Reviews for Spur of the Moment
xxIvorySkinnedxx chapter 59 . 4/30
Wow 50 chapter and they finally kiss. I'm so dead.
shera98 chapter 75 . 4/19
I loved this story. However, I was really annoyed by how long it took Harry to remember destroying the diary with a basilisk fang! I loved what you did with Severus' dark mark.
shera98 chapter 63 . 4/19
So this chapter Harry sends off his stag patronus, but I thought a prior chapter said his patronus had changed to a leopard (I think, don't remember exactly what and have been waiting for an explanation to the change). Was using stag in chapter 63 an oversight?
HoldOnAngel chapter 75 . 4/18
HOLY SHIT THIS WAS AMAZING! I read this in like two days and oh my god it was the best read ever! Such a good story and I know I will be reading it again some time in the future
Kimmytrainer chapter 75 . 4/11
Hmm for some reason I thought they'd be happy Albus was alive, but I see not. Guess I can keep disliking him then lol. Anyway great story, I loved how close Draco and Harry were (and that Draco was straight, which meant no confusion over potential attraction between him and Harry or Severus). I really liked Ivory. And Kingsley as big brother? Still awesome. Luna, too. But yeah, awesome story :D thanks for writing!
Kimmytrainer chapter 74 . 4/11
Awwww that's so so sweet!
I thought Albus may have faked his death, but as I disliked him I didn't really care too much. Some stories make me love him and some make me hate him. The ones that make me hate him most are the ones where he's cruel yet good, where he's clearly not evil even though he does infuriating things. So yeah, I'm not surprised he's alive but I'm only happy for Harry and Severus' sakes.
Kimmytrainer chapter 73 . 4/11
I'm trusting you to bring Severus back. Also there was something off about Dumbledore, you said? Well, let's see it.
Kimmytrainer chapter 69 . 4/11
He should discover it on his own. That was ridiculous. Severus should know better. Also, Albus is the biggest asshole in the world. At least Voldemort is honest about his cruelty.
Kimmytrainer chapter 67 . 4/11
Hmm maybe the Elder Wand can remove the mark? I like that Death is on Harry's side while Albus, in a way, is not. It's amusing.
Kimmytrainer chapter 66 . 4/11
Those two are so foolish, putting pride before safety the way they do. It drives me nuts. But I'm glad he made it back. I hope they find a way to remove the mark. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if Dumbledore knows of a way and has kept it a secret so that he could continue to use Severus as a spy. I mean, I'd be furious, but not surprised.
Kimmytrainer chapter 61 . 4/11
Kimmytrainer chapter 58 . 4/11
Cool he's telling Luna! Also sweet, I felt a bit embarrassed after asking if that shadow was death because I figured there was no way, but looks like it is, so I'm happy :)
Kimmytrainer chapter 56 . 4/11
Is the figure death? I imagine not because no one died either time, but...
Kimmytrainer chapter 54 . 4/11
They're not going to talk about it? Severus isn't going to freak out and try to apologize? Huh
Kimmytrainer chapter 53 . 4/11
Aww no larger role? They won't be sort of friends? Hmm too bad. Anyway what's in the box?
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