Reviews for The Sickness That Knew Love
Voxnihili BLOCK chapter 1 . 5/31/2013
A new fan liebe chapter 1 . 8/26/2012
I think I love you for this, I shit you not. I am about to go and read all of your other stories, because you are an amazing author. Also, I love that you wrote this so well. PruSwiss is one of my favorite pairings, but the other ones out here aren't very good, makes me a bit sad. ANYWAY! Danke again for writing this, you're fantastic!
RayenOfDeadStarsAndPlanets chapter 1 . 7/15/2012
This was awesome! I love it!
LilDeadKitty chapter 1 . 7/7/2012
There are actually 3 types of albinism that cause health issues:

Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome, Stops blood clotting properly and can cause pulmonary fibrosis (a type of fatal lung disease that causes scarring of the inside of the lings) and bowel disorders (like Crohn's disease)

Chédiak-. Higashi syndrome, I'm not sure completely what the health issues associated with it are.

Griscelli Syndrome, Immunodeficiency disorder, and patients with it usually die during childhood.
Scarlett E. Flood chapter 1 . 5/17/2012
Love this so much! It's so sweet and cute and hot! I kinda wish there was a epilogue after this though.
orestessober chapter 1 . 10/10/2011
nice but they fell to fast
CyanideHappiness chapter 1 . 10/9/2011
This, was pretty good :) 9/10? I liked the characterization, especially in the beginning, with SWitzerland very awkward, and not used to expressing his feelings- it follows what we see S. as. Now, for Prussia- he's pretty easy to get, but I loved the fact you didn't over-use his "AWESOME' trademark- I wanna punch authors when I see that.

Prussia~ His concern for his own health is touching, it really is. You can see how much he truly depends on Germany, even though he's the older brother (I think I got that right). It's so easy to imagine him just getting up to take his mediciene- but no, he depended on his bro help him out.

Now, for Switzerland~ I loved the fact you made him into a one-or-two-lover-only type person, I can't imagine Vash being a whore, or a playboy. He's muuuuuch to prideful for that, da?

Other than that, the plot was very cute, and I hope to see more from you!
jess chapter 1 . 8/21/2011
really good :) keep at it!
HanakoAnimeaddict chapter 1 . 7/18/2011
I never considered this pairing (yet I love Prussia/Japan) so finding this was a bit of a wake-up call for me. I think the relationship was shown in a realistic aspect, and I love that. Though there were a few statements that annoyed me, but it was taken care of in he other reviews (yeah, I read the reviews before reviewing). So, it's an awesome story (sorry for taking your word Prussia) that I will fave!
Ai chapter 1 . 6/28/2011
That was a really beautifully written story, honey. It will never take me as long to read this as long as it took you to write it, but I can assure you that I enjoyed every single sentence of the story. Well done
TMRomance chapter 1 . 6/28/2011
Hi, me again, breaking the rules~ Oh! Before I forget, I missed this correction earlier!

[You're kind is normally a bit slower] “Your”, and now I must punch you in the face.

["Huh? Oh, I've kinda always been that way…the simplest thing in the world.] OOWAH! OOWAAAAAH! CUTEST PARAGRAPH! CUTEST PARAGRAPH EVER! CUTEST MOST EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH EVER! Yes, that was my exact reaction. Savor it. It really is probably the cutest most wonderfully explained paragraph I have ever had the pleasure to lay my eyes on. And just, the two paragraphs before that, were greatly explanatory too. For a while there, I thought you WEREN’T going to touch on the gay barrier, but I love you for addressing the problem directly with dialogue – and so well too~ Randomly: I think it’s funny how you haven’t mentioned Liechtenstein’s name by now. XP But yeah, not only in explanations, but those three paragraphs were just awesomely funny.

Hey, I know it’s a little late in the story, but every time I use the root word “awesome” in my review, take a shot. Uh, of liquor I mean; Vash put the gun down…I SAID PUT IT DOWN!

[Vash struggled bit more,] “a bit”

*bwahahaha* For any of those three-four days of clothing mischief towards Vash, CAN I USE? :D

[and related the feelings of wanting the best for them.] Probably want to reword that since you used that phrase not too long ago. Don’t know how you would though. *patiently waiting for the question of relationship status*

[First the Saw, then The Hangover, then Inception, Harry Potter and Twilight movies-just keep in with the younger generation- and whatever else that interests you! Oh! And no checking out the male actors. Your eyes are only for looking at me!" Gilbert listed off with excitement.] “ “First Saw, then The Hangover, then Inception, Harry Potter and Twilight movies-just keep in with the younger generation- and whatever else that interests you!” Gilbert listed off with excitement. “Oh! And no checking out the male actors,” he added, hardly forgetting. “Your eyes are only for looking at ME!” “ Yeah. Like that. Can you…tell what I did and why I prefer the paragraph that way? Yeeeeaah… Also, did you ask around for those movies, or did you just write off with what was at the top of your head?

[to see so man popular] “many”

[Yeah, yeah. Just wait; I'll rock your world," Gilbert retorted pinning Vash down with a cheshire smirk on his face. "I'll make you feel so amazing you'll forget your name. You'll forget your job and any other desires, but me," the Prussian listed off] Dude, that is so sexily AWESOME. XD Oh, but you used “listed off” already! Think of something else!

*laughing* My gosh, I want this paragraph for myself! XD

[Finally there was a kiss Vash didn't fight off.] “Finally, there was a kiss Vash /i/didn’t/i/ fight off.” In my opinion.

[Vash knew it was the latter and was almost ready for that love with his caretaker.] That sentence is a little too straightforward in comparison with the rest of the paragraph, though I’m not sure how to fix it…

[He didn't have to heart to tell] “have the heart”

[Vash wanted to scream the man above him's name and forget his own.] Yep, weird sentence. Okay, forget it, I’ll do the rest tomorrow…er, later.


Back, was p-issed at you, not any more, reviewing.

[for the four-eyed asshole like it did for the aggravating albino.] Ah, love it. It’s like that song “She’s a b-itch, but I love her anyway” thing.

[Everything he albino] “the”

[Security engulfed Vash with Gilbert. Everything he albino came from the heart freely and in obnoxious amounts. As Gilbert wrapped his arms around Vash, love engulfed him in burning need.] Engulfed is repetitive. Oh, and lol. XP Gilbert, you’re annoying but awesome. *sip*

[Vash felt this all from only a few days with the man.] Uh, not that you snapped me back from “oh this is kinda crack” but it might have done you better to say “It was amazing how much he could feel from the man in only a few days.”

[Confident red met conflicted green.] Ha! Always love colored-eye to colored-eye sentences like that once per story. You described it much better than I did though. XD (“Limitless sky-blue eyes connected with infinite grass-green ones in a star-striking moment.”)

[everything feeling got across.] Everything?

[yellow-chick colored shirt to reveal pale, solid muscle] I laugh, and then…I’m suddenly turned on. O / / / O

[my first attack I'm the hospital] “in the hospital”

Haha! Improvise, Gilbo, improvise! XD The necklace worked in your favor~

[I don't need piece] “a piece”

[or to get me though my condition.] “through”

[when he reach down] “reached”

XD Five meters, five meters…Must fine the origins…

[coax well] Coated? – Oh wow, Vash, thank you for being a dominant uke this time around. XD Flip that shlip up.

[and pleasure escapes Vash] “escaped”

[Flesh walls clenched around every curve of his c-ock] O3O Nice.

[could understand why husbands with wives that didn't put out would cheat] Wait, so are you saying if the guy doesn’t deliver or the girl doesn’t deliver? So which gender does he understand?

*giggle* I like the “in a few more thrusts, this this this” and then “in less than that, that that that”. XD It’s like a formal way of saying it, which makes me laugh. Haha! Stars and white! I don’t know why it makes me giggle! XD

[The process went on for minutes that felt like hours. Both males felt their ends near with neither wanting to give in first, and neither wanting the amazing feelings to end.] Brief, but cute. Totally want. *picture in head*

[climax at the the same time] Of course they did. XP Never happens to me while on the phone with- Whuh? Who was that? Oh yeah, double “the”.

[five hour.] “hours”

["S-hit! Scheiße, merde, merda, s-hiiiit!"] XD You never cease to amaze me with Swiss’s multilanguages. Honestly, this the third time? XD

And ever so softly~ BEATS HIM TO CONSCIOUSNESS! HAHAHAHA! Transition, transition loves you. And Gilbert’s response to it is so totally Gilbert. XD

[just finding to container] “to” should be “the”?

[perverse eyebrow wiggle] Oh YOU~ XD Found it~

[The news came of a shock to Gilbert. Anger took over him first at the thought the only person he ever loved not coming back to visit him when he was no longer 'needed' around, and anger from the fact Ludwig would give him just enough time for that love to bloom and then to stomp on it before it became a strong flower to only very slowly weep out.] Breathe, girl, BREATHE! I would’ve stopped it at “stomp on it”.

Awwww! And still you use names and honorifics and stuff to the greatest effect! TAT “Is that it? Is that it, Mr. Zwingli?” AWWWWW! XO *bawling*

[want to at leas stay] “least”

*recoiling lips* B-breaking glass?…

[I've ever just like that] “I’ve ever met”? And that whole paragraph. *eyes turning googly* I heard the words. The words, as fast as I could it, being spoken in my mind, with a sweet, but mad, and promising voice, a voice of varying tones. Truly, I hear love. *o*

[Mostly because he promised food, sex, ego-stroking, and love.] And then it’s a roll-the-eyes, I-love-you-in-all-your-simplicity afterwards. XD Don’t worry, you didn’t break any moment improperly.

XD Haha! Ludwig! Didn’t even SEE that coming! XD But I would have ended that paragraph a lot quicker.

Ahem, yes, you rule at smut. And you totally know it. XD And *snort* Switzerland is the Japan of Europe? You would say that. XD

And DONE! That took a good two days and not one hour like I said. XD Mostly because I fool around in between, but that’s how I always take one-shots. And I read multichapters straight through. Yeah, I’m a rebel.

Anyway, I did notice you making some points concise around the end, but you really buffed up the characterization in this one, enough to match Tots. If you want me to say it, I will. You didn’t make that many typos or grammatical errors, not enough for me to look down at you for or to think that you’re moving backwards. I understand with the phone and your irritation, and it’s fine to do that. You really said all you wanted for this couple, and did your best to not half-arse any of the great things you usually do, and I congratulate-you-on/appreciate that as a reader/writer/whatever. I don’t think I could continue and get results like this for something I didn’t…want to finish…

Uhhhh…don’t know what else to say really. Just that I enjoyed it, like I do with all your stories honestly, and I hope you don’t mind if I pull another one of these long reviews on you again! XD

*stamp COMPLETE*

With love and hate from your pet cat,

too-much-romance chapter 1 . 6/28/2011
This review/story is going to take an hour long, I know it. XD Well, it’s not like I’m going anywhere anyway. XP

*thumbs up* Okay. First paragraph, awesomely awesome *will use often*. Because, even without reading the summary, you accurately provide enough info of what’s going on and confirm what people know if they had read the summary too. And if this was its own book and not fanfiction. XD Yeah, just had to say that you covered a lot in a single paragraph really smoothly. :D

[Gilbert was surprised to say the least.] Why does it feel like you use that line a lot?… I’d check all your stories again, but… *shrug* I’ll just check all your stories again later…

[except for Feli, and the person was SO not Feli.] Heheheh. Don’t even COMPARE. XD

[yell in conformation] “confirmation”

That’s a nice excuse right there, and it doesn’t sound so obviously an excuse to the people who think Gilsh is crack. The fact that he wants to experience something different than Ludwig, someone else than Ludwig. It’ll be rather exciting, and not mentioning NOW, because it’s too quick to mention now, that he’s a lonely person to begin with. Clever, clever.

The thought of seeing angry Vash in slippers makes me chuckle/giggle too. XD *laughs* Dr. Zwingli… That totally sounds like someone /I/ wouldn’t trust. XD

[the blond talked in such a business-y was] Business-y…what? I LIKED how Swissy was talking! It’s a nice switch from always angry, like in your stories. XD (Mostly MMFG,P and on occasion in Tots.) Plus, he LOOKS business-y to me (you should totally draw a pic and post it on dA) so yeah. The closest thing I got to it is a neutral pic of him in a suit. *shrug* But yeah. Gilbert’s casual-ness towards Vash is not explained, is not touched on in description or dialogue, but is a nice contrast. Again, not mentioning that loneliness is a factor quite yet is working well for you. (Am I analyzing too much? I’ma just keep going with it…at least until I run out of character count and then continue as an anon. O.O” )

[asking a question. I brought something] Forgot the quotation marks.

[It was made by my sister so you had better like it; I would not have so freely given you food, especially with this attitude] *spins around in chair* Formality, formality! X3 Just the “have” and “had” make it so like it! (And it has nothing to do with the fact that I either under-use or overuse them. XP)

[That's as cute a name as you, doc. I think I like it.][ from smokin' hot to adorable.] Gilbert, you are SO openly gay. XD Will you explain this later? I really hate it when the yaoi barrier isn’t addressed, doncha know? *more or less prissy*

[Has being lazy so much physically made your brain stop working right?] Okay, this sentence sounds weird and I still can’t figure it out, so I asked a professional. I’ll get the results back eventually…

Ahahaha! Please tell me how you worked the ages! 19 for Vashykins *shot* *resurrected* and 24 for Gil. :D

[and play any games with me, Mr. Beilschmidt! Your life is in my hands, and I hate games,"] The threat of games is a little separated which is uncommon and kind of loosens the impact to me, but I upload the movement /towards/ the uncommon and more original threat structure, so the whole thing is a-okay to me. *thumbs up*

[and I would appreciate if get your people straight] Sentence sounds strange but I’m sure you can fix it without my help. *neutral*

[I'd castrateyou.] Forgot the space there, darling.

[Vash said putting his hand dangerously close to Gilbert's precious reproductive organs with malice. "] You should probably describe how it was dangerous close. Is he just putting it on top of his pants or is it hovering over there or hovering beside it, slowing inching towards it as he’s talking. *shrug* I never know with these things.

Also, I – just me of course – wouldn’t /say/ that he turned to threats. I’d go with “he went to plan B” or maybe both like “he went to plan B – threats”.

[Don't ask for me unless it's important,] Oh that is just BEGGING to be disobeyed, huh, Gilbo? XD

[and general traits on personality.] Own opinion: “traits of his personality”

[That didn’t mean Vash didn’t like Gilbert, though.] And this is where you make me want to hug you. X3 You make SENSE of the coupling. At least, in that situation. (And maybe a bit of the Hetalia-verse too. ;D ) :D

Aw. I’m glad how you write “okay, now he was officially”- the officially part makes it awesome. XD The “okay” and “officially” part make it clear that it’s an irritated sort of guilt-pity.

[should be doing with you,"] You don’t have to clear this up in the writing, but just answer me, was Vash interrupted here? Cuz that’d totally be funny. XD

[to makesome p-orno] Forgot the space there, darling. Again. *tease*

[the grin on Gilbert's face seemed to practically split his face to both ears.] Oh, that made me freak, like, what? Split his FACE? Also [Vash yelled close to take out a scalpel and using it on his patient.], since it is better to keep the dialogue before all that’s there or to make this description afterwards shorter, you can relate it to the grin like ” “YOU PERVERTED FREAK!” Vash yelled ready to grab his scalpel and really split his face in two. ” Yeah, or something like that.

[I'm just lonely~ Forgive me, dear Vashykins for I had assumed you would enjoy doing such a thing with me] I can totally see the transition of googly, melodramatic eyes and face to cocky face in the next quote. XD I am not lying.

[and my awesome five meters!"] That should either be in CAPS or italics. It has to be. XD

[It wasn't until the forth day things became slightly deeper.] “fourth” Also, thank you for putting that part, that transition, so clearly. XD It’s the whole dance around the idea and then head straight to the point thing that you always do best, but this time it’s not AS awesome as usual, so it is easy on MY heart. *hohoho* Yes, this is critique too. XP

[a very border Gilbert asked.] Border?

[mindless trash."

"What? It's not mindless! This is quality programming!"] The offense was the “mindless” part? XD It’s like that thing we talked about over the phone! Yeah! Woot! XD

[having already saw too much] “seen”

[Vash being shorter than Gilbert proved getting to remote difficult because every time he'd get close, Gilbert's long arms would out maneuver him.] For some reason, I wanna see “The doctor being shorter than his patient” and “out-maneuver” him. But that’s just me.

[Come on, quit trying!] You already said that Vash kept trying, so think of a different word here.

[Don't you darefinish] Space, Grey. Space.

[and change it so PBS.] *snort* PBS. Beautiful. Also “to” instead of “so” I believe is what you wanted.

["Hey! What the fuck, man! I was watching that!"] XD Classic.

["I don't want to watch this f-ag station!"] For some reason, I wanna see “I don’t want to watch The F-ag Station!” as if it was the actual name – at least by Gilbert’s standards, you know? XD But that’s just me. (Also, if you couldn’t tell by now, I put a dash after the first letter of curse words that Ffdotnet doesn’t allow. Also between question and exclamation marks because those aren’t allowed either for some reason…)

*just smiles* Hah. Roddykins is playing on television, mommy! *slap*

O.O Woah, things just got really emotional, really quickly. I’ll ask you this question eventually, so I’ll give you the answer now. THIS is where the reader, or at least, I, got hooked. :3

[could nearly swore those tears] “swear”

[What's worse about the situation was that Gilbert was actually feeling guilty about what happened.] You probably could’ve worded that better than so…plainly. “And on top of it all, he couldn’t help but feel responsible for it.” *shrug* My two cents.

By the way, until this quote - [coming up for my forth year's] “fourth” – I just kept imagining drawings upon drawings upon drawings of these guys’ faces. It was brilliant. XD And by now you probably know why it’s “drawings”. ;

[She wasn't even madhe was cheating on her!] I’m sorry that line is making me laugh. I was kinda jumping through the dialogue, not reading the description, and then I’m like “wait stupid, it’s Grey, you can’t do that” so then I carefully read through the description and I feel *shiver* Relationship overload, poor Vash – and poor Gilbert! Oh, also, SPACE.

[out-played be the devil for all I care] “by”

[because that four-eyed] “because of that”

…Vash got really uke really fast… *continues reading*

[Gilbert was vibrant…if he turned away the albino towering above him?] Aaaaand I love you. Those paragraphs of thought that I use way too much and you use scarcely in this one. XP

[as much as I love seeing you all wet with no shirt] One of the great things you do of pointing things out like that. I just love those lines of yours. XD

[though Franny more from] …frankly?

["Basically the same person?" Vash interrupted with a smirk. Some people never really changed, he supposed.] And without that part, it’d be such a long paragraph for Gil’s explanation. XD Thank you for that. Also, just me, but, uh, I like “His idea was made firmer: Some people never change.” *shrug* For some reason, I like doing stuff like “I repeat: Only SANE individuals” and stuff when repeating things and that, because they’re so far away in repeating, it’s kinda weird how obvious the repetition is? I dunno. XO

Okay, the next paragraph is too long (as in, I kinda gotten irritated by it), so try to split it up. Big three or four paragraphs is fine.

[to Originsfrom] SPACE.

[algebra I and] HA! I FOUND IT! A RANDOM “I”! XD Well that took forever. Not like I was waiting for it or anything, honestly. Oh no wait nevermind just capitalize the “a”. ;

Okay! 100 characters left, so I'll split this review in half and anon myself riiight now.

See ya in a bit, Grey!

Your pet,

Spasgo chapter 1 . 6/25/2011
Beware: I'm writing this from my phone so it's not going to be as worth while as I'd like but I just had to comment on this. Also, I'm used to LJ so I'm not exactly sure about this whole ''review'' system and how it works so I'm just gonna wing it. First off, I had never really considered this pairing before because I'm so used to them both being with Austria or in Prussia's case, Hungary, but you really pulled it off. I can see what kind of relationship they'd have. What I really liked in that aspect was that the first thing I thought when thinking of this pairing is that Swiss is shy, Prussia's not and that's something you really brought to life in this, which, obviously, I loved. Another thing, which is more of a personal taste, is that you never left a question unnanswered and you never let me forget Prussia was sick even when he didn't let himself appear that way. That's very important in story telling and you really blew me away with that. Also, your sex scenes do not suck. You left a lot to the imagination but there's really nothing wrong with that. Well, sorry if this ''review'' or whatever isn't up to code but I really liked your story and thought you deserved some words of praise. 3
Kokyou Konran chapter 1 . 6/24/2011
Aww, this fic was adorable and I'm leaning towards liking PruSwiss now~ XD So adorable! Thanks for writing this! -
cremekuchen chapter 1 . 6/23/2011
I really enjoyed this story :) And your smut is poorly written? Psha! I liked that there was an actual thought out plot instead of the usual straight up porn. Though, I would've really liked if you'd continued it with what you said you had planned for an ending. I get that it takes forever to write, but that's what makes it a work of art ;)