Reviews for Muv Luv: One Last Time into the Loop
DarthPrince chapter 86 . 4/7
Great work. You are very good with building tension - I wasn't able to read anything else before completing it.
There are a few things that just rubbing me the wrong way, though.
For example, i see that there are many girls who have a crush on Takeru, and considering how much screen time you giving them, i suppose it's confirmed that it is a "Harem route" (if not - well, these one-sided romantic scenes are. like, half of your story - I really hope you are not gouing to make girls all surrender they feelings in the end). And while i like it, there are no real progress. Feelings are utterly one-sided. It's already almost at 1.000.000 words, and Takeru still is the Ultimate Donkan. Or is he the Great Master of Denial? He has this puppy-love for Sumika, i get it. But he also loved most of others - and not as freinds-sublings-comrades, but as women. You even wrote that his feelings - his love - for them hasn't dimmed after all this time. Oh, really? I certainly didn't notice that. They all like his sisters now.
In that particular chapter - suddenly A-1 don't trust Takeru. I can understand confusion, but it's ridiculous. He risked his life for them with no gain (Captain even scolded him and tried to transfer him for all his troubles), he risked his life for all random people and he hates killing - and now they thinking "maybe he used us, he's probably a killer". Riiight. Though i guess it may be a women thing. Those creatures oftenly refusing the logic in everything.
Alivenz Hlf chapter 1 . 4/3
Anon he has started a new fanfiction about valvrave. But he's probably just loading up new idea as the time passesby. P even though i am also waiting for a new chapter DX...
Anon chapter 1 . 4/3
So...this hasn't been updated since January :(. Paul didn't quit this did he...?
Futon Lord chapter 1 . 3/26
Ugh. Rereading this, Kasumi is a bit ooc. Too lively. Plus, that 'block Katsumi from reading my mind' thing is a bit...
N1ght-13 chapter 86 . 3/25
While I like Takeru the way he is,he need to grow up I mean seriously being in the loop like what 50 years and no more mature than a 18 year old teen? come one man,make him like EMIYA except he still hold on to his ideal like Shirou,he will be even more bad ass.

He need to stop acting like a teenager for some time now that his knowledge of future is already useless,with his current personality he doesn't look like a 1st Lt. to me at all.
X-Blaze99 chapter 36 . 3/9
Hey Really Loving your fanfic so far. But there is a little some thing that I would like to point out. Beta can survive the harsh conditions of space, moon and Mars. Some thing like chemical gas could never hurt them. If it was that easy we would have won already. Because that way we could just use artillery equipped with these chemical weapons. Then they would be shot down by laser class and the gas would spread and kill ALL the beta TOO easily. Again they are not at all affected by such things since they can survive both vacuum and extreme heat. So chemical gas being effective against Beta is out of the question.
ses009 chapter 86 . 2/24
I loved your story so much, I became another person inspired to write my own FF. I almost took this as cannon, so I went back to play the game again to not creep on your timeline. Can't wait for the next update.
IIonezerozero chapter 69 . 2/12
Just a bit nit picky but 50,000 yen wouldn't make a stack of money, Unless it was composed of only 1000 yen bills. A stack of bills in Japan is usually 1,000,000 or a hundred 10,000 yen bills. Also 50,000 isn't that much money if you think about rent, food, etc. On average currently the Japanese SDF has a monthly salary of around 400,500558,900 yen. This is Shirogane's rank as a 1st lieutenant. The UN at least for our world's policy for salaries is that they would be paid according to their own national rank and salary scale. 50,000 yen, unless they're doing what some militaries do, which is withhold part of your salary which is returned upon honourable discharge, the amount he is receiving seems really low.
The simplest explanation might be that inflation isn't as bad in this world as ours but since Shirogane is from our world he wouldn't react that much to figures that small.
Rakaan chapter 15 . 2/10
And in one battle you made your made character a coward. Isn't it supposed to be a soldier with all sorts of experience? and yet you have him actually leaving his enemies alive to go and attack his friends if they so choose. It's so illogical and pathetic it makes me want to break my screen. Turning me off your story.
Lu Bane aka 'Adm. ThunderCock chapter 86 . 1/24
I wonder who that mutilated 'Haruko' is if Kashiwagi is with Shirogane. Unless I forgot something from the previous chapters, than there's something not right, either with the scene or with the investigation crew. It might've been the Russians or something. Anyway, it's great to see you back in action.
RelentlessCrusader chapter 86 . 1/24
Finally, the Muv Luv version of the Illusive Man makes his appearance! I hope to see what this "Master" has in store for our heroes, and I am sure he will become quite the antagonist besides the Russian general Rogofsky. seems that Rogofsky's plan had hit a road bump with Major Natassja in the hands of Shirogane and Kashiwagi.

It seems that quite a number of girls have taken a liking on Shriogane...and I hope he can resolve this problem a little in the story, preferably after the rescue of Professor Kouzuki. Speaking of the Professor, I am sure she has a trick or two up her sleeves to escape.

I am sure that the Allegiance group is using the RLF as a smokescreen to cover their tracks, and since they had already wormed their way inside UN High Command, this story has taken a drastic turn...I am sure we will be seeing power struggles within the major nations and their TSF pilots.

Two Berkut? I wonder how will Shirogane adapt to the new OS system of the Berkut and their dangerous Anti-TSF weaponry? He would completely cripple the RLF base in a matter of moments.

Takeru needs to take charge and grow up in this story soon, or he would be in dangerous ground with those people in high places using their authority to bind his hands and bend him to their will...

Guess being a casualty conductor does not count as anything anymore...although I am hungry for more chapters!
kingkaino1 chapter 86 . 1/24
Hell YES ! Thanks you so much for the update the story.!
Futon Lord chapter 86 . 1/23
Splendid! The Valkyries' argument was well-written; I can definitely sympathize with both sides.
Takeru trying to rescue a kidnapped Yuuko-sensei with 2 other If anything, the two others may slow him down.
Still miss Sumika, but I'll deal with it.
Thanks for the chapter!
ferduran chapter 86 . 1/23
Very interesting turn of events. I wonder if Kurogane will save only the Professor or will he be able to save all the others hostages.
KIRASATOSHI chapter 86 . 1/23
Great one I had to say for this chapter. Makes me wonder what'll happen it up and keep writing since many readers out there are anxious for the next action taken by the hero.
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