Reviews for Inversion
Valve chapter 11 . 4/15/2017
It's been roughy 6-7 years already, and I'm still waiting for that update… look, your fanfic was getting really good, and I was starting to love it the moment I started reading chapter 1… and as it seems, just like every amazing fanfic I've read, the author never finishes it, and leaves me to imagine how it'll end… hummm what a shame.
jabbarulez chapter 11 . 6/3/2016
Shepard versus many thousands of other human minds? Shepard all the way!
Stratos263 chapter 11 . 2/23/2016
Next chapter please
Stratos263 chapter 10 . 2/23/2016
Well shit Shepard got more trouble to deal with
Stratos263 chapter 9 . 2/23/2016
Good luck shepard and explain all the bullshit
Stratos263 chapter 8 . 2/23/2016
Well shit they didn't work
Stratos263 chapter 7 . 2/23/2016
What is going to happen Shepard after this
Stratos263 chapter 6 . 2/23/2016
Next chapter
Stratos263 chapter 5 . 2/23/2016
Stratos263 chapter 4 . 2/23/2016
Well shit looks like is going to get shot at
Stratos263 chapter 3 . 2/23/2016
Good luck shepard
Stratos263 chapter 1 . 2/23/2016
Good start
Stratos263 chapter 2 . 2/23/2016
Dam sucks for shepard
babultower chapter 11 . 12/22/2015
THIS IS SUCH A GREAT FAN FIC. It's a shame it seems you might have lost interest in continuing it (Skyrim note). Clear prose, great pace, I loved it. I will put in on favorites just in case you add something in the future.

So many badass ways this could have gone, even tragic ones. I would have loved to read the whole of it on a reading binge...the usual procedure when great ME pics are found. :)
Dragonjek chapter 9 . 11/25/2015
Will Shepard ever get full control and understanding of himself as a Reaper?
I'm not speaking about combat-he's a machine now. He should be able to sift through MOUNTAINS of data in microseconds. I don't think Reapers have schools, so he'd have to have been installed with the extreme knowledge of the Reapers, who've studied the rise and fall of civilizations that make those of today seem like children. He should have already known he could use his mass effect field that way, and have known exactly how it worked. He would have had the time to process information in a smaller unit of time than we could fathom.

He would know the location of every mass relay in the galaxy, know all the species the Reapers have destroyed and the locations of more solar systems than the current races of the galaxy have ever even visited. He has the information at hand (tentacle?) to completely revolutionize every single field of study imaginable.
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