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midlifecrisses chapter 3 . 8/27/2013
Aww I would have loved to read the end of this.
midlifecrisses chapter 1 . 8/27/2013
OMG - plot twist - when Lucy was in the hospital I thought she had had a miscarriage.
Janice93 chapter 3 . 4/3/2013
Separate Entity chapter 1 . 2/12/2013
I really liked the scene with baby Emily.
I hope Lucy ends up all right.
lovesmesomeglee chapter 3 . 1/17/2013
please keep going!
KlaineLuneville chapter 3 . 12/25/2012
Hey. You haven't updated in over a year. You should work on that.
trufflemores chapter 3 . 10/11/2012
Kurt and Blaine are adorable.

It's taking everything in me not to just flail incoherently for the remainder of this review, but I'll try my best to give some actual feedback instead of just soundless flailing. But know that it is happening.

So. Klaine get to be daddies and I am having all the Klaine feels possible because they are so happy. Finally, both of them get to be genuinely happy about it. They've been so heartbroken before (and even heartbroken again when they thought that Lucy might not be pregnant) that it really is lovely to see them happy again. They deserve a break, and something like this is incredible news for them. It's more than just having a baby; it's starting a family, and that means a lot to them. I adore how excited Kurt is and how speechless Blaine is and how flaily and happy they both are even though they were pretty miserable up until that point.


The rest of this chapter was absolutely lovely. I love how you progressed through the stages of uncertainty about the pregnancy. Kurt's immediate question after the procedure if Lucy was pregnant was cute, since he doesn't know any better and he's so anxious to finally know, for certain, that he's going to have a child to love and raise with Blaine. And that's all he wants at this point, really, except it's hard for him because they can't just do it naturally and so they have to seek out other means. (His embarrassment over the whole being-the-bio-dad thing was adorable, too, since it meant that he had to be 'locked in the doctor's office with a bunch of awful magazines.')

Blaine's father chipping in to help out with the finances was perfect, too. You're exactly right: he's not the type to be super affectionate (in a way, he's like Burt, except even less involved in his son's life), but he will go out of his way to show Blaine that he cares in big, meaningful gestures like this. It's incredible that he does that for him, and the relief from everyone is clear. I love how Kurt's surprised by the news since Blaine didn't tell him beforehand, and it's a huge weight off both their shoulders.

I just adored this entire chapter. I've loved this story so far and if you ever continue, I would love to read even more.

Wonderful job.
trufflemores chapter 2 . 10/11/2012
Hindsight makes everything even more intense, because I know what's coming but I still wish it's not going to happen because it's heartbreaking to read about how devastated Kurt and Blaine are, and yet I love how Lucy brings things back around by volunteering to be their surrogate. It really makes sense, given their circumstances, even though she isn't under any real obligation to help them. She's their friend and she wants them to have a baby. Seeing that there aren't really many other viable options around, she knows that she has an option to offer them that's significantly less hassle if still the same amount of risk and uncertainty. There aren't any guarantees that she'll get pregnant on the first try, and trying more than once (even trying once at all) can be incredibly expensive. So I love how, even with her volunteering to be the surrogate, there remains a very real tension and uncertainty to this story. In many ways, it's the driving force behind the drama, the reason that the entire story is so gripping.

I'm going to work backwards this time because I've now rambled as much about Lucy and Blaine and Kurt as I can think of. I adore the three of them together and how you've written Lucy into that scene was perfect. Timing was key, because too soon and it would have seemed misplaced, a too-good-to-be-true scenario, but too late and they would have already moved on to the best of their ability and become warier of accepting an outside source's help. Kurt was ready to throw in the towel even while Blaine insisted that they try again by the time Lucy stepped in, and that was the right moment for her to do so and she recognized that. That's what I love about your characters: they genuinely behave as normal people would, but at the same time, it's those little moments that count.

Kurt and Blaine absolutely broke my heart before Lucy's intervention, though. As I've mentioned many a time before, there are definite differences in Kurt and Blaine's expressions of their emotions. Kurt is more passive when it comes to anger whereas Blaine is more aggressive. Kurt closes in on himself and refuses to try again; Blaine stays pseudo-calm and smashes his phone against the wall. But then the barriers come down on both sides and instead of trying to bottle things in or ignore them, they're comforting each other. Blaine is the one who physically wraps his arms around Kurt and tries to help him get through the grief of the moment, but he's also very much taking comfort from Kurt's presence as well. It's one of those rare moments when they really /need/ each other, and so they're there for each other and they hold each other because sometimes it does feel like there are no options left, so it's completely understandable that they reacted the way that they did. It's like stages of grief: denial and anger are the two main responses that stand out here. Blaine denies that adoption agencies aren't going to favor them and wants to go forward and try again as soon as possible; Kurt is too angry and upset with how this one ended when he was certain that they would find someone willing to have their child that he almost can't believe it when they reject them. Poor boys. At least Lucy brightens the day at the end, but the way that you wrote this was absolutely heart-wrenching.

And the lead up to it was intense. The emotions are definitely running hot as Kurt continues to fervently deny any possibility that they won't get a child whereas Blaine does his best to be prepared for both scenarios. I loved the phone conversation with Burt because it shows a lot about Kurt's emotional state as well as Blaine's. Kurt wanted to set up a nursery already, without even knowing if he would have a child to put in it (thank God he hadn't; I can't even imagine his heartbreak if he had gone through all that work and then had the news dropped on him). Blaine, on the other hand, is asking his father-in-law for some much-needed advice. He needs Burt's approval and support, and Burt's unconditional offering of both was beautiful.

I also loved the trepidation surrounding the Anderson family's reaction. Blaine's nervousness around his father was understandable, since it is a huge step to go from marrying someone to having a child with that person. I'm not surprised that he would want to put the moment off as long as possible, but Francey also has a point: he can't put it off forever. The conversation between him and his mother was sweet, and I'm so glad that she's happy for him. He needs that, so it's wonderful to see here.

All the preparations for the adoption agency broke my heart because, again, hindsight. You've done a beautiful job with building up the emotions in this chapter, and it starts right from the moment when Kurt and Blaine decide to actively seek out ways to have a child. They take different approaches to it but it's still clear that secretly, Blaine's just as hopeful as Kurt is about the whole thing. It makes the rejection all the more heartbreaking because of their enthusiasm, but Lucy's promise to be their surrogate was a really lovely way of ending this chapter.

I just love all that you write. It's gorgeous and heartbreaking and perfect.
trufflemores chapter 1 . 10/11/2012
This is such a perfect opening for a story like this. I adore the way that you've set this up on a timeline scheme. It reminds me of "Family Ties" in a whole new way, and I love that. The way that you emphasize Kurt's paternal instincts in each of the frames is adorable. I love that, even from a young age, he was already showing interest in raising kids of his own and being a daddy and having someone to cuddle and love and dote on. The fact that that doesn't really change as he gets older - it merely matures alongside him as he has practical examples to work with, such as Toby and Emily - is sweet. His passion for it draws me into this, and his love for it is clear in every part of this. He desperately wants to be a father someday, and he knows that even though it's going to be difficult and there aren't any straightforward routes, he's willing to accept the challenges and face them.

I'll start at the beginning and work my way down, if that's all fine and well with you. :)

The opening was perfect. Kurt pacing in the lobby of the hospital knowing that his first child is about to be born was the best way that you could have opened this, and I loved it. His frantic excitement and nervousness is palpable, and even though he's been longing for the moment so much (and in such a short span of words you still convey so much emotion and fervency), he's still a little terrified about it all. There really is no manual to being a parent, so it's both a thrilling new chapter for him and also a deep unknown. He has high expectations of himself, and that's where a lot of his nerves seem to come from, but I love that he's finally getting that moment: that moment when his first child is about to enter the world. Beautifully handled; I loved it.

Mollie's appearance in this was a pleasant surprise. I wasn't expecting her (and, shamefully, I'd forgotten a good portion of what happened in this aside from the larger plot devices involving David and Lucy), and so it was doubly sweet to read about her interactions with Kurt. Again, it hearkens back to "Sugarplum Priorities" when Burt is still on the fence about wholeheartedly embracing Kurt's differences whereas Mollie is fully committed to accepting him for who he is and making him happy. I love how he's so affectionate with his baby doll, and that he even gives it a name: Ralph. What an adorable little boy, and already we see the hints of his interest in fatherhood arising.

Then we skip a few years and the mood shifts. It's quieter, because not only is it night and the house is uninhabited besides a grieving Burt and his eight-year-old son, but the absence of Mollie is almost painfully clear. The way you write paints scenes as much as it talks about them; I could picture the scene shifting from Mollie and Burt raising a younger Kurt together to Burt raising a slightly older Kurt alone. I love that you included that moment not only because it was incredibly well done with contrasting two different periods in Kurt's life, but also because it showed how Burt has had an influence on Kurt's interest in fatherhood. I love how Kurt actually tells him that he wants to be a dad like him, and that Burt chokes up a little because of it (who wouldn't?). That entire scene is so gentle. As I mentioned, the mood is quiet and somber and even a little dark, but then there's a flicker of light because Burt still knows how to handle Kurt and Kurt trusts him unconditionally to take care of him, through thick and thin, even if it isn't perfect. I loved it.

Skip ahead a few years and suddenly Kurt is no longer in the passive role of bystander but the active role of confidant. I like how he comforts Quinn in the bathroom, and his explanation of his own mother's unexpected pregnancy as a teenager was worked into this piece beautifully. It really does make me wish that Quinn and Mollie could have had a heart-to-heart. There is a lot that they could relate to, and it would have been beneficial for Quinn to have had someone that could really understand where she was coming from. Kurt is the next best alternative, but Mollie would be, in her own way, a mentor to Quinn, much as Blaine was to Kurt. Sadly, it wasn't meant to be, but at least Mollie's son lives on to carry on her story and comfort his friend to the best of his ability.

One of the things that I genuinely love about this piece is that you intersperse happy and sad scenes (with varying undertones of both) in order to capture and hold readers' attention. It's a remarkable style. Attention-grabbing and creative, and I love how the scene shifts to a Warblers' party with Blaine and Kurt and the rest of the Warblers, for the most part, happy. Kurt still seems a little melancholic, but then Lucy arrives to brighten everyone's day, and Kurt has his moment with Toby and I crawl under a rock and die from the cuteness. I love how Blaine contributed that he wanted to have kids someday in the future and how shocked Kurt was at the admission. I suppose that he wouldn't be expecting to luck out so much; not only finding someone that he's incredibly compatible with, but also someone that is interested in starting a family like he is.

Then we move along to Finn and Emily, both of whom were adorable. I love how Finn's trying to be a good older brother and take care of his baby sister, but at the same time, it's still hard because she keeps spitting up on him. Kurt's entrance was perfect, and the fact that he brought Blaine along again helped to bring out that domestic/fatherhood theme since the two of them end up cooing over Emily. Finn's response made me smile, and I adored their little inward kickyfeet as being referred to as a married couple.

And, speaking of married couples, the Lucy/David and Kurt/Blaine weddings were perfect. I love how Blaine actually had the engagement ring at home ready to give to Kurt during Lucy and David's wedding, and how Kurt was mourning the fact that he was old. At least Blaine's there to reassure him that twenty-four is not old (which it isn't), and that he still has plenty of things to look forward to. The little debate about who should carry who at the door to their honeymoon suite was precious, and I love how Blaine compromised by carrying Kurt on the promise that Kurt would do the same for him when they found their first home. Their intimacy is always so incredibly sweet and perfect, and I love the way that you write it.

Of course, because everyone is happy, the mood again dips into darker waters as Blaine's texted during the middle of class. You create the tension so well; I was sitting on the edge of my seat as I read that part, dreading what happened but unable to skip past it because it's the reality. It's heartbreaking to think that David is gone, since he's been around so much and you've given him such vitality in your stories, but I know where this is going so I know that it is a necessary evil for the story as a whole to endure. Not to mention it is, sadly, realistic. The way that you handled those scenes involving Kurt, Blaine, and Lucy were spot-on, and the pain was real on all sides. Everyone was mourning, and you really captured that here.

But, I'm really pleased with how you ended this, on a happier note. I know that, naturally, all is not well on the horizon and I look forward to reading how events unfold (again), but for now I'll simply savor the Klaine excitement and pretend to be blissfully unaware of what's coming.

Wonderful start. Really. Tremendously well done. I loved it.
doooooooor chapter 3 . 10/10/2012
Ooh this story is adorable! I love it! I hope one day you do continue it because its perfect :)
blazersandbowties chapter 3 . 10/8/2012
... I want the happy parts T.T
allieisrandom chapter 3 . 9/30/2012
Finn's reaction when he finds out! The boys doing a ridiculous amount of fussing over Lucy! Kurt and Blaine arguing incessantly over a boy name only to discover that they are having a girl and they name her Mollie Frances Hummel! Kurt being afraid he'll be a terrible dad and Burt or someone reassuring him. Blaine trying to practice by babysitting Zachy ad completely failing.
allieisrandom chapter 2 . 9/30/2012
YAY! Totally makes up for killing David, Lucy is officially the best friend ever! And I feel like since she and David will never have a family she'd really want Klaine to have one all the more.
allieisrandom chapter 1 . 9/30/2012
THIS IS THE WAY LIFE WAS MEANT TO BE. KURT AND BLAINE GET MARRIED AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER. The baby Kurt flashbacks are so cute, I feel so bad for Lucy though. Great start!
ntomk chapter 3 . 9/9/2012
You are the only author whose stories I've managed to reread several times over.

So, is there a chapter 4 lying around anywhere *checks under a nearby rock*... Wait, why's there a rock in my bedroom.


So, when Mini-Kurt is born, and Kurt and Blaine are the daddies, is Lucy going to be Mama Lucy, or is she going to be Aunty Lucy, or is she going to have a completely different pet name?

I know I'd want my surrogate to have a special relationship with my kid.

I'm rambling.

I just have all these feelings...
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