Reviews for Pocket Change
Neelix Lee chapter 32 . 4/20
Thank you for a wonderful story. :)
Guest chapter 32 . 3/13
So well written! Such a good little story...thanks
mo kagen chapter 32 . 2/24
Delightful re-read!
jk chapter 7 . 2/21
if Edward was telling tanwhore that she was beautiful and that he loved her and would give her anything...then why didn't he ask her to marry him? seems like enough to marry someone...and he wanted to marry tanwhore...I mean come on her bought the fucking ring!

I think Tanya should have him...bella can do one want Edward AFTER hes been with Tanya...fucking nasty
jk chapter 6 . 2/21
Sooo bella is nothing but a pussy? She couldn't deal with her own emotions so she runs from emotion...ya that's real smart. You know what kind of people I cant fucking stand? people that cant talk about and deal with their own fucking emotions!
jk chapter 5 . 2/21
so bella hasn't been with ANYONE since Edward and Edward is fucking the nastiest slut from twilight? HAHAHAHA GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSs
jk chapter 1 . 2/21
ummmm how the fuck are you a orphan if you still have a parent? can you be a orphan if your an adult? my parents are I an orphan? or a person whos parents died?
DMBSJB18 chapter 15 . 2/20
Excuse me while I'm just snot sobbing over here. No matter how many times I read this it effects me just as much as the first time. I've been reading up on the earthquake and it was devastating. I'm so so devastated for Bella. No wonder she didn't want to let anyone love her. Everyone who loved her eventually left. How can a child recover from that? How do you not live the rest of your life with gaping wounds. I wish that Carlisle had told Edward long ago what had happened to Bella in that car. It would have helped him understand why she pushed him away and yet wanted him close st the same time. Edward was so patient with her and so good for so long and the events of 9/11 pushed them to a place that neither of them were ready for. I hate earthquakes and terrorists. I hate how all of these events that we can't control changes people's lives so drastically. My heart is aching for Bella and for Edward.
DMBSJB18 chapter 7 . 2/20
I'm mad at Edward. And not because he tried to move on from Bella. After how she treated him when she told him no,I understand the wanting and needing to find someone who loves you. But he should not have allowed himself to get so serious with someone, dating for years, moving in together when he knew, he knew he didn't love Tanya enough. He used her and truly wasted years of her life. That was a pretty horrible thing to do. I also wonder how Bella was ok with coming to Edwards house and sleeping in their, "Tanya and Edwards" bed. (Yeah all different chapters. I've read this story twice now, because it's wonderful and heartbreaking, and those events in our world history hit me so SO hard, just like Bella.)
Debs0608 chapter 32 . 2/12
What a lovely story. I like how you presented past and present in parallel. For me it softens the angst which is always hard to read. I also appreciated the use of real historical events. I too experienced the Loma prieta earthquake. Thank you for writing.
Aarba shah chapter 25 . 11/19/2016
This story is old but I couldn't help leaving a comment it is a beautiful story made me feel every emotion
Elaine chapter 32 . 10/10/2016
I haven't read this in ages and still, it warm my heart!
DeadlyEverAfter chapter 32 . 9/7/2016

I know you wrote this story 4 years ago and chances are you'll never read this review but I ju*t finished reading and I cannot NOT leave a comment. I loved the well-drawn characters you created, who accompanied me for a little while (that's what they felt like - company). I felt everything with them, the love, their grwoth and their private emotions. Your story and most of all your beautiful style taught me a valuable lesson and I cannot appreciate this enough. I hope you will always keep on writing such heart-felt love stories. Please, if you do read this, let me know where to get more of your stuff. You got me hooked and now I need MORE ;) Meanwhile I'm gonna read through your other works posted here, already enjoying 'Honest Liar' so far.
Have a nice rest of the day/night or whatever you have right now.

mommymac0508 chapter 32 . 8/17/2016
Hello I read it all and loved it thank you
quisha1991 chapter 10 . 7/15/2016
WTF, she says she wishes for things to happen but when given the opportunity she clams up and shut down
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