Reviews for The Other Side
Helena1414 chapter 21 . 9/22/2015
DeepBlueJoy chapter 21 . 4/29/2014
This is one hell of a story. the kind of story where you stop everything and keep reading until it's done. Congratulations. If you didn't know you. You're one amazing writer.

thank you.

DeepBlueJoy chapter 20 . 4/29/2014


Now. Who is the brown eyed one? I can't believe it's Liam, is it?
DeepBlueJoy chapter 19 . 4/29/2014
this is... so very powerful. hard to read because it's so good, so real... you're one HECK of a writer. You weave worlds. I can't thank you enough for opening up yours to all of us!

Thank you.

DeepBlueJoy chapter 18 . 4/29/2014
Oh... this makes me so happy and so sad at the same time... Poor Buffy. Poor William!
DeepBlueJoy chapter 3 . 4/29/2014
stuck in the middle and feeling it when their vampires feed... that sounds like torture... poor vamps!
Vorel laraek chapter 21 . 10/22/2011
This makes so much sense in so many ways, it is now part of my personal canon. Thanks a million for writing it.
The Lady Meow chapter 1 . 2/1/2009
Congratulations, you've been rec'd! Your story "The Other Side" has been chosen for the weekly recommendations and poll at The Readers Have Chosen ( thereadershavechosen .eternflame forum/ ? topic412.0)
Taeniaea chapter 21 . 1/17/2009
Great Story!
Sparrowling chapter 21 . 4/27/2008
well done loved it!
MadBrilliant1880 chapter 21 . 12/20/2007
great story
MadBrilliant1880 chapter 20 . 12/20/2007
MadBrilliant1880 chapter 19 . 12/20/2007
god, poor william
MadBrilliant1880 chapter 18 . 12/20/2007
no! don't do it wilow!
MadBrilliant1880 chapter 17 . 12/20/2007
well, i think i know what i would do!
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