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pikpacker chapter 17 . 3/23/2014
This was a wonderful story. I was wondering if parts of this story were at least partially inspired by Fatal Frame? It seems very similar in some parts.
Sonanoka21093 chapter 2 . 3/10/2014
Hah! The black-white bitch got what she deserves, and now she's blaming it on the two of them? I mean yeah, she only learned of her problem thanks to them, but c'mon! That's so freaking typical of her! Freaking selfish. This is why I usually hate Marisa! And worse still, she doesn't care that I hate her! Jeez, this story is really rough on everyone, isn't it? Mima's turned into... Snow White and the seven dwarves, and everything is terrible! Everyone is dead, or at least changed! I have to wonder what exactly happened to Mima, though. Did she get that way by eating corpses? If so, that sounds like it's had some side-effects! Such as some terrifying dwarf-like growths, as well as the loss of her voice!
Sonanoka21093 chapter 1 . 3/10/2014
I actually like this more than your usual fare! You fare much better as a more serious writer!
Guest chapter 17 . 3/14/2013
I have finally completed this fiction after about a week of regular reading. Every night when I got home, I would immediately get back to reading at least a chapter or two, and it had me hooked from the very start. You took me on an emotional rollercoaster with the many trials and tribulations Aya and Satori went through, and I just... there are no words for how grateful I am to you for writing this.

I enjoyed it greatly from beginning to end, and I'm actually a bit sad that it's over now. From this day on, you have a dedicated reader, Willie G.R. I just hope you'll see this review, despite the story being a bit older.
sairentio chapter 17 . 10/12/2012
Don't even know where to start ... first I browsed randomly through this site and stumbled upon your fic. I'm normally not into fanfics, but I thought: "hey, this story has zombies (everything's better with zombies :D) and my favorite character Aya, so why not?" I actually wanted to read a bunch of Tohou-doujins or 4komas in that time, but as soon as I started reading this, I couldn't stop anymore.
I was honestly surprised how dark and serious this story is, but still loved the numerous humerous and cute scenes. (Satori and Aya are an awesome pairing!)
The story itself is an old concept, but really well executed. You especially managed to write the emotion very realistic, it really hurt to see my favorite Touhou-character the "pure and honest Shameimaru" (who is mostly depicted as smiling and full of humor person) so sad, crying and even broken like that (especially in that fight against Shinki *shiver*), or seeing the two heroines shell-shocked like that. But it also warmed my heart to see the two caring for each other that much.
Besides the countless typos, I like how everything (particularly the zombies) is written so descriptive, it gives you a very detailed picture of the scenes in your head (*shudder* although some of these pictures are quite unpleasant (in a good way :D)).
Well, that's all I have to say, I take my hat off to you Willie G.R., Undying Gensokyo is a really, really brilliant story and seeing the ending ("Or is it truly?") I really hope for a sequel (...please write a sequal D:)

Oh, one last thing: Although I don't like fanfictions that much, I'll definitely read your Sukima-Series (although I like OC's still less)
Faleface chapter 17 . 9/10/2012
Whatever I would want to praise this story for has been said already, much better than how I would phrase it. I'll follow your stories, you've earned it.
Guest chapter 6 . 8/29/2012
nekokuro13 chapter 17 . 7/7/2012
Eh? 16k words? That's not longer than most chapters!

Aw... poor Marisa. Living alone... reminds me of Nick's Withering Stars. Even Alice... sigh. Sigh, at least Sanae's still the nice girl she is.

And Marisa seeing things. Sigh... she should just stop holding on to her ego, huh? Aw... Byakuren is being Byakuren.

Lol, Seiga-Yoshika. :P

Wow, hoard-pillaging must be harsh on Marisa. Alice... is scary.

And, the village, renovated to look more modern? The kappa are being nice, I presume? And... less humans. Cruel reality is cruel. So sad... And the humans, the villagers they are, are slower to forgive.

'"I never knew she had such a loud conscience."' - This made me go Awww... Yuuka. Strange how an incident could change so much. I notice that even the human-youkai relationship was not the same as before.

Wait, I notice something here. Where's the ex-Master?

Lol, stomachachetears is actually laughing, eh? Yeah... the feeling of... forgiving. It's one of the most wonderful thing to exist, huh? It defies logic.

And Marisa finally matures. Sigh... It's been a long journey.

You have no idea how I felt when I read that Flan part. *sobs* You have no idea how much it takes to make me really sympathize with a story.

And the voice is still there. UG2 everyone?

Okkay... masterly executed. How I wish I can write endings like this. A grand story needs a grand ending. So much has happened... sigh.

I agree with ReinforceIV. Every word of that review over there.

Favorited. Will see you in some other works of yours, Willie-san.
nekokuro13 chapter 16 . 7/4/2012
22k? Uh, I was expecting longer actually, but... no, not complaining.

Aya jealous of Okuu sounds like an "Other girl?-You're the other girl, Aya!" kind of situation. Ow. '"...if she were to get close to the source of this virus, she will succumb to it, as will we all."' So, that will be the basis for Undying Gensokyo 2? *gulp* '"Eirin, she tricked me! She's the master!"' - lol that would've been the ULTIMATE twist. Oh, hello, Master, I've been expecting you chapters ago. Wow, toying with zombies are creepy. '"I never really transformed."' - LE GASP!

Ah, the oni thought Aya as the master... that's interesting. Very. Aya MIGHT be able to take over if she this mean, Aya'll defeat the Master, only to become the next Master herself? Wow, laughing at suffering is not a good sign. Will Aya succumb to the dark side? And... no, Master, you shouldn't have told her you can't find her essence of existence, that's a show of weakness. And... wow, Aya IS losing control, I started to pity the little girl.

Uh, yes, my hunch was correct. The throne is now occupied, again. If the little girl is defeated that easily... Congratulations on this twist, Willie-san. I commend that.

Warmth... It's... the end? Wow, it has been quite a journey. I was expecting much more... Or IS IT?

Aw... poor Marisa.

Okay, Aya starts to be reclusive. Is something bad going to return? '"...she would jump, scream, and shoot us all with her camera. Seriously, it's more annoying than her peep-shooting."' - lol. Poor Marisa. The feelings, the emotions... that's your strong point, GR-san.

And here... the feeling of "the end." This is the work of a Master. Can't wait to read the EX-part.
nekokuro13 chapter 15 . 6/30/2012
21k chapters, well, longer than most, but not excessively long. I guess that'll be for chapter 16, or 17. Gulp.

Hmm, I did notice that Aya's note was shorter this time than usual.

Chiyuri and Yumemi, how nostalgic. Uh... endless inexhaustible slime... can't be good.

Reimu in control, and the charms were off, so... let's do it! But... no, why, Yuuka, why? She's not immune! '"...That's Reimu! How are we supposed to beat her?"' - uh, good point. I wish Marisa's there. Too bad that *** only wanted to help them near the end where she couldn't because of being too close and all.

The heck, even Hell did not escape the virus?

'"g-hood job... Shameimaru. You re-heally are the best."' - should be the rarest thing in all the universes for Hatate to say that to Aya.

Oh wait, Dragons? And one Chinese dragon? Hong, speak to me! Are you okay! No, of course not! Plenty strong? Of course! It's an EX boss!

And here's Okuu herself. Geez, radiation is really bad, even for a zombie huh?
Orin: "Why am I the only one without a third eye in the family?" Okay, random thought is random. Ignore my random outburst.

Yay! Orin is just a psycho! Uh... Not really. '"...oh, you just hit like a girl..."' - cool line, Aya! Especially when said in Touhou! And that cauldron-door, I knew that it's not over yet.

Uh, wow, for a moment I thought Satori is really done for. An, Eirin, how did I forget her, I thought she's really dead! And Orin's words about the master with beautiful wings... makes me guess it's right spot on. Now there's REAL hope!

One of the better, if not best chapters of U.G.

Now, seeing that the two last chapters are going to be huge, I can guess it's going to be EPIC!.
nekokuro13 chapter 14 . 6/30/2012
Gasp! A dream inside a dream inside a dream. Could there be anything worse? Oh yeah, it would be A dream inside a dream inside a dream inside a dream... you got the idea. Well, a different start than the usual chapter. Congrats on the slightly graphic battle.

Hmm, this chapter is slightly shorter than the one before. Slightly.

Making Shinki cry like a baby IS frightening. Satori is right to be scared. Even Okuu won't break like Aya did. But, I'm not complaining, that raven had nuclear powers. :p

Goal in sight? Knowing that there are 3 more chapters, I can guess it's not going to be an easy skip through the flowerbeds.

The garden! It's ALIVE! XD No wonder Yuuka's away. Lol, you know that Lily White and Black are just the same fairy cosplaying, but, who cares! Zombie madness! XD Ouch! Wrong head! The fairy still keeps a head! Ouch, ignore that pun. Ah, the castle of the castle arc! I can't wait to see who's going to be the one in it. And... oh, Hataters gonna Hatate. This si getting endless. XD

Bad medicine! If good medicine tastes bad, does bad medicine taste good? Okay, okay, enough with the bad jokes, I know! Creepy hissing voice is creepy. Army of dolls! Razors? Criiiingeeee! Two masters? Oh dear... things aren't going too well.

Yukari is unpredictable even when zombified, eh? You call her hag? Uh oh. Death spell is deadly!

Marisa! I knew she'll have her part before the end! Ah, Yukari is a villain and a saviour, both at the same time. Same thing while she was alive. Heck yeah! I knew my guess about the tengu feather and the jewel was spot on! But... 72% huh?

You know, the tip-the-cauldron thingy really reminds me of LoTR. And the sentient cauldron... with zombies losing control the closer they are to there, makes me think my hunch was spot on. And Marisa is Gollum! Okay, I went too far.

And the black gate opens... XD

Hey, do I fall into the crazy zategory? :D
nekokuro13 chapter 13 . 6/26/2012
And here's a slightly longer chapter than usual...

Neat move there, Satori-sama, you're definitely improving. Oh, wow, huge monster is huge. (Oh dear, I sound silly for keep repeating the 'X something is X' kind of sentence) Um, well well well, so chapter 13 is about Touhou 13, Ten Desires. And many others, it seems. Komachi? The death god being undead, huh? The irony. '"...that poor girl. She doesn't understand what's going on,"' - lol'd at this. Isn't Yoshika a welcome sight for sore eyes! Yeah, eyes sore from an overload of zombies. XD

Makai... a cement city of zombies... Okkay, zombie-apocalypse mode at its most classic form? I knew it. Zombies with half-heads look worse than those with none.

Indeed it is unsettling to have your companion suddenly turn immaterial, unable to touch each other, and then, turning invisible... Wow, is this psychology warfare? And Aya gets fiery... Yeah Aya! That's what we'll call a heroine!

And here's the demon lord herself. Oh dear, Aya broke. Oh, wait, she used to be one of Tengu Village's best warriors, right? Oh dear, I wonder what will Alice say if she sees this. *is reminded of zombie Alice* Uh, never mind.

Well, at least Ran's battle didn't last too long.

And... the Gapped arc ends. So, next is the Master arc?
nekokuro13 chapter 12 . 6/26/2012
Hmm, collecting fluid from dripping organs into a bottle... What IS the master thinking of... creating the ultimate zombie? Perfecting the essence of infection? Or just some oni brewing zombie sake? :P

Hmm, it's interesting to see how the insanity even permeates Old Hell and the Netherworld. Did the Master went on a conquest? And, how did they end up in the Netherworld in the first place? The rumbling? Is Old Hell and the Netherworld interconnected? Uh, why am I non-stop on questions right now? Wait, that's a question, right? And that one too. Okay, okay, question barrage ended. Oh, yes, of course, Yukari. *smacks self on the forehead* Ugh, even the plate of meal is zombie-style.

Youmu's room... it's tough being Yuyuko's servant, eh? Well, Aya, please remember that many people consider the Prismriver Sisters are much harder than Yuyuko herself in PCB.

'"wait! That was Yuyuko?"' - LE GASPIN GASP? Oh yeah, now it crossed my mind. If Yukari wants them to look for the pyramid or whatever, doesn't that mean that's what the Master wanted them to? To what ends, I wonder. This is getting interesting. Or is Yukari acting on her own with her own intentions? Uh, Lyrica? And I always thought that the Sisters' theme was among my all-time favourite.

Uh, wow, linked zombies? And... it's the tree. The big bad tree. No... not Youmu too! Uh... yeah, pretty much this chapter answers my question about headless zombies from the chapter before. A nasty snapped neck. Uh oh. And... it's Yuyuko... Gah! Crazy plan is crazy! ' becomes a glistening star in the distance.' - oh, lol. Freaky dance is freaky... Uh, freaky monstrosity is freaky? Uh... wow, thanks for the revelation, Youmu. You're... Okay, evil Master is evil.

No! CHEEEEEEEENNNNN! *and I don't mean CHEEEEN! in the good way* And those two girls, they had really grown eh? Not so easily frightened, but with a brave determination that makes this story an epic ride. Well, I wonder how the chapter with my favorite number will turn out.
nekokuro13 chapter 11 . 6/26/2012
*takes deep breath for the 1 500 m sprint*

Creepy imouto is creepy. But relatively cute for a zombie. Uh... I don't know why, actually. '...and she creams as the wind itself cuts her bluish skin...' - Uh... 'screams' O_O Slight typo, I know, but it sounded very wrong. '...a set of fangs appear on her open empty third eye...' - Uh, eat your heart out? XD

You made Satori and Aya's writing style sound really like them, so as an author, good job with that. Uh, killing a sister... it must hurt poor Satori-sama more than anything else. She really got my pity there. Cursing Yukari? I think people curse her millions of times already even before being a zombie. Okay, sorry, I digressed, again. :P And the pets are now monsters. At least they're not loose, so Koishi did save them some trouble. Ah, music works wonders, doesn't it? Okkay... undead oni can't be good. Hey, a soup of black cats! Why does that make me feel uneasy, ehehen.

A rabid zombie oni... not good. Oh yeah, add immortal. Now where does all the watermelon puns go? And... nasty underground fairies. And, am I glad for the censoring. Those parts are better off that way. Ah, race for the elevator eh? Sounds like some classic zombie scene. Okay, I saw Yuugi coming miles away. Seriously, now that she's not holding a bowl of sake or being playful, and having lost all self-restraint as a zombie, how strong and Impossibru will she be, I wonder. *shudders* Okkay, there are also other oni. Oni in the plural.

Uh, wow, zombie sacrifice? '...satori youkai thinks of her friend slightly inflated like some balloon, but she shakes the thought away...' - Pffff... XD. Agh! Worm monsters! Nasty! Ah, piggy-backing a satori. Why does that sound oddly cute? And the early bird... Aya, you just have to make that witty phrase, huh?

Wow, double oni attack eh? Even if it's 2 vs 2, I don't think it's going to be easy. Good thing that Annihilating Roar doesn't live up to its name, eh? but it was close. Hm, I wonder if there are headless zombies here in UG, you know, those that will still live after their heads exploded or whatever? Uh, do I sound like I have the memory span of a goldfish?

K... Kogasa? And here comes the embodiment of undead jealousy. Ah, oni-technology eh? Never thought they exist. Aw, poor Kisume. Ah, is that so? Now I miss your black ball jokes from the first Sukima. :P Well, at least she doesn't go EX-mode as a zombie. :P

And here comes imouto-chan again. Creepy subconscious player is creepy.

Hmm, Gapped Arc does have a refreshing feel to it. I knew that if the story ends just at SDM, it'll feel... lacking. Your writing gets better, I think. It doesn't feel like you're trying to cram everything anymore. It doesn't have confusing bits and scenes as it did in the first few chapters. It's clearer and the story flows, I don't feel tired from reading your long chapter here. Good job.
nekokuro13 chapter 10 . 6/23/2012
And... here we go again, chapter 10. A 19,000-worder, again.

Well, that's the spirit. A good way to start the day. A dark day awaits.

Ugh... worms... hairy ones at that... And that's just the garden... Wow, so they got past the garden quickly? Too easy for my own comfort.

And... so far... empty. I was expecting a crowd. Ugh, maggots galore... That's one insect I couldn't stand... '"...And besides, when you get used to this smell, it sort of reminds me of spices."' - Uh, rrright.

IT'S INVISIBLE! What you can't see can't kill you? That's a lie!

Oh, a zombie from China. Ugh, the breath. And with what she just ate...

Octopus... and here comes the crowd... '...others with knives stabbed on their faces or bodies.' - Sakuya... Is it going to be a zombie that can stop time? Okay... hax. What the, Sakuya learnt Four of a Kind?

Remilia... '...facing what they believe will be the last battle with the undead.' - Nope. 7 chapters more. *trollface* Geez, Fate can be cruel, eh? I mean, the author. :P Ugh... worms and worms again... Well, Remi does seem well served, even in undeath. Being zombified doesn't stop Sakuya from being a good maid, eh?

Hmm... Remilia's encounter was easier than i expected. Yes, more than obvious she's not the Master.

Ghost Patchy? Well, at least she's not the rotten type.

Well well well, what pleasant surprise... Koakuma, eh? Well, Koakuma's description was kind of easy for me to guess, I think. The Master? With very wide back? Ehehen. '"...we explode for eternity, or at least until she thinks we have exploded enough!"' - Yep, I can guess this new master. Well, don't know why, to hear that Orin was not so badly mutated (superficially) somehow made me feel better. A bit. Nah, never mind.

Heck yeah! It's the gap Baaba! XD

Koishi? O_O Little sisters are scary...

Well, the ending was well executed. More to leave the suspense hanging. Well, I have to say that this chapter was less boring or repetitive in terms of the encounters, battles and all, compared to a few of the chapters before. In fact, things are clearly progressing, with a clarity better than the most chapters before. Well, 7 left to go.
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