Reviews for Mario & Luigi: Legend of the Golden Star
DFKJR chapter 3 . 7/19/2011
It's looking good.

And I want to say that you've pretty much capture the feel and the moment that every Mario & Luigi game have. The part with Bowser and Peach actually being nothing more than shadow clones of them was a perfect example. I don't know what its called, but now and then you'll get some drama/suspense in the games.

I'm starting to get the idea of what type of dark entity that the Mario and Wario bros. are going to face. Seeing that they have fought a few returing major enemies from the previous games, but I'll have to keep guessing and waiting for more results of your update.

BTW, in CH: 2, you're stated in a A/N that you have a link to a picture of your story for this game. But its nolonger there, and I'm just asking to see if its a mistake or something.
DFKJR chapter 2 . 7/10/2011
It looks pretty good for a game. I like the add on with Wario & Waluigi to be playable alongside the Mario Bros. The shadow clones of varies major enemy characters and supporter (Starlow)from the previous Mario & Luigi games was a nice touch.

Although my only compliant is the return of Fawful. Don't get me wrong, I like the psychotic little bean, but since you've stated that this is your version of the 4th RPG game, and Fawful died in the end of the last game, you'll have to come up with an prefect excuse why he's still alive. He could be a shadow clone or revived somehow. If you're gonn'a do the latter, it has to be good.

But still, it's your story/game idea, and it looks great so far.

Fav Worthy even! I hope to see more.
TheCopyUniverse chapter 2 . 7/8/2011
Wow! This is an awesome idea! However, the pepper idea should be altered. One pepper type of POW and DEF each would work, like "Superstar Saga". Love the badge idea, however, and that I am the first to review this story...I think. You must update this ASAP! I will review when you make another chapter!