Reviews for Lost and Found
ADDAMSFAMILYTREE chapter 1 . 7/11/2016
Great story. As a one chapter job. However, have you considered the idea of a crossover? If not, well, crossovers happen to be the best fanfiction reading out there to date. For example, why not have Cody Allen, Nick Ryder, and Murray "Boz" Bozlinsky pay a call to their Vietnam war buddy, Luke Duke of good ol' Hazzard County, USA? Plus, for a title why not try for "GOOD OL' BOYS BE THE SEASIDE"?
Yankee01754 chapter 1 . 6/25/2011
Tinx! You made my day! I've been longing for a new Riptide story and you came through for me!

In my own version of what happened afterward Nick was merely quite sore and it caught up with him when things calmed down. You were very mean to him! Infection. Pneumonia. No wonder poor Cody went out of his mind. I imagine Boz was quite worried as well.

Now as for Cody suddenly overreacting the way he did - it can only have been the stress of worrying about Nick for so long. He got so used to doing things for Nick that he couldn't take the "I don't need you any more" even if it was only that Nick was able to do for himself now.

Sigh. Those two are SO joined at the hip. Murray is their buffer but this time he couldn't do much except keep an eye on Nick while they searched for Cody.

And why have you got it in for the poor guy's ribs?

Excellent story. Just excellent. Just the kind I like. The three of them looking out for each other.