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Guest chapter 1 . 4h
She just mad cause the yautja don't want her...
Randomreviewer chapter 34 . 16h
I apologize in advance for the long review. I enjoy reading this fic and I just finished the most recent chapter. While I find this story to be entertaining, what I enjoy most (obviously other than the fight and sex scenes) is the issue of how the yautja kidnap and force women to be their sex slaves without a choice and then expect them to be grateful. I had thought about the premise of the story and tried to picture myself in the position of one of these women: I would be a slave. All of my freedom, any independence I enjoyed in my life would be over. Even my own body wouldn't belong to me. I would have to just let the yautja brand me, drill into my head, and alter my body to suit their own wants and needs. Now I know this isn't 100% the case for Anya, but to an extent it's still true. Of course, I know this story is for fun and for people with similar interests to enjoy. So I honestly hope I do not offend the author or other reviewers.

I actually watched an AVP (the Antarctica one) with my family and boyfriend a few days ago, which got me thinking about this fanfic. The yautja are indeed menacing and dangerous, and seem to all be built like professional football players, but I don't see why we would just bend over for them (no pun intended, it was just the first phrase that came to mind). While we humans may not be as physically or technologically comparable to the predators/ yautja, it's not as though we stand no chance against them. After all, Arnold was able to beat one that had killed his entire squad just by covering himself in mud and using a bow he made out of jungle wood. Although I suppose it's unlikely for world governments to choose interplanetary war over negotiating a scenario like the one in this story. I also remember that in an earlier chapter the chief had thought something along the lines of one day establishing a more dominant presence on earth. Again, I know this story is just for fun but I don't think we would just allow them to oppress us and treat us as though we were inferior. As I'm sure many people would agree.

This part is going to sound nerdy. Personally, I wouldn't just do whatever they wanted and decide whether they got to take me or not, and if they tried to take me I would try to kill the one that wanted me or do whatever it took to make sure it wouldn't happen. I like being able to make my own choices, speak when and how I want to speak, and go wherever I wanted to go without feeling like a dog on a leash. I wouldn't sacrifice that just because I was "supposed' to do whatever an alien wanted (in this case, knock me up). Especially if that same alien died or was killed and I didn't even get to go home as a result. Or if I upset or anger my "owner" too far they still wouldn't send me home. He would kill me. He took me, forced me to mate with him, robbed me of my freedom and somehow I would be in the wrong? I just read that over and I wasn't trying to criticize or anything, I truly do enjoy reading this story and I really hope you post the next chapter tomorrow!

My last note I promise! As far as Anya goes, I'm glad she's handling it so well. My early comments may show that I wouldn't be as neutral about everything she had been through. I suppose getting her cancer cured makes up for some of the stuff that happened to her. One thought I did have and that I would like to see in the story is if the yautja tried to imagine themselves being torn away from their way of life and forced to adopt a lifestyle without freedom. I apologize if this was already mentioned in an earlier chapter or if someone had already suggested it. I've been reading your story over the past couple months and I basically made a list of stuff I wanted to put in a review as I read. I also just wanted to apologize again if I came off as judgmental or rude, I just wanted to share some thoughts I've had about the story. I am a big fan and I should create an account so I can follow your story easier. I don't know if he gets on anymore but my brother has a profile on here "Thegoodguy" but I think the "e" is a 3 or the "O's" are zeroes so if you want to message me I can probably get him to let me use his account as my own, but anyway...please, please, please continue updating this story! I'm trying to get my boyfriend to read it and I want to threaten to spoil as many things as possible! Thank you!
Rose Nusrat chapter 34 . 10/6
Hi, I do not write review often but I am a fan of your story. I was reading the story from start and I was wondering if Anaya will ever have twins? Hope you will update next chapter soon.
Thinking of you chapter 34 . 10/3
I miss you! please come back soon!

Sorry people are awful and that life has been hard. But we love you and your wonderful imagination!
Guest chapter 34 . 10/1
This story is amazing! I hope you make her have a girl pup that would be chaotic lol
Luna Silveria chapter 34 . 9/30
Adore this story. It's absolutely fascinating!
Guest chapter 34 . 9/30
You should do a chapter on L'tor's pov
Guest chapter 34 . 9/30
I vote for twins or either a girl for the next pup
By the way chapter 34 . 9/29
I think a great idea would be twins
Keeping going chapter 34 . 9/29
Some people don't understand what they can fit in a box and call normal I like your style. Be different the world is more beautiful in colors
Gloria chapter 34 . 9/24
You have to update sometime soon ...
Seraphina chapter 34 . 9/22
AH-MAZING! I really love your story and I barreled through it :) please please update Im dying to see how Anya and L'tor progress through this wonderful world you've made. I'm obsessed
Guest chapter 34 . 9/21
Why won't you update anymore? :(
ShardAura chapter 34 . 9/11
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NO I CANNOT HAVE REACHED THE END OF YOUR UPDATES! Whats gonna happen D: Ive been on the edge of my seat the entire way through both Part one and So far of Part 2!
You are a brilliant writer and my gosh, you have me hanging for my next fix D:
DeathByDino chapter 34 . 9/10
The world you have created is amazing. I always look forward to another chapter. You've done an amazing job on details and the plot, and I've never been as captivated with a fanfic as I am with your series! Please update!
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