Reviews for The Ribbon of Destiny
kakashixangela chapter 31 . 2h
Uh oh :(( byakuya better make his move before midoriko takes kagome away from him :
midnight craving chapter 31 . 5h
Sorry to hear about you and the hubby ): but I am glad that you finally updated this story! I just love how Kagome and Byakuya are portrayed, they're so cute and perfect for each other :3

Kagome and Kenpachi should totally have a "sparring match" too! It would be so epic haha :D
Fantasy.of.Lunar.Marina chapter 31 . 6h
Yes! Finally! Hallelujah! What else can I say... Oh, well! You updated the story again! When I checked my emails I found this update and immediately read it. I really love this chapter even if it does not include much action or fluff. And, the head captain is the one to blame for Kagome's near death?! Wicked plot twist! I can't wait for Kagome's training! I wonder how Byakuya will react when his precious Kagome will be away from him... Anyways, update soon.

P.S. I hope everything is Okay after what happened with your "hubby".
DogDemoness108 chapter 31 . 6h
Oh I love it so much
Tolazytologin chapter 31 . 8h
The long awaited chapter is here! XD
I am so happy.
ks.zinnie chapter 31 . 9h
Ahhh! You're come back. Oh,bless you.
I really love this story! Thank you soooooooo much!
cristine44 chapter 31 . 10h
It's good to see that you are back again. Don't beat yourself up too much for not updating earlier. Life throws unexpected things at us and I believe that all of your readers are happy you're feeling much better :)
im ur misconception chapter 31 . 11h
*Gathers cherry into a big ol' hug* I understand that one sweetie. Sometimes things don't work the way we think they might, or even turn out to be what we went them to be. But your a strong person and I believe you will bounce back three times as strong.

As for this chapter, AWESOME!
tinabug chapter 31 . 11h
very excited for this update. I could so see him showering his chosen one in gifts
ason21 chapter 31 . 12h
Oh my god your back from the dead. Keep updating the story please cause I don't think that I can wait for you to put up a another chapter
Shinkicker chapter 31 . 13h
Nice! Glad to see more of this! Been sooooo very long though.

Thanks for posting.
Lunascorpio20 chapter 31 . 13h
I can't wait for the next update this story is very well written and very enjoyable I love that you had midoriko make a fool out of Yamamato.
Askosh Mosey chapter 31 . 14h
Please don't beat yourself over taking a hiatus or having a writer's block. I'm simply grateful that you're kind enough to will yourself to continue this story. Although I never had the experience of separation in marriage degree, I know and can totally relate with the sense of loss you might be having. It's never the easiest, and I admire your determination to battle those uneasy feelings when this story is dedicated to your (former?) hubby. I wish the best for you and your family. And thank you my dear for this lovely update.
Forest Sentry Koneji chapter 31 . 15h
Fluffy moments are always so wonderful to read~ I love that Byakuya is spoiling her. I can't wait to see what Midoriko has in mind for Kagome's training! Great work on the chapter!
great chapter 31 . 15h
I'm so happy you started this fic up again. I cannot wait to read the rest of it.
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