Reviews for Stranger in a Strange Land
Araceli L chapter 1 . 6/25/2011
*dances in confetti* weve both reached landmarks with this story, then! Woot! 100th review, baby! 20th fic! Wooot! *continues to do awesome victory dance while everyone stares in a WTF way*

so, anyway, this review will be short and mistaked riddled because its from my phone. if you got my email then yyup. anyhoo i thought it was funny as well as cute. I loved your dialogue, as always, because its something not too many peoe think about thats inredibly important. the spelling in that sentance makes me want to cry. dang phone.

my giant apologies on not reading/reviewing your other fics. theres so many ive been wanting to read but as of now ive been staring blankly at my computer, trying to think of what to write. Or cleaning. Or practicing for band. Or preparing to move. Ive been busy, and i like to give thorough reviews so i prefer to sit and read, though my phones ok too, i guess:( and wow im rambling. what i mean is I love to give great gift-wrapped reviews because i think its better, and some stories (like yours) especially deserve it, so thats why.(:

all in all I like the humor because i havent seen a lot for a while, and i think your hilarious. Wow me with some humor, though this chapter did have some hysterical quotes. great writing, too.

Keep it up!

~Araceli L