Reviews for Secrets of Midnight
Alvis Nine McKay chapter 21 . 5/14
Amazing, thanks for that story !
K-no-uta chapter 4 . 5/3
Whaat, there's translatins like that? (referring to autor's question)
No such thing is in the German translation. As far as I'm concerned they only changed the jokes to make them work and yeah, I guess they translated a bunch of the magical creature names to make it easier to imagine them. I don't think there were such serious changes as to change the character names!
K-no-uta chapter 2 . 5/3
X'D "Did I just get detention for protecting Snape?"
Best sentence ever! I can picture Harry's face perfectly as he says that! Looking forward to the rest!
Hellfire-Princess chapter 1 . 5/2
Alright! Drama for tomorrow morning!
Hellfire-Princess chapter 6 . 5/2
Harry and Sev are at it like fucking rabbits!
Ms.An0nymus chapter 1 . 4/30
middle of chapter 10, giving up on this fic, no, you can't do that to us!
DaphneandBellatrixPotter chapter 10 . 4/26
I just read the chapter where they have to forget each other. I cried the whole time!
charlotte chapter 6 . 4/23
PennyNme chapter 21 . 4/19
I have just finished rereading this story for the third time this week. How it took me so long to find you I don't know...but please keep writing! I hope for more untold secrets, and await the next chapter of suitor!
lilikaco chapter 2 . 4/18
Excellent beginning!
SlashyMcGee chapter 21 . 4/3
Absolutely loved this fic! Is there a sequel?
shera98 chapter 21 . 4/2
This story was amazing! Super hot. So glad the bad parts weren't dragged out too long.
Leheara chapter 10 . 3/30
Severus Snape saying 'always' breaks your heart every time no matter what. I am rereading this story fir I don't know how many-th time and I was still crying over their goodbye.
Jendaline chapter 5 . 3/16
well, sorry if I had a bad english, but I need to say that I love your ff 3 A nice girl is traslating your ff to spanish, she only have one chapter, but I just fell in love with it. So here I am, reading it in english because I just need more of this 3 you are the first person that makes me read their fanfic on the original language. Feel proud of it, you worth it.
demonflower5236 chapter 8 . 3/3
i feel like this story is decent. of coarse i loove fluff... but i feel like the character development is way too fast. i know you said you only intended to make this story 3 or 4 chapters long, but the inital relationship developement, the angst over their attraction to each other... where the hell is it!
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