2014
Oh, gosh. As I was re reading this(i dont know why i felt like it) I was watching Frozen, and as Mary Ann was running through the jungle the epic chase music was playing as Elsa was being chased in her Palace to be killed( I laughed so hard). Oh my, epic Mary Ann running through the jungle trying to get away from Gilligan. And then him catching her and pinning her down underneath him... Whats better then that?
Mary Rose chapter 1 . 3/28/2014
That was cute and funny.
Magenta-Skye chapter 1 . 1/25/2014
Too much papaya and guava or coconuts is giving the poor girl hallucinations like crazy. :) I loved it, though, so cute.
ClassicTVfan chapter 1 . 8/6/2011
This was good! I like it. Keep up the great work!
peterpan chapter 1 . 7/4/2011
I adore most of your stories! But this one made me a little scared and sad, because it seems like Mary Ann is going crazy. I wish it hadn't just been another daydream at the end. :(
Rockport268 chapter 1 . 6/23/2011
Oh wow...that was...interesting...but in a good way. Definitely in a good way. I liked it. Mary Ann has one vivid imagination...
Officer Gilligan chapter 1 . 6/23/2011
"She wondered for the briefest moment what he would do if she lifted her head and kissed him."

She did?

"the kiss was perfect – long and slow and romantic."

It was?

"She turned to kiss his cheek sweetly and his lips were instantly at her ear, telling her that he loved her over and over."

He said that? I mean, *I* said that?

You mean, Mary Ann thinks I...she wants me to...she still feels...


Boy. I sure wish I'd kept back some of those mind-reading seeds. 'Cause when I think about it, she used to tell me all the time that I was sweet, and wonderful, and she even voted for me to be President (even if she didn't follow my orders afterwards).

To think. All this time...


JWood201, YOU'RE UNDER ARREST! For distracting an Officer in the line of duty! Don't make me chase you!
LaaArtWrtr chapter 1 . 6/22/2011
There seems to be an amazing Renaissance of GI fiction recently, especially of the MAG variety and this story surely belongs on that list.

Now we need someone to do some GAP stories. And maybe something for the Skipper, poor guy. :o)

callensensei chapter 1 . 6/22/2011
Whew! I’m glad you warned us not to get too worried about the OOCness coming up...though come to think of it, in the original episode Gilligan was about as OOC as you could get.

Awww...poor Mary Ann is left with nothing but visions as the romance of first season fizzles in the wake of the CBS censors! Don’t give up yet, Mary Ann!

Gilligan does make a very serious point here, though: that no one listens to him when he’s in charge. It’s quite true, and Mary Ann’s support and pride must mean a great deal to him, as they did in “The Chain of Command.”

Leprechauns and unicorns! How very Gilligan! I wonder whether he’s seen any!

Awww some more...yet another butterfly hunt ruined! Mary Ann just can’t catch a break.

This was a fun way to salvage that most aggravating of episodes. Thanks for making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!
ForeverLulu chapter 1 . 6/22/2011
And so another crazy late-night collaboration bears fruit. This is what the internet was really created for- the sharing of wildly inappropriate Gilligan's Island scenarios. So without further ado, I shall swap my Teobi hat for my Lulu dress and get on with The Big Fat Review. (So big and fat, I've named it Skipper).

The first thing I liked about this idea was that it was a different direction for you. A slightly risque, (T Rated no-less, but I'll soon have you moving into M territory) comedy piece with lots of double-entendres and slapstick, half a world away from the drama and beauty of At The End Of The World. Also, you pinched a line from Dusty's Trail, which always scores bonus points in my book. Oh, Sheriff!Dusty, I *heart* you too. "Sorry ladies, but one day you'll thank me for making honest women of you!"

Ginger was pulling at the hand clamped around her arm, clawing at Gilligan with her long manicured talons.- The feisty tigress. I love how Gilligan manhandles the girls, his mouth set in a determined line. I love how he wraps his arm tightly around Mary Ann's waist to get at the key. He's so studly! Catch me Thurston, I'm about to faint...

"He's drunk with power!" Haha. "No! You're guilty! If you break the law, you go to jail!" You tell 'em, Gilligan!

Mary Ann was so proud of him. He was overjoyed and it made her happy to see him so happy and she found it oddly thrilling to see him wielding such power.- She got totally turned on by it. Flirting with him when he was being a traffic cop! She loves the air of authority. And the baton. And the whistle. And the little starfish badge.

I love Gilligan's dramatic tumble down the hill and then appearing right in front of her. It's almost Hitchcockian. "Phew, he's gone...AAGH! No, he's right there!"

Then of course, she's on top of him and they're rolling around in the dirt and he's grabbing her thigh.

And then...The Kiss! Good grief...I need to open the window and stick my head out. Cool breeze...that's better. I'm burning up here! He does well to keep his hand away from the shorts. What a gentleman. (Unlike Agent 222 in MY story, the dirty horndog.)

Mary Ann's hallucinations are funny but also sad because it's obvious that she wants him, she yearns with all her heart for Gilligan every moment of the day and he has absolutely no idea. Sob!

I love how he insists on being called Officer Gilligan. It's HOTTT.

"Is this supposed to be my punishment?" she asked incredulously. It's not much of a punishment at all.- is that a baton in your pocket, Officer, or are you just pleased to see me?

His hair tickled her face and he nearly got a good look down her top as he peered down the length of his own body to where he was positioned astride her. His head snapped back up and he gaped at her, realization dawning on him for the first time.- I should think so, young man! If Mrs. Howell could see you now, she'd have a fit, Officer of the law or no Officer of the law!

All these visions and hallucinations, the poor girl. She's having a Roomis Igloomis relapse. I don't blame her though. I'm having a few visions myself...skinny dipping under the waterfall? Yes, please! And little girl Gilligans who fall down a lot- sounds like Molly, awwwww.

But poor Gilligan is completely unaware of all these dreams of hers. He's still too busy laying down the law. (Heh).

Hooray for the solicitation charge! I remember how we laughed over this. He wouldn't have a clue what it meant. I love how he thinks it just means being friendly in public, and how he's still obsessing over the scene with her and the Professor. He's determined to arrest her for as many trumped-up charges as possible, because he's jealous!

"Gilligan, you're out of control!"

But he's got her on this one- "I mean – I know what it is, but I bet you don't. You shouldn't, anyway, if you're as innocent as you claim." He eyed her suspiciously.

I love how you have her pin him up against the tree and whisper what it means in his ear. "That's what it means?" he asked and she nodded. They stared at each other and she felt his hands appear on her hips. "Like the time we found the gold mine and you charged me three thousand dollars for pie?"

BWAHAHAHAHAA! Gilligan makes a witty one!

And here's the Dusty's Trail line-

"This one's on the house," she whispered.

He gulped loudly. "I don't care where it is," he forced out, voice low. "I'm on duty."

I love it! Oh, DUSTY.

And then...they're off again! Ay yi yi. *loosens collar* As you can tell, I'm getting a little incoherent to review sensibly. Wet, sloppy, noisy kisses...writhing, hands sliding up and down...tingling, whispering...O.o Sorry- I'm speechless. (And loving it- you know I've read that bit about fifty times already.)

And then he asks her if she's innocent! GILLIGAN! I say! (Is he trying to imply that he isn't?) Or she *thinks* he's asking her if she's innocent. Haha. Amazing. The poor girl is completely twitterpated. If she had on jewelry it'd be rattling loud enough to be heard in New York City. Hooray for the Katie Couric interview! (Remembers Bobby laughing at "Are you like Mary Ann in real life?")

A deputy can't have a deputy.- Good point.

"Although now that you've got a criminal record, I can't have you on the force."- Good God, he's got an answer for everything. If he was a real cop he'd be dangerous!

He slings her over his shoulder, and I love this line- "Taking you back to jail where you belong." Gilligan started cheerfully down the path, his perp in custody again, his proud bouncing gait jostling her on his shoulder. "And that's Officer Gilligan."

He's so jaunty! He loves his power trip! And so do I. Arrest me, Gilligan, arrest me! Look, I'm violating a tree! Mmmmmm!

After all those sexy hallucinations and shenanigans, the ending's kind of sad. It turns out she wasn't really resisting arrest all that much at all, and he still tells her he's disappointed in her, without knowing of all the wild and crazy things he was doing to her in her mind. Surely if he knew, he'd have a lot more fun with her than throwing her into jail and then forgetting all about her! Poor Mary Ann. Will she ever get her man?

The straddling and the tree pinning and the sloppy wet kissing are all I've been thinking about since the first time I read this story. I know it's sad that it was all in her mind and everything, but as vicarious thrills go, I got plenty!

Still- there's a ray of hope at the very end. He still wants her.

To be his deputy.

And to go swimming under the waterfall...