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Guest chapter 30 . 9/15
What, almost three years later and I still love this story, and still check on it regularly. I remember back when there were only 15 or so chapters, and not long after I was worried it wouldn't even go any farther, but it did. You told the Naruto story that dozens before have tried and failed to tell, the what if that has plagued the fandom since, well, since naruto first fought sasuke! It's a story that I still come back and reread every year. I truly hope that one day you can find the inspiration to finish it
Veronica chapter 30 . 9/10
Dear Author, what has been going on in the past two years that you haven't updated this story? It is seriously awful to be left wondering what happens next.
I admit that around chapter 27 or 28 I almost stopped reading. I mean, in Canon, Sasuke can be a pretty huge a-hole but as I was reading the part where Naruto tricks Sasuke into defecting with him, I myself felt so betrayed. That was so low. And then Nauto pushed Sakura off a cliff and I was horrified. All of these images clashing with the Naruto I know and love were breaking my heart. But I'm glad I finished Part 1 and know he didn't really mean any of it. I can't wait to see him redeemed in your version of Shippuden, which, uumm, you should really get to posting soon, pretty please.
Also, of all the things that happened and I cannot stop thinking about Hinata and Jiraiya traveling together! This sounds like a terrible idea, for obvious reasons, and poor Hinata will end up scarred for life! LOL Unless, and I would love for this to happen, if Hinata were to end up like her Genjutsu World self, where she doesn't take crap from nobody and it would be a bonus if she kicked Jiraiya's butt whenever he is a perv. _
Polaruspax chapter 28 . 9/10
Fuck this story and fuck you, It went from something really great to this shit pile in 3 chapters... claps all around for your ability to turn gold into shit...
Veronica chapter 19 . 9/8
Chapter 18 was absolutely amazing! I loved how you incorporated moments from various important fights in the manga ( that i remember...Sasuke vs Lee, Sasuke vs Gaara, and the ultimate showdown between Naruto vs Gaara) and wrote one incredibly EPIC fight that would have been that much more awesome if it had been animated. Wow. Just WOW.
Also, I am in tears after having read the beginning of Chapter 19. The conversation between Naruto and Gaara is pretty much as I remember it, but feels more powerful since such an honest and vulnerable moment happened in front of such a large audience.
Veronica chapter 17 . 9/7
17 chapters in I finally leave a review! I thought you'd get annoyed if you got a lot of reviews one after another from me.
Anyway, I really like the story and characters so far. What I like the most is that you've made, IMO, Team 7 even more badass than it already is. We already know Naruto and Sasuke are awesome, but most people just dismiss Sakura. I am really happy with her development in your story. I was always disappointed how in the Manga and anime, it is known through other people (that I remember, Sasuke and Kakashi) how talented Sakura is with genjutsu and yet Kishi never showcased that skill of hers. Bugs me to no end since I just love her, But then again, I have issues with the character development of most of the females in Naruto. One moment they have matured, and the next I feel like they are the same as in Part 1. Also liked the way you made Sakura aware of the fact that she can act like an idiot when it comes to Sasuke, so she tries to stop herself from doing so, but a 12 year old girl is just a 12 year old girl at the end of the day, so Sasuke, let her give you a hug every once in a while! LOL.
Hinata is also better in your story, the same way people were annoyed at Sakura for being a fangirl for a while, I was annoyed that Hinata was just a mumbling shy girl that only ever blushed and said "Naruto-kun". In your story she is still shy and she stutters, but in approaching Naruto to actually have a conversation with him and even having him over for tea, she seems braver to me here than in Kishi's version.
Chapter 17 was my favorite so far. Probably because for some reason it made me laugh a lot.
"It's Pink."
"I Like Pink."
You tell him, girl! Sasuke be dissing pink...pfft. Pink is awesome!
Well it's 2AM so I can only hope my review is OK and not completely nonsensical. Again, good job, love what I have read so far. It is, to me, a great reimagining of the Manga. Can't wait to finish it. _ chapter 30 . 9/1
Honestly, I don't like the direction of your story. if you had carried it out, maybe it might may worked out find in the end, but leaving off like this...for a reader, its like eating a great appetizer, eating a delicious curry, unintentionally biting into a chili pepper, then finding out that there's no more water. bummer.
raider of d lost soul chapter 30 . 8/1
Hey no fair dude
You went AWOL at a very crucial time
But anyway this fic is good
pikachucat chapter 29 . 7/19
awesome more please
Shadowslayer5 chapter 30 . 7/17
I wish you would get back to this it got so interesting
Cirnoloveheart chapter 30 . 7/7
This is so so far the best story I have ever read. It would be amazing if you could write more. This story could add more action and maybe involves killing/massacre of some sort. Maybe you can add a few new characters if you don't mind. You don't have to take these suggestions if you don't want to. I hope you write more in the future author-san. I also wish to see the development of your stories. Thank you.
Azrael Dragonis chapter 30 . 7/3
Awesome story dude keep up the good work
tomer3392 chapter 1 . 5/28
Please continue the story, this is one of the best naruto fic's I ever read
DennisC89 chapter 1 . 5/23
Hmm it seems to be the beginning of a very interesting story. Let's see what the next chapters bring ;)
Aegorm chapter 28 . 5/20
Yeah... This completely ruined every single bit of intrest I had for this story. I guess you got such a negative backlash that you stopped writing and I honestly think that's good. Seeing a good story crash and burn is awful.
More chapter 30 . 4/6
Do you think you can make a version where his team doesn't died
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