Reviews for Letting Go and Moving On
CodeName-M.e chapter 17 . 5/21
I'm not crying, it's just, something . An eyelash is making my eye water.

Beautiful chapter!
Nimeo chapter 17 . 2/18
This is kind of fun, but in a very bizzare way, okay, who's nightmare is it? I dislike Rose, and can't comprehend a story, if it even exists where a female joins them on the TARDIS, shortly after beginning of season 2, of heavens forbid 4, that is not majorly damaged, worse or subservient to Rose in some way. Season 4 rewrite, time looping Donna or OC: Rose is lurking nearby with a Dimensional Cannon, maybe I should tell her where the TARDIS is. She and the Doctor love each other so much! Yeah, depends on a perspective, I guess, but you would immediately not feel welcomed, or worse. *khm* So the core Rose is spot on, but I agree with other reviewers - too much. I get an evil grin at signs of Rose bashing, but too AU just feels bad. Worse if the lady of choice to get all the spoils, begins to behave like or live in a fic that has little to no difference from the glorified pro-Rose fic.

Current Mood: Still hopeful for the others to stop being a crowd, greek chorus, or stage props, we love them too. Rose, still manages to cause shock, when you think she fell as low as she could. Started skipping over Martha/Doctor date, love, special snowflake scenes. I kind of like an idea of them together. They are great in this fic apart, but here as a couple its too rushed, generic and living out Roses pink frosting covered, mindless dream drool instead of showing how they are really like. Thats why I'm holding my fingers crossed for an alien that feeds on nightmares.

Does no one talks to Adric (ugh, why by that brat's name, you can SEE Peter Davison's or is it the Doctor's teeth grinding) except for Martha (to show how great she is)? If Donna flirts to Jack, why are they not in bed already. Don't need that, what are they talking about? Its only flirt - response every time we cut to them and non are shy. What about Sarah Jane?

There’s no escape
I can’t wait
I need a hit
Baby, give me it
You’re dangerous
I’m lovin’ it
Too high
Can’t come down
Losing my head
Spinning ‘round and ‘round
Do you feel me now?
It’s getting late
To give you up
I took a sip
From my devil's cup
It’s taking over me
Too high
Can’t come down
It’s in the air
And it’s all around
Can you feel me now?
With a taste of your lips I’m on a ride
You're toxic I'm slipping under
With a taste of a poison paradise
I’m addicted to you
Don’t you know that you’re toxic
And I love what you do
Don’t you know that you’re toxic
Intoxicate me now
With your lovin' now
I think I'm ready now
I think I'm ready now
Intoxicate me now
With your lovin' now
I think I'm ready now

Russel T. Davies is a genius at picking songs. I thought of saying that Rose is on the 'I'm Going Slightly Mad' by Queen, stage, but nah, her second episode predicted it all! :D
Nimeo chapter 16 . 2/18
Err.. Rose? Honey? Were you in the universe that also had all those tens of thousands Rose/10th Doctor fanfiction you've amused yourself with while wasting Daddy's money on compensation for making scientists slaving extra hard for the Dimension Cannon? Sorry but the thought of her reading or watching the most sugary buckets of pink snot of romances while replacing all the romantic leads is hilarious. Plus it explains all her uncharacteristic language. At least PRETEND that you live in the reality, Rose, for Doctor's sake, don't say everything that comes out of your increasingly corny mindspace, its getting scary. You are currently in the climax of all the crazy people in Hitchcock movies.

First, Fourth or Sixth regeneration for Rose to be sent, for several days to?

Evil AU 1: *whisper* Doctor! Now is your chance to point Rose-shaped weapon of destruction to River Song!

Evil AU 2 (I jest the Doctor is too nice for that): *Sugary love filled speech, couple of gentle embraces* Subtext: Rose, to save us it would be ever so nice for you to voluntarily martyr yourself (maybe not even death) or else, I can do it of course, but what if my next regeneration would not be so nice looking? O_O Or dance like a drunken giraffe, or be obsessed with some other girl, lets call her Clara, for example... Oh, well! It won't be so bad I bet! You should've seen me, Rose, I had this brilliant scarf once, ever so useful it was! Tripping monsters, holding machinery, rescuing damsels... Was brilliant at playing recorder, one time. Everyone kept interrupting for some reason, though, but Jamie was always holding on by my side, could really pull off a skirt that Jamie! Or I could go old again! Yes! Thats what I need! Age spells wisdom and respect, always useful. Did I tell you about my question mark umbrella? The rainbow one? Oh! The rainbow coat, used to love that coat. Wore it constantly! Couldn't part me from it. Bowties? Ruffles! My collection of cat badges! Yes! Fun! Need definitely to start wearing fun things again. Rose, how to you feel about fezzes? *Rose runs towards danger*
Nimeo chapter 9 . 2/18
Adric... I think that loud clap I can hear is the pre-Earthshock Fifth Doctor facepalming. What if it rubs off? O_O Well enough that its not Adric Vislor Brewster, or they all would have been doomed! :D

*singsongs* Craaaazy... Craaaaaazy... Wow Rose, I think we are all witnessing the origins of a supervillain. Now be a dear and stay away from suspicious labs, explosions and untested chemical mixes. Would've loved to see her team up with Missy, both lying to each other obviously. Or a Dalek, abominations is something you can agree at.

Good on Martha, though its a bit too quick or a turn around, from becoming fond of and treating her as her own person finally, to just showing away and skipping over countless boundaries he had with all other companions that were extra dear to him straight to instigating kinky sex play and declarations of love and you are the one. Oh, hi, Rose... you are here, nice to finally see you, I guess... Okay, bye! Ma-a-a-a-a-artha! (okay it does seem kind of like any of him) The point is having the characters to get there their own ways vs. just claiming Rose is amalgamation of all things wrong with Rose and a dollop of crazy (which bobbling between tired and fascinating) and D/M just skipping over so rapidly and far just seem a bit less ridiculous version of the Rose's overblown daydream earlier. Everything else is fine! :) Your writing is very good, situations are aplenty, keeping other characters around fill me with hope that they are not just there to react and quietly mingle in the background.

Okay, ONE major problem. WHAT ABOUT DONNA?! Getting loopy? Head explody thing?... He just to preoccupied and wasting precious time and help of all these brilliant people who would sway him towards picking an alternative solution.
Fan11 chapter 59 . 9/30/2015
Wow can't wait til the next chaps please..
dizzy78 chapter 46 . 8/6/2014
Cant wait to read Adric's story
Guest chapter 29 . 7/2/2014
The Rose-bashing is pretty sickening and that's saying alot considering I dont like Rose.
SheaTSarc chapter 33 . 4/28/2014
Ha! I love how your Adric is so similar to our Adric with the eating (see Black Orchid).
Guest chapter 46 . 3/5/2014
What are you gonna do now Rose is gone
Guest chapter 44 . 3/5/2014
Jackie doesn't deserve all the crap Rose puts her through.
Guest chapter 43 . 3/5/2014
con you have just killed her text to speech sucks
Guest chapter 42 . 3/5/2014
Anyway I'm really enjoying the story so far
Guest chapter 41 . 3/5/2014
kill Her
Username-Abbgy chapter 37 . 3/5/2014
And the shit starts.
Username-Abbgy chapter 31 . 3/5/2014
"Don't worry Donna, I believe they left as soon as possible," the Doctor assured her. "They were too afraid of getting bitchslapped."

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