Reviews for Muv Luv: One Last Time into the Loop
Storm Vanguard One chapter 88 . 6/3
I love the writing style, really similar to the feel of the main series itself! Update soon man, we're all waiting for you.
DarkManta chapter 88 . 5/12
}Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee update soon
RedDragonRevan chapter 88 . 4/5
Please update soon! I want to see what happens next!
stream18 chapter 72 . 2/15
CommandoDude chapter 88 . 1/15
I'm a little disappointed that the story cut out mid way through, seems like its dead. It's pretty rare that FFs get this long so I thought the story must be done but it seems like there's 500k words missing at least and with the last update being 2.5 years ago seems like the story will remain a mystery.

It's been one of my more favorites too, there was a LOT of creativity put into this, not only altering the story but adding so many new elements the story barely resembles MuvLuvs timeline. I suppose my only complaint was that there was a little bit too much dragging and Shirogana seems to have gotten inept, after losing his usefulness of future knowledge he stopped being able to manipulate events, rather than learning to adapt he became very reactive which is a shame.

I really do wish the story would continue though, it's very interesting.
Redhazard chapter 88 . 9/25/2016
It has been a long while since I read this. Took a few days but it was worth it. I had almost forgotten how entertaining this fic was.

I sincerely hope you find the desire to return to this fic someday.
dmitry.kazantsev chapter 88 . 9/17/2016
Seems author abandon thisstory. so sad((
rinardi.warasaji chapter 41 . 6/4/2016
jimboslicer chapter 88 . 3/24/2016
I just finished reading all of it and it took me several weeks. I made this account just so I can make a genuine review. I've been completely glued to the page and I can't seem to get off this roller coaster of a story. I love it so much I hope this actually becomes a legitimate story for a future Muv Luv alternative VN. There are so many elements and twists I can't fit into my head but in a good way. I really do hope one day I'll be able to read the final stages of this story and finally get to witness Takeru's harem where everyone lives.

For now I'll leave it to my imagination to depict the rest of the story. Thanks for the awesome story!
taovkool chapter 88 . 3/4/2016's on hiatus. I heard Paul has been seen on the RWBY fandom. Here's hoping that he won't forget this story any time soon. For all I care this Muv Luv story is his masterpiece.
omega zero chapter 88 . 2/4/2016
Is this the end of this story?what a shame,this is one of the greatest story I ever read :'( But I hope you will continue this story ;-)
potterharry9418 chapter 88 . 12/27/2015
By the time I write this review, you may not be around to read this but I still want to express my opinion anyway. Truthfully, I made my account for the sole purpose of reviewing your fanfic.

My personal opinion on your story: a wish-fulfilling alternative story which drags on too long.

First thing first, I must say your writing style, the dialogue, the extra event to differentiate itself from the original game MLA, and may be some more things I miss, are consistent writing to say the least. Aside from the first chapter, if I don't know any better, I may think this as a fan-disk story script from the official game company. You have excellently portrayed the MC's thought and behavior as accurately as possible compared to the official version. Many other characters also stay true to their personality and dialogue especially characters development, story foreshadowing, and suspense are almost identical to the game's style. However, as I say in the beginning, I expect a happy conclusion true to your fanfic style which you never fail to deliver in every arc (except the last arc). Of course, this is no way a bad thing since, I guess everyone agrees with me on this, we all come for a story that can help us wash away the bitter feeling each of us has when finishing MLA.

Now for the critic, again like I say in the beginning, your story has dragged on for too long and become redundant. Specifically, about the point after the Tokyo arc you should've stopped there and move on to the official battle with the Beta not lingering for the human infighting arc.
Please take it with a grain of salt, but I think prolonging the story this way is by no way a good thing. Surely, your writing has not diminished in my eyes at least, but this makes the story strays far too much from its purpose. In my understanding, this is a story where Shirogane goes back for the last time to save humanity from BETA but this time, without losing his close friends. I can see you started straying the story from the Sadogashima arc. By introducing a new Rebellion arc, you have made the story redundant and unnecessary. My reaction after starting reading this arc was to skip to chapter 60 ( I skip from chapter 45 by the way). Why? Because it's starting to become repetitive and predictable. Any fans of MuvLuv will know about the new characters you introduce and their personality, what's left to see is the conclusion. I have not read any thing between chapter 45 and 60 and I can already tell it's gonna be a happy ending without losing any of the main cast, even more so when our MC made immortal by the plot. I can tell, somehow the new villain kill the Emperor and his immediate heirs, activating G-bombs, stealing the XG70, wanting to make himself the new king and unite Japan and the world, the miraculous work of Shirogane going inside the Carrier and destoying the XG70 alone;... just from reading the conclusion. I already expect a good ending in the closing chapter.
Well, even if I say that, not like other arc before this is unpredictable, it's just that it's not in my interest anymore. I expect a story of Shirogane which is a story of BETA fighting, not a political and human infighting one. We already had TLE and TDA for that plot example, if you start writing about the Operation Cherry Blossom, even if I already expect a happy end, I will still read and be interested until the very end since it suits the Shirogane plot line and I want to know how you twist the story to a happy end.

For other issues like granting Shirogane new powers, making him more lazy and childish, I have no complaints since it still suits our MC and make the story a little fresh. But by making a new human infighting arc just steps over the line of other MuvLuv story territory.

In conclusion, if you want to skip the long text and proceed to only read these last lines of mine, I have only one thing to say: focus on your story's goal. Remember for what purpose you write this fanfic: to provide a new ending where Shirogane focus on a victory against BETA, and ONLY BETA with everyone close to him alive. I understand that you may have inspiration to influence this with other timeline like TDA and TLE but doing so will make the story dilluted and lose its purpose. If you ever read this, I implore you to finish the current human infighting arc as soon as possible and focus on its main plot line once again.

Thank you, anyone author or readers, for reading this long analysis of mine. Please consider that this is only my personal opinion on the matter. I still give my greatest regards to the author for granting us the pleasure of reading this excellent fanfic.

Faker chapter 88 . 11/5/2015
Please come back to finish this story..
JumpingToaster chapter 26 . 9/18/2015
Less than halfway done but this story is good (even when disregarding the fact that there are relatively few MuvLuv related fics) and enjoyable. Recommended.
JumpingToaster chapter 25 . 9/18/2015
Still can't believe Sumika was the canon choice in the original series.
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