Reviews for My Savior
story.writer8 chapter 14 . 11/11
Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy omgomg update please I beg I beg
This story is so good and was that Miroku? I think it was unless it's Koga? Oh whale update soon please
slipknot390 chapter 1 . 10/13
queremos continuacion, tu fic es excelente
cornbreadluver123 chapter 14 . 6/25
Very interesting... Need to know what happens next. Please keep updating!(:
slipknot390 chapter 12 . 6/18
please we want the next charpenter
S-chan08 chapter 14 . 5/18
I just love your fic! Is very creative! But I AM a little confuse about a feel details. What age they are? The clothes they use, they are like western clothes or eastern asian clothes? Please update soon!
Faye-chan chapter 14 . 5/17
YAY thank you for updating, have been waiting for this chapter to be out~ I really like how you integrated the Dark series and Inuyasha together! Everything is pieced together perfectly :')
VaMpIr3 pRiNc3sS chapter 14 . 5/16
love this story but what happened to sesshomaru and rin? Update soon please!
Warm-Amber92 chapter 14 . 5/15
I wonder was it Koga or someone else who found Kagome because he's the only other person I could think of who would know who Kagome is. Anyway can't wait for the next chapter and how that turns out!
DivineGlory chapter 14 . 5/15
Miroku I highly doubt it is someone else. And I have a feeling when he meets Inuyasha, Inuyasha mite remember him as his childhood friend. But the predicament is hw Kagome and Inuyash will leave with Inuyasha being so weak still?
Aoi chapter 14 . 5/15
Yay , I think it might be kouga I hope so, I love this story been reading it for a long time.
Yana5 chapter 14 . 5/15
great chapter
slipknot390 chapter 14 . 5/15
perfect, pelase we want more charpenter please :D you fic is great
Loralie Gold Dream chapter 14 . 5/15
Yes I love the update! ( ω )
slipknot390 chapter 13 . 5/10
conti please is a great fic
InuXKag4evr chapter 13 . 4/24
I cannot wait for the next chapter! I just started reading this and I couldn't stop
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