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RN2017 chapter 9 . 12/11/2016
Love this. Is there a sequel?
Guest chapter 3 . 12/12/2014
I think you confused the terms used for time. You say an hour, but it's seconds. John has been there over a year? Why do they act like it's been a week and they don't know him. Writing is otherwise good.
StaplersBreak chapter 9 . 12/31/2012
I love, love, love this story. I've read it about five or six times. Just one question...will there be a sequel or should I hang up my hopes and move on?
Ledah chapter 9 . 4/2/2012
Cool story. Interesting AU. Love the spin you put on the universe and the wormhole and am curious what is Scorpius plan for John. The welcome home is rather ominous as was the kiss. I admit I have a guilty pleasure for John/Scorpius. Will you be writing a book 2?
QT05 chapter 6 . 2/18/2012
I'll try to make this a short review since you are probably tired of my extremely long posts. LoL.

Again, I must say that you did a fantastic job with this chapter. I think you were able to keep everyone in character. It must have been hard to this, especially with John and Zhaan seeing as how in this chapter there was reconciliation between the two and John had to make a rather unselfish decision for the well-being of the crew.

I really enjoyed this chapter. Amazing work. Keep it up!
QT05 chapter 5 . 2/18/2012
Wow, this chapter was a roller coaster ride for sure.

Again D'Argo rides John's butt to the ground. (You like torturing poor John don't ya? I so love it when you do that. *grins*.) It was hilarious reading the flame thrower scene.

D'Argo: "Do you at least remember how to use it"?

John: "I think I push a button".

Those are the best lines in the chapter. LOL.

After all the crap that John had to put up with from D'Argo, it was nice to see the two guys share a moment and become friends. Poor John deserves a breather even if I do enjoy seeing him getting kicked around.

The way you portray Aeryn is unique. She is a Peacekeeper warrior, cold, strong, and ruthless. She tries to use logic to understand John who seems to be a weak and a rather illogical being. But even though she is a warrior, she is also warm and kind in her own ways. You portray her as able to empathise with John, wanting to protect him, and even putting effort into learning English and assimilate some of John's odd phrasing into her own speech. While she may not be able to provide John with kind words or hugs, I think putting in the effort to learn about someone's culture and language speaks volumes in their own right. For once Aeryn can put Zhaan into her place! Way to go!

Of course, the unveiling of the Healing ritual (a.k.a. John's confrontation of Zhaan)was beautifully written. It was perfect. Both characters were in the 'zone' or so to speak. They were in character. No one put up any tantrums and there was no illogical yelling or OOCness. Yay!

Well done! Keep up the good work! *2 thumbs up*
QT05 chapter 4 . 2/18/2012
The infamous bad guy finally has his scene! LOL. I have been waiting for Scorpius to enter the picture and he's finally come. )

There aren't many authors out there that can capture the complex character that Scorpius is, but you definitely managed to do so. Yes, he is evil and a little crazy, but beneath all of that he is a man of science and has a sex drive. LOL. While he really wanted that wormhole information, it was clear that he was also eyeing John and undressing him in his mind. (Way to go Scorpy!;P )

The scenes between John and Scorpius were hilarious. True John was drugged with delicious sweet cake, but I am sure his laid-back personality also had a lot to do with him perceiving Scorpius as a Devil in kinky leather. Awesome! LOL! That entire scene cracked me up.

Once again, really well done. Keep up the amazing work!
QT05 chapter 3 . 2/18/2012
As always, another really well written chapter! You have an amazing talent for writing. I envy you. I sincerely hope that you enjoy this gift for writing that you have. )

For this chapter, once again, John was being looked down upon by everyone else. Poor guy just cannot get a break. LOL.

I thought your approach to Zhaan's healing sessions (or rapes) was refreshing. Rather than being crude outright rapes (which I do not think Zhaan or anyone with her priestess-care-free personality would be capable of), they were carefully planned times where she could get what she needed but at the same time took John's health into consideration. Very good job on these!

I also thought the discussion between Zhaan and D'Argo was a very well placed move. It helped illustrate Zhaan deeply cared for John's well-being and that the rapes were not an easy thing for her to do. At the same time you managed to illustrate D'Argo's perception of John as an inferior creature and explain his overall distaste for the human(i.e., he is another male to compete against for Alpha male position). Really well done!

Keep up the amazing work!
QT05 chapter 2 . 2/18/2012
Another beautifully written chapter! Wow!

So there wasn't much action in this chapter but I enjoyed it very much nonetheless. I think it was crucial for developing structure for the story and developing John's admittance into the group.

I though you managed to capture Zhaan perfectly in this chapter. She, of all the other aliens occupying Moya, would be the one to help John assimilate into their environment. I think you got her bedside manner and her never ending patience down to a 'T'. Great job!

Note: I also liked how the chip did not work perfectly from the start. I think it was neat you introduced the idea that the chip would get better at translating as they conversed more (i.e., the chip would learn over time). Much more believable than it working perfectly right from the start.

Back to Zhaan, it was funny how clingy Zhaan got over John and her worry over his health. It was easy to detect her anxiety for John as he was on the away mission with Aeryn and D'Argo. If something were to happen to her precious Kelid supply. LOL!

Again, you were able to illustrate Zhaan's conflicting desires and needs of doing what was right and doing unjust actions to keep herself healthy. Kind of reminded me of a vampire with a conscience. A funny image, for sure. )

I also thought you did a really good job at getting D'Argo and Aeryn to ride John's $$. Compared to them, John would appear to be a weaker being, and since they are warriors, it makes sense that they would assume command over him and push him around. Nice touch of reality!

In a nutshell - you did a fantastic job!
QT05 chapter 1 . 2/18/2012
Very impressive first chapter! I have only watched the first 2 seasons of Farscape and I must agree with you that there were quite a few things in the show that were a bit far fetched and a different approach would have been better. For example, I liked how you portrayed the mistrust all the alien lifeforms on Moya had of John. They have never seen a species of his kind, and thus, it was logical that they would be suspicious of him. (I always thought they accepted John way too quickly in the TV show.)

I also admired your alteration of using an intelligent chip rather than the microbes that were used in the show. It was a new approach to the language barrier, and you were able to handle the logic and implementation of it into your version of the Farscape universe beautifully. This change flowed smoothly with the story. Additionally, I personally enjoyed (note: I can't help but like it when authors torture their poor characters _- ) the scene where John gets the chip forced upon him. Once again, it was really well written. I was able to empathise with the dilemma Zhaan and the others had to face by forcing the chip upon John so that they could better understand him. Although, I guess Zhaan was the only one that had reservations about that while the others couldn't really care (which totally fits with their personalities). Lastly, in this scene, I think you painted a very detailed picture of how painful the chip instillation would was for John and rationalized it really well. John is human, and those chips were never created to be used on humans, thus it makes sense that it would be a painful procedure and could potentially have problems with translations since English is not a language that these aliens have ever come across.

Last but not least, I am VERY thankful that you put fore-thought into the problems John may experience being thrown across the universe. More specifically, the problems his immune system would most likely being unable to handle the foreign bacteria and viruses, the language barriers (which were discussed above), the fear and loneliness of being alone, the anger and frustration of being mistreated and singled-out. Most authors seem to ignore these 'little' details and jump right in with John being automatically accepted and fitting in without any problems. Skipping these types of details undermines a story's potential, and thus I am happy that you spent the time and effort to address these types of details. THANK YOU!

Keep up the amazing work!
RestlessMe chapter 9 . 9/22/2011
I have to admit I haven't watched much Farscape. I'm currently in the midst of watching all the episodes.

But WOW. I love your premise! I loved Zhaan being a vampire, I thought that a wonderfully inventive twist. And I thought you handled her rape of John tactfully and more realistically than most outright rape stories I've come across.

Also I personally am a Scorpius fan and thought you did a great job with keeping him so disconcerting and creepy. I'm rather captivated by your portrayal of him. And what a frightful torture you came up with! I'm quite worried for John now that he's back with Scorpius. I'm morbidly excited to find out what will transpire between the two next.

The only thing that confused me was how the doctor who gave Zhaan the crystal would have been able to guess that it related to John.

But small point compared to the emotional overload of this chapter, especially the knowledge of the untimely destruction of Earth.

Chapter 9 was really a roller coaster ride of pain and heartbreak, and I shamelessly loved every word of it! :)

Thank you so much for writing this story, and I hope you do continue, because I am in utter love with your reality.
HarryPotter'sgirl17 chapter 9 . 8/27/2011
This story sucked me in from chapter one and I kept reading it all the way to chapter nine, eager to see were you went next!

Your torture scenes were wonderfully horrific, as odd as that may sound, and felt very real to me. It almost made me shout at my computer a couple of times for them to 'Leave John alone, you rat bastards!'

Anyway, much love and hope you update soon! I am anxious to read the next chapter you post!
ticass11 chapter 6 . 8/3/2011
Thanks for writing this.

I have long searched for new enteresting farscape fiction.

this one certainly has caught me and I am glad that there are a few more chapters ready for me to read.

I for one am not yet done with Farscape and watch and rewatch it many times.
Rhiannon Shadesinger chapter 9 . 7/29/2011
*claps* brava! shall there be a book two? PLEEEEEAAAASSSSSEE?
Rhiannon Shadesinger chapter 8 . 7/20/2011
poar poar John. we do lurrrve frelling with him don't we? btw: go ahead and watch PKW if for no other reason than if you're going to do AU it helps to know the cannon inside out. and its not all sap (although I do miss Crais) *pops popcorn* Next chappie please wouldn't want me 'copped porn' to go stale.
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