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SarahAntonia chapter 14 . 5/22
Sorry for not reviewing the last few chapters one by one, but I read the last chapters offline last night and couldn't bring myself to stop after every chapter to review it! I was much to engrossed, so I thought I'm going to leave one bigger review!

In so glad I found this story because I just love it! At first I wasn't so sure whether I'm going to like it or not since it completely different from the KakaSaku fics I'm used to read, but this is one hell of a story! It great!
I love that you switch between Sakura and Kakashi's POV, it just covers what's happening very well and gives us more intel on what the whole situation is doing to them separately and how they feel!
Also this story is so exciting and suspenseful! The mystery of this story is gradually growing, it's amazing how you manage to give us a few answers but at the same time raise more questions, but in a good way because sometimes this can become exhausting but you manage to balance this perfectly!

I really hope you're going to update soon, I for one I'm excited to see what's going to happen in the next chapter!
SarahAntonia chapter 9 . 5/16
I already thought that Kurenai hadn't been REALLY Kurenai at the time she said that to Sakura, I'm glad that Kakashi sees that there's something wrong
SarahAntonia chapter 8 . 5/16
So glad that Sakura finally knows that there's something more going on!
SarahAntonia chapter 7 . 5/16
This is getting better and better and more exciting with each chapter!
SarahAntonia chapter 6 . 5/16
The mystery is getting bigger and bigger! This story is really intriguing!
SarahAntonia chapter 5 . 5/15
This is killing me! I mean I totally understand both of them, buying just want to push them together and make them work it out right now!
SarahAntonia chapter 4 . 5/15
I didn't really expect that! But I'm looking forward to see where this is going!
SarahAntonia chapter 3 . 5/15
Sakura and Ino's friendship is beautiful! And i loved Naruto in here and he's right! Your character interactions are so incredibly well written and portrayed!
SarahAntonia chapter 2 . 5/15
I'm totally feeling for Kakashi right now! I'm so glad that you write the situation from his perspective as well! I was wondering what he was thinking and feeling during the first chapter and I'm happy that you delivered answers!
As much as I understand Sakura and think that Kakashi should have told her about Rin at some point in their relationship (since we don't no exactly how long they've been together, I'm going to say that maybe it was still too early for that and let this slide), I do have to agree with him, Sakura should have talked to him about this and let him explain!
SarahAntonia chapter 1 . 5/15
Aaah this already starts incredibly angsty, but it's soo good! I really want to know what's going on in Kakashi's head after he found her message!
Guest chapter 14 . 5/10
Please update! I'm soo excited for the next chapter!
uphemia.serendeputy chapter 14 . 12/4/2015
I can't wait to see what happens next! Please update soon
cherryflowerblossoms chapter 14 . 11/16/2015
This story is insanely confusing as far as the plot and the conspiracy part goes, but now I am curious to see what the heck happens.
Prescripto13 chapter 14 . 10/15/2015
What a wild ride this is! It's such an intriguing puzzle.
Ita-chan18 chapter 2 . 9/19/2015
Somehow, I was anticipating something similar to this, and I really like what . I for who kakashi runs into though. The confrontation between ino and kakashi was nice. Again, I'm really liking this ino.
Happy reading
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