Reviews for Promises
Kyu-Momo chapter 1 . 11/30/2013
Awww... that was soo cute! :3

And also dang.. I just realized you deleted some of your old fanfics. Did you not like them? :(
Kisara Mazaka chapter 1 . 10/4/2011
I remember reading your early Fire Emblem works for this pairing, which I see that you have deleted, but everyone has their own reasoning for deleting particular works and I respect the reasons why you deleted your early pieces, despite the fact that I know not of the reasoning.

I cannot begin to say how much you have improved over the years. I remember reading your early works, which were pale in comparison to this. Your characterization has improved drastically. Your grammar and spelling capabilities have reached near perfection. The situations in which you write characters has become more believable and slow paced, instead of rushed. The thought of an eight year old Ike changing Tibarn's thoughts on the beorc, albeit slowly, is perfectly believable in my mind because of the way that Ike was able to change his mind when they met when he was a teenager. The way that the Hawk King remembered that Ike was the one to change his opinion on beorc, and then honouring the promise they made ten years ago, despite the fact neither of them remembered it until this point was beautiful to me. The italicized text with Tibarn saying they would meet again because they were going to get rid of the "bad people" together was a strong symbol that promises, which can be broken, can remain strong despite the fact that neither party remembers it.

There were two errors which I would like to point out.

"An eight old Ike ran through..." You are missing "year" between "eight" and "old." It is not a major error, so don't worry.

"He had secretly came to feel affection for the general since he had saved him from Leanne..." This sentence confused me. I believe you meant to say "he had saved Leanne from Oliver."

As I said, you have improved so much over the course of two years. I believe you are the proof that if writers continue to write and refuse to let bad commentary discourage them, they're able to pull through and become great writers like you have become.
ShirukuKage chapter 1 . 6/25/2011
God, I loved that.

Sorry, let me start with an apology for not being logged in (but that is my username). Later when I do get logged in I'll definitely be adding this story to my favorites list and you to my subscription list so that I don't miss any other Fire Emblem stories you come out with (I don't really read Vampire Knight or Gravitation so I do apologize for not read the other two stories that you wrote). Now for the review…

They're truly one of my favorite pairs for this fandom and there aren't enough stories that feature them. You wrote this so well that I have nothing 'constructive' to add; you created an entire setting and storyline which were completely believable and thoroughly enjoyable to read.

You also managed to write the characters 'in-character,' we could easily identify with them. I can only hope that you'll grace us with more from this fandom, preferably with this pair. So few authors write them or do it so well; I have to think that you're truly one of the best I've seen/read. Thank you for not only writing this but also for posting it so that we could enjoy it as well. Keep up the great work; I can't wait to see what you come out with next.
Dubu Jorim chapter 1 . 6/24/2011
Ahh! The fluffiness~ It's just not enough since this is so cute! Kiddy!Ike is so..innocent and a bit..bouncy. At least to me. But alas, this story melts my puny heart!

You did a great job, sweetie~ I love this!

And I never knew Tibby can be charming and a bit romantic. XD