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Guest chapter 34 . 9/13/2015
Dear Nordics,
Iceland: Have you ever met Hong Kong? He's very handsome, isn't he?
Norway and Denmark: What happens when Norway drinks too much coffee?
Sweden and Finland: You're so cute(both of you)! Do you plan to adopt any children?
DubstepViolinist chapter 34 . 9/2/2015
Sup, Nordics
First of all Ice you're cute. What are your opinions on Hungarians? Have you met any fans that are similar to your own personalities cuz I'm similar to Finny, Den, and Norge. I'm loud, sarcastic, mean, childish, still believe in Santa, love rock and metal depending on the artist and song. I wish I could see the things you see Norway, cuz that would be awesome. Norway, have you ever heard of Skillet or Three Days Grace some of their songs should be your theme song.
Welp, gotta go and that's all I have if I think of something else I give you a shout,
From DubstepViolinist
P.S. I'm not a Violinist an artist I like plays it I play the Clarinet.
GamerGuest chapter 34 . 9/6/2014
Dear Nordics,

For Ice: Hello!
My name is Joycelyn but you can call me Guest!
So then, since you're pretty much the youngest out of the nordics do you know stuff that us kids know today.. In this generation..? (Like the video games, technology and all the anime)

For Norway: So.. Hi!
What's it like having Icy call you Big brother?
I mean, now that I think about it, my little brothers (only 2) have never called me big Sister in my whole life! (That I remember)
And I've never called them 'little brother(s)'!
Eh, I'm kinda okay with it actually..

For Denmark: 'Sup!
I call it vegemite since I'm so used to calling it that (I live in Australia NSW by the way)
But yeah..
So than, If you and Norge ever get married.. Who's gonna be the lady of the relationship?
-Cue Fangirl flail-

For All: If you were to travel to any country, what country would you choose and what state?
Guest chapter 34 . 9/24/2013
If Iceland and Norway weren't brothers, do you think they'd have a problem being paired together? I only ship NorIce under very specific circumstances, but when I do ship it, I ship it do damn hard. Great story, I loved it, even though I don't normally like letter response Fics
Yuu-chan chapter 34 . 12/8/2012
To the Nordics,

You guys are my favorite Hetalia group! I wish you guys would get more screen time!

To Finland and Sweden, congratulations! I'm so happy for you. Your wedding was extremely cute!

To Denmark, my best friend is just so in love with you! By the way, how many bottles of beer can you drink? Just curious...

To Norway and Iceland, I can't decide between you two...You guys are my favorite characters! Iceland, will there ever be a time you'll say "onii-chan"? Norway, will you ever try smiling? And do you get together with the rest of the Magic Trio? Just asking...

Guest chapter 1 . 8/25/2012
Hello my dear Nordic friends!

and : Your wedding was amazing! Tell he has the best taste! If only mean old let me take more pictures, I could have made the most amazing yaoi photo album as your wedding present!

: Keep Norway at your side! (Your can sooooooo take on and Miss Belarus! ;3) And the next time I see you, give a kiss! (My camera will be ready!)

: Make sure doesn't do anything rash. (If he hurts , Miss Belarus might just kill him. That would be bad. -_-")

: Tell Mr. Puffin congragulations! I will remind Prussia-with a frying pan-to respond on custody! Oh yeah, CALL 'BIG BROTHER'.

Love Miss Hungary 3

P.S. ( writing) Don't worry I will make sure that Hungary does not sell the wedding photos.
Sabrina Neko chapter 4 . 4/9/2012
The refrence is from the Princess Bride. Watch it! it's a very good movie!
Yamato chapter 34 . 8/31/2011
Kya~too cute! I loved the wedding! My questions for everyone:

Sweden-you are definetely my fav Nordic! Didn't you raise one of America's states?

Finland-you finally married Sweden! Congrats you two! If you and Sweden somehow manage to have kids what would you name them?

Denmark-you are the funniest Nordic! You and Norge should definitely get married! If you, Prussia, and America managed to form a band what would you call it?

Norway-you're just as crazy as Iggy, seeing "trolls" and everything! Will you ever show some emotion? If you and Sweden had a staring contest and an armwhrestling competition, who would win?

Iceland-call your brother
Germania chapter 1 . 7/31/2011
Dear Schweden,

Congratulations on you wedding mein sohn. I'm glad you finally found someone to love.

It has come to my attention though that no one remembers that you are mein sohn, and as such are the other nordics cousin. Even mein kleiner bruder Scandinavia has forgotten that fact. So i have to ask are you ashamed of being from my tribes? I thought I took good care of you teaching you how to hunt and build a shelter, as well as being there when i could.

lieben Sie Sie immer Ihr Vater

(translations: Schweden - Sweden

mein sohn - my son

mein kleiner bruder - my little brother

lieben Sie Sie immer Ihr Vater - love you alays your father)
User chapter 34 . 7/22/2011
Dear Nordics,

Before I begin I wish to extend a word of congratulations to both Sweden and Finland regarding their marriage. Though I have a question to all of you as a group.

A friend of mine had started writing and created a fictional nation of which is relatively close to Iceland's location and had taken her (yes, it's a girl) in. But! Iceland never introduced her to the rest of you because when he found her there was the witch trail craze going on in Europe and that she is capable of using magic. To put blatantly, he hid her from the world and the rest of you because of what in the world would happen if she met some individuals who may use her to hurt Russia for example?

But for me to sum up everything...what would you guys do if this really happened? To make things clear, she's Iceland's colony who keeps calling him bróðir. Would you guys accept her?


Icelandic Translation:

Bróðir Brother
ShunKazamis-Girl chapter 34 . 7/12/2011
Thanks 4 letting me in that wedding! It's like, so fun! db
pierulestheworld chapter 34 . 7/12/2011
Aww. That was adorable! Pie and Florida approve of the dress. *gives thumbs up while grinning* No letter this time, just a regular review. Heh. Florida's pouting cause theres a storm going on right now and she wanted to go to the beach... But seriously. This chapter was so cute. And Pie approves of the hints of IceXLiech or whatever its called. Thats her favorite pairing for both of them. You have school? Its summer break over here in the states... oh well! Have fun and byes!
narutojunkie4life chapter 34 . 7/12/2011
Dear...well everyone!

It's papa Scandinavia! and all I have to say is I'm proud of you Sweden and you too Finland! I saw the whole thing! Since i'm dead you can see a lot of things from heaven! (and I mean a lot!) hope you two are happy! it's always a parents wish to see their kids married... And also to not end up in JAIL! (cough) (cough)...Denmark. But never mind that, have a happy marriage! and I can't wait to see which other of my kids are going to find that special someone... I wish I could have come...and seen your smiling faces (sigh)...oh well...

Have a good life!

With love,

Ancient Scandinavia.
Chiaotzu chapter 34 . 7/12/2011
Querida Nordics

Hola, greetings from Maryland. My name is Viany but you guys can call me Vivi if you want to. I just wanted to say congrats to Su-san and Finny. I would have love to have gone to the wedding though. I actually wanted to desigh a dress for Finland. It would've been great practice for me too. Also here's a picture I drew for Denmark. I hope you like it denny And I say you look muy heavy in this picture even though I didn't finish it :p

Con amor Viany,


Querida means dear or dearest

Muy means very

Hola means hi

Con amor means with love

Heavy is a domincan slang for cool ( we dominicans have weird slang words XD )
Strategic Architect chapter 31 . 7/10/2011
Dear Nordics,

Really Mr. Finland? That'd be nice if you can tell me how the wedding went. Though...I don't know if your schedule would get in the way with mine or so. You can bring Mr. Sweden and Hanatamago with you if you ever visit though...I wouldn't recommend coming here now...the Eastern Shore region with the Southern areas is starting to become very humid and I'm not sure if you can tolerate that kind over weather here...

By the way, one of my siblings...Massachusetts I think. She said that one of you had apparently found her before Uncle Arthur and Father. I'm curious to know if that's true or not. But...speaking of siblings I think they're furious at me these days...something about being friends with Mr. Russia.

I don't understand why they're angry though...he wasn't mean to me when I gave him that sunflower as a gift when he came here for a diplomatic visit. And I'm friends with one of his sisters, Miss Ukraine. So I don't understand why they're furious at me...Kansas came by yelling about why I told him sunflowers grew where she lived at. I told him that days ago and he said that he was going to visit and ask her if he could, perhaps if he had to, purchase the sunflowers. Uncle Arthur doesn't seem that furious but he told me to keep away from Mr. Russia for awhile.

To answer Mr. Norway's siblings the other twelve when we were colonies they used to see odd things back then but...I don't think they can see them anymore. South claims I'm going mad but...I don't know, I remember him running out of the Gettysburg Memorial last year when we visited Pennsylvania looking scared like he saw something. I think Hawaii can see some but she's still a toddler so we're not sure...she keeps drawing things that look like the tiki things in her home or something.

I have to go, I see Miss Belarus at the door...odd I thought I saw something shiny in her hand...

Madison Kirkland-Jones

The State of North Carolina
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