Reviews for Until These Shivers Subside
Kips34 chapter 21 . 1/30/2016
Another enjoyable story. I like the slow build-up in the relationship between Emily and Derek. It was much more believable than others I have read.
Whatwillbewillbe chapter 21 . 5/7/2012
I only found your stories this morning and read the prequel and this story all the way through. I love your characterisation and the way you write the relationships between the team. Looking forward to reading Emily/Morgan now too.
jhplug chapter 21 . 5/3/2012
Loved this story so much. Especially the adorable moment at the end with Emily kissing Derek and him asking if she wanted to go for ice cream. Are you still planning on writing a case-fic sequel? If you write it, I'll definitely read it!
kofe1111 chapter 20 . 2/23/2012
This story was a great read and engrossing. The plot was a great follow up to the original story. Looking forward to reading more from you.
Graveygraves chapter 20 . 1/22/2012
Thank you for another great story - really looking forward to future stories.
Graveygraves chapter 14 . 1/21/2012
Have I mentioned how good I think you characterisation is? If not then I am now. You portray each character so realistically.
Graveygraves chapter 10 . 1/20/2012
Another couple of great chapter - great balence between plot and case.
Graveygraves chapter 8 . 1/19/2012
I know I'm a bit late - but I wanted to let you know you definately are boring. This is a realistic squel
Graveygraves chapter 7 . 1/18/2012
Managed to fit a bit more in tonight - the developement of the case alongside Emily's story is fantastic. I like how you explain what they are thinking - personally and professionally
Graveygraves chapter 4 . 1/15/2012
So I've made a start on this one and I'm not disappointed, great writing. Love the little detials you add that make it all the more realistic.
shad75 chapter 20 . 1/14/2012
What a fabulous ending to such an awesome story. The stories, including this one, by the CM authors are really the best I have read on fan fic. The 1st fan fics I started reading were CSI Miami ones and I must say although I am sorry to say it, that compared to these, they were absolutely crap. The authors kind of revolved around the couple only and there was hardly any substance but at the time I had nothing to compare them too. I have also read some really good Castle and NCIS ones but I absolutely adore most of the CM ones I have read. The authors, including yourself, really understand the characters and put such a lot of substance into their stories.

Regarding chapter 19 - very funny when Emily gave Morgan a hug and said its from Garcia.

Chapter 20 - the Hotch - Rossi conversation was really top class. I have always wanted to read a conversation like this, how Hotch would react when he suspects that 2 people in his team are more than just friends, even though they were not sleeping together at this point. Rossi just nailed all the points on the head, saying that Hotch should just let them be if they haven't lost their professionalism. I was LOL when Hotch said that how can them going into each other's hotel rooms be professional and also LOL when he actually heard them opening and closing the doors! He must have super sharp hearing! And it was so funny when Hotch thought that none of the seminars he had attended had prepared him for this and silently reprimanded them for putting him in this position.

I know that you don't have time to write each and every story every fan of yours requests obviously but this was just such an excellent story, even for people who don't ship the couple and who are just a fan of the show cos they didn't actually get together until the very last paragraph in the last chapter. And the case was just superb. I for one would love a continuation of this, even a 1 or 2 chapter fic set 3 months after this (a case based fic) as you said in the bottom of this chapter. The 15 year thing is alright but I prefer to see what will happen in the shorter term when they are actually a dating couple working together because I think I have only read one fic like that and that author stopped updating after like 4 chapters. I think there's loads of potential for a story like that - Hotch watching them like a hawk to see if their personal relationship will compromise their professionalism etc.

Tomorrow I'll start reading this Addy fic. I would love if it was Derek's baby though!

Have you heard of Eton college in England where Princes William and Harry went to school? Well, where I teach is like the Eton of SL. The kids will be dropped in BMW's or Audis and they have maids to basically do everything for them. Are they badly behaved? Not really. Since their parents are paying such high fees, they do expect results so about 50% will be interested. The other 50% are lazy since they are sitting on money so they probably don't see the point of working hard but they usually don't give me any trouble cos I've been there for 14 years so I've taught their siblings and cousins and they've all got good results so I guess they trust my abilities as a teacher and the majority enjoy my classes. What I don't like is that like in CM, the management pushes us for results. Well, its kinda hard to get results if the students aren't willing to work. They do give some teachers a lot of trouble though although probably not as much as kids in schools in Europe and USA.

No, we don't dissect stuff. Dissections were removed from the British syllabus long ago. I am not even sure if the local syllabus does it. We do other experiments like with enzymes and some field work.

I read in the previous chapter that you quit your job. Sorry about that. Have you managed to find one? I think I prefer the kids to my boss and coworkers. But again, cos I've been around for a while, I am the oldest (not in age, but in years of service) in my department.

Yes, I have watched all seasons of the X-files and I love the show and Mulder and Scully but I have never rewatched it. I guess at the time, I didn't own a DVD player. Some day I would love to watch all again because there are some episodes I missed. I was thinking today, I wish all shows were like Grey's anatomy to me. I love it and I love the characters but its a different love to what I have for CM. I don't rewatch or read fan fics of Grey's and as much as I love the characters and enjoy the couples, I don't think I'll mind very much if any of them break up or someone leaves the show. Now on the other hand, for CM, I will mind this very much (not the breaking up since there are no couples!).

You had said that you would like if Paget hosts a show because she's so hilarious. I have only watched one interview with her, where she came on this show wearing a lovely black dress and talked about working at a joint where there were call girls or something like that I think, and the host asked if her parents knew. I would love to see more interviews with her. I saw a youtube clip of the whole cast being interviewed from seasons 7 and 4 and also the making of Lauren. If you have any more interviews with her, could you please send me the links. I couldn't find anything on you tube. I saw one where she had talked about twitter but I didn't watch that cos I am not on twitter.
shad75 chapter 18 . 1/14/2012
OMG, the cliffhanger. I am gonna read the next chapter right away.

I LOVED the Emily- JJ conversation at the start of the chapter. They were as good as the Emily- Derek interactions and I am so glad JJ got to do something a bit different to what she usually does. It was funny when JJ said to Emily 'aren't you worried that your... whatever the hell you two are - is in there'.

The conversation between the 2 brothers was touching although I would have felt a lot more sympathy for Matthew if he didn't kill the pets!

Hey, I just watched 'Haunted'. No wonder after watching this, the Emily- Hotch shippers got ideas! I thought it was a little odd for Emily to offer to walk Hotch to his apartment after the case and also, in the last part of the case, when the unsub shot the father and Hotch walked out of the house, Emily walked after him and I was thinking WTH! I mean, the other team members didn't walk after him! Thank God it was just this ep.
shad75 chapter 17 . 1/13/2012
Love, love, love the fact that both JJ and Emily are playing a big role in this chapter. Absolutely great. I want to finish this story but I am so tired and I don't want to read it when I am not 100% alert.
shad75 chapter 16 . 1/13/2012
OMG, excellent chapter. As much as I love Emily, I am glad JJ is getting to play a role and do something different to what she usually does. It was very funny when Reid told Rossi 'if you kill us, we can't help' while he was driving and also told Emily that she will fit the part of the tyrannical boss better!

I am wondering what to read next when I finish this which I most certainly will do over the weekend. I thought of starting the Addy series.
shad75 chapter 15 . 1/12/2012
Grrr, I thought I was losing my mind not being able to read a chapter for the past 4 days. I'll tell you why in a minute after reviewing this chapter. Nice one. I like that Derek knew what type of Sandwiches everyone liked! I was also LOL at the way the waitress hit on Derek. And the mother sleeping with her son to give rise to another son was creepy!

Where's this poll you are talking about which you like us to vote on what stories we like?

Work was absolutely crazy the past week due to many reasons. One was one of my friends who was head of secondary (that is our immediate boss) for the past 3 years was asked to step down from her post. Apparently she made some huge mistake with a student's marks and tried to cover it up and got so many others involved as well. Now, although she was a friend of mine long before her appointment as head of secondary, I must tell that she is not a very fair person. She assesses people not on their performance but on whether they are loyal to her. As a result, she had huge problems with my best friend, who I agree is not the most easy person to get on with, but she certainly didn't deserve the heartache the head of secondary gave her. I have a feeling many people were thrilled by the demotion. The odd thing is, this lady (the former head of secondary) is still continuing in school as a teacher of English (she has her degree from Cornell by the way). Now, she's an excellent teacher but really, I think if the organization wanted you to step down from the head of secondary post and humiliated you at a meeting (which the big boss did), I would resign. Its highly awkward to stick around. When the former head of secondary asked me what I would do in this situation, thats what I told her. Added to that, there was a demanding parent this week too. Most parents are really nice and reasonable but this was one of the odd ones who was rude and insisted that I should allow his son to sit the main exam even if he got only 33% for the exam we had in school (usually, to sit for an external exam set by London, they have to pass the exams we have for them in school).

Argh, I can't believe this chapter was a cliffhanger! I don't have time for the next chapter right now cos must go set an exam paper but shall read it in the night for sure.

Oh, did you like the new NCIS? I was shocked that Ziva even considered the proposal by this Ray guy. So if he wasn't a bad guy, she would have actually married him? I was happy at the outcome though and Tony was great in the episode.
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