Reviews for Muv Luv: One Last Time into the Loop
Abicion chapter 88 . 8/25
4chan wants me to finish writing this so I can help the guy working on the VN adaptation.

And I don't know why.
XG-nanaju B chapter 88 . 8/17
Moar Kashiwagi and Marimo puhleez~
Faker chapter 88 . 8/5
Update please
SuperKinuhata chapter 88 . 5/14
It's almost been a year... I hope you can regain your interest and update this story. And I hope we can see more of Sumika soon.
XxIRisSmartxX chapter 1 . 3/30
Fantastic story
Durmanstainer chapter 88 . 3/25
After reading this story I must say...

You wrote a good story, but made a terrible protagonist.

Shirogane was rather irritating in original game to begin with, but it was only because he was growing up throughout the series. He became an adult by the end only.

What you did was - revert him back to his infantile original self, only without taking away his abilities and even giving more.

Shirogane in this fic is disgusting. He ignores obvious information, he acts on emotions alone, never thinks rationally. He spends ALL of his time flirting with ALL the girls. From the game it should be obvious that he loves Sumika, yet in this fic he is basically back to being neutral. And even worse, he actually does all routes simultaneusly, which was impossible even in Muv-Luv Extra.

Its often mentioned how he carries "terrible burden" in his eyes, how he is "equal partner" with Yuuko-sensei, how he intends to change history etc. But in fact he does nothing for this and only acts on impulses. Yuuko carries all the burden, she is the one planning and doing all the work, Shirogane is still a chess piece and nothing more. He doesnt even worry - instead he is busy with his harem, he has time to chase after Marimo all day, have dinners, dates, all sorts of meaningless repetitive talks with all the girls, and so on. He only acts withing the boundaries drawn by Yuuko, he never even attempts to change annything for real, he never tries to help Yuuko, get involved with all the complex political and strategic stuff. Its like "I gave her all the info I could, now I wash my hands, let her do all the actual work".

Takeru doesnt live in this loop. Its like he dreams. He has no true courage, he simply feels no fear. He doesnt connect with the girls, he doesnt understand them, he only remembers them from previous loops. He doesnt TRY. He simply drifts into things.
9029 chapter 88 . 3/7
Really love your stories. :D Maybe you got busy or something, but i really hope that you can upload new chapters soon. Your stories are deep, and is a joy to read. :)
fdkjfd chapter 88 . 3/5
I hope you're still working on this man
N1ght-13 chapter 25 . 3/1
damn when i read this fic at same time heard 0-gravity and asu e no houkou song from JAM projects give me goosebumps...what an extraordinary epic ..
N1ght-13 chapter 21 . 3/1
ohhh my side..that stupid knife attack make my side hurt form laughing...hahaha
Guest chapter 88 . 2/13
Will you guy stop whining. The author will be back to do this story later.
Guest chapter 88 . 1/29
Were is the rest?!
Guest chapter 1 . 12/28/2014
What's wrong with you people? Look at the author's page: he's working on other projects/stories at the moment. I want this story to continue as much as any of you, but not at the cost of the author doing a rushed job just to stop all the whinning.
Kalostaphor chapter 1 . 11/24/2014
If you want motivation to continue, I would like to tell you your story is pretty great and this is my second time re-reading it.
Guest chapter 88 . 11/11/2014
People should stop spamming nonsense here, PaulXion never said he would give up, just give the guy sometime.
If you want to help, post ideas.
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