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yougotrejected chapter 2 . 6/29/2011
i like them
April chapter 1 . 6/29/2011
Name: Alexandria (Alex) Kiss

Age: 14

Hometown: New York City

Appearance: Alex is half latina so she has dark brown (almost black) hair she blunt straight bangs that often fall in her eyes, big brown eyes and tan hispanic skin. Alex is also very curvy but still thin.

Average: 3.0

Extracurricular(s): Flute lessons, soccer

Fave Subject: band

Snotty Scale (1-11): 1

Alpha Features: Her looks, her quiet personality

Alpha Track: Flute

Alpha Majors: Flute, acting, soccer

Alpha Minors: dancing, singing

Personality: Alex is a total music freak and always will be, but she's still fun loving and a total sweetheart.

Alpha Motto: music is life! (she writes it everywhere)

Interests: playing flute, being with friends, soccer

Fave Color: blue

Can't Leave The House Without: her flute!

Outfit: skinny jeans, a white t-shirt, black vest, black fingerless gloves, black fedora, black boots

Steryotype: The Music Geek

Dorm: Same as Roxie

Boyfriend: none, but Melbourne makes her swoon...

Other Info: she is roxie and effies cousin
yuogotrejected again chapter 1 . 6/29/2011
Name:Rose Heart


Hometown:same as Noah

Appearance:sckarlet hair that goes to her knees green eyes

Average:2.8 (She has Noah tutor her but she is still bad)

Extracurricular(s):cheer, acting

Fave Subject:does lunch count

Snotty Scale (1-11):11

Alpha Features:she can be nice but a wee bit mean.

Alpha Track:actor

Alpha Majors:acting

Alpha Minors:singing

Personality:she is just like Tabitha

Alpha Motto:i'm beast

Interests: boys! shopping and making fun of people

Fave Color: Rose pink

Can' Leave The House Without: make up bag

Outfit:a pink tank top that is cut off at the belly button and black skinny jeans with pink converses.

Steryotype:the popurler girl

Dorm:same as Tabitha


Other Info:belive it or not she is Noah's twin.
Random Smirking Blonde chapter 1 . 6/29/2011
Hey i am April's twin sister, but you probably know that. i will submit Roxie's twin sister, okay?

Name: Evangeline (Effie) Heart

Age: 14

Hometown:Hollywood, California

Appearance: Effie looks exactly like Roxie but her hair is streaked with neon colors, which makes her look way more punk than Roxie and disguises her beauty, but it's there.

Average: 3.993

Extracurricular(s): Karate and violin lessons, but most of her after school is spent in detention.

Fave Subject: Science (She gets to explode things, duh)

Snotty Scale (1-11): 11000000000000000

Alpha Features: Her attitude, her fearlessness and her recklessness, her looks, her intimidating personality that gets her everything she wants.

Alpha Track: Violin (musicianship)

Alpha Majors: Singing, acting, songwriting

Alpha Minors: Dancing, drawing

Personality: Effie is the baddest girl you'll ever meet. You can walk in a room and she'll already know exactly what she thinks of you. Effie knows every way to get under your skin and isn't afraid to use violence, cuz for her, violence is not only the answer, it's fun. Effie is very outgoing and isn't afraid to shove you to the ground if you get in her way. No one stops Effie from doing what she wants, and can somehow always convince authority that she's an angel.

Alpha Motto:

“I think I can deceive people. I'm like, the nice, sweet girl when you meet me. And I don't have any bad intentions. But I'm a bad girl too." -Alicia Silverstone

Interests: Boys, breaking rules and a good party

Fave Color: Black

Can' Leave The House Without: Eyeliner and lots of it.

Outfit: Black skinny jeans with rips, a flowy white shirt, black vest, black fedora and knee high black suede boots.

Steryotype: The Badder than Erikka Bad Girl

Dorm: Same as Roxie's

Boyfriend: None yet, but is crushing on Taz and trying to get Roxie out of the picture, even though she knows Taz has fallen hard to Roxie and Roxie'll end up with him most likely.

Other Info: Even though she and Roxie are so different, they're best friends. She, Roxie and Erikka rule this school, obvious-ley.
Yougotburned chapter 1 . 6/29/2011
Name: Tabitha Brickham

Age: 15

Hometown: Provedince, Rhode Island

Appearance:a little past the shoulders wavy black hair, bangs cover her left eye (died hot pink), dark brown eyes, fairly tanned, short

Average: 3.0

Extracurricular: Acting, Dancing

Fav subject: Drama

Snotty Scale: 9

Alpha features: Sarcastic, kind of mean, controling

Alpha track: Preforming arts

Majors: Acting, sining, dancing

minors: everything else

Personality: Sarcastic, Controling, steps on people to get what she wants, mean

Motto: "I'm awesome, get over it'

Interests: Facebook, shopping, music, anything girly

Fav. Color: Hot pink

Dorm: Which ever

Boyfriend: She's too busy to get one

Sterytype: airhead dancer (which she fits)

Outfit: Hot pink, V neck shirt that says 'when I get where I'm going' on the front and 'you won't be there' on the back. black skinny jeans, hot pink cowgirl boots. A single heart shapped necklace.
7kissestillmidnight chapter 1 . 6/29/2011
great! I'll apply.

NAME: Bridgette Kathleen Victoria Elizabeth Valdingham-Matthews.

AGE: 13 and 1/2.

HOMETOWN: Westchester, New York.

APPEARANCE: 5'6 tall. Thin. B-Cups. Soft and thick blond-brown hair that reaches my shoulders. Brown eyes with thick brown lashes.


EXTRACURRICULARS: Student Body President. Debate Team. Editor-in-chief, WA (Westchester Academy) Daily. (school paper) Spelling Squad. Westchester Academy Lady Acers. (tennis team)

FAVE SUBJECT: All. Duh, see my average? But I really do love Languages most of all. The more languages I know the more people can hear about the latest gossip, which only I know about! notizie? balita? klatsch? nouvelles? noticias?

SNOTTY SCALE: 1. I am the Student Body President, which means I have to be a role model and be the friendliest person on the whole school. But if you mess with me or my friends, you'll see much more than 11.

ALPHA FEATURES: If I list all of my features here, it would fill up 10 review pages.

ALPHA TRACK: Public Speaking, Politics a& Tennis.

ALPHA MAJORS: Writing. Speaking. Leading. Making People Believe in me.

Alpha Minors: None that I could see. God made me perfect. Unless you consider my inability in contain LBR's secrets a minor.

Personality: Funny, Fun, and Loyal to my BFFs. I keep their secrets, but not the LBR's. I am perfect with the elderly and the parentals. And also every other adult in the planet. I'm great! except for the fact that my mouth is TOO. BIG. FOR. MY. OWN. GOOD. I am not fake. It's just that with secrets, a whole other side of me comes out. It's like I'll die if I keep 'em. Half-British with a wonderful accent and I can imitate American accents, which comes in handy if I whisper-share my secrets. That way, no one knows it's really me.

Alpha Motto: Mottos are hopelessly cliche. I live by one phrase only. It's "I AM THE BEST".

Interests: Gossip. Knowledge. Science. Math. Books. Hot boys with chestnut-brown hair. Gossip. Finding new friends. Parties (non-alcoholic, of course). Gossip. Sleepovers.

Fave Color: Midnight Blue & Chestnut Brown.

Can't leave home without: My VM gold bangle. It stands for Valdingham-Matthews. My father is the richest lawyer in the country. With this bangle, we're almost considered as royalty Because we are. I also need my phone, gossip notebook and my Louis Vuitton monogrammed carry-on containing all my stuff.

Outfit: Wool knee-length skirt, white shirt (tucked-in), white socks and gray Mary Janes. (the soft kind, not the leather ones) I wear this M-Th so my dad gives me unlimited money to spend. But on other days I wear everything that's new, hot and Vogue.

Stereotype: The "perfect" daughter.

Dorm: Anyone BUT Oprah. She is SO over. Preferably J.K. Rowling.

Boyfriend: None. I'll make sure I'm an alpha first before I fall in love. Because falling can only lead to one thing, GETTING HURT.

Other Info: I have 3 brothers, Darwin, Ryan and Edward. I'm the only one with a long name because I'm the only girl in the family, which means there'll be no repetition of names. My name is super-long because my parents love all those names, so they crammed it into one. NICE. But I'm mostly known as Bridgette Valdigham-Matthews. And the Kathleen is the only American name there because my dad's half-american. (mom is pure British).,

And lastly, I do Yoga, Pilates, Roller-Blading and Biking. And I am currently the Guitar hero champion in our house. Spectacular! :D
PrincessSailorSaturnStar chapter 1 . 6/29/2011
Name: Saki Hayashi

Age: 14

Hometown: Saitama, Japan

Appearance: Long Black Hair w/a gold & red tint to it, Dark brown eyes, petite

Average: 5.0

Extracurriculars: Dance, Writing, Studying, Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Softball, Basketball,Soccer

Fave Subject: English & Math

Snotty Scale (1-11): 5

Alpha Features: Confidence, Control, Smart, Courage, & Charming

Alpha Track: Sports

Alpha Majors: Singing, Acting, Writer, Dance

Alpha Minors: Drawing, Guitarist, Pianist, Cooking

Personality: Outgoing, Funny, Sarcastic, Friendly, Fierce, Smart

Alpha Motto: Never back down.

Interests: Sports, Cooking, Singing, Acting, Writing, Drawing, Dancing, Guitar, Piano, Studying

Fave Color: Red & Gold

Can't Leave The House Without: Her cell phone, Guitar & Sketchpad/Notepad

Outfit: Red Sailor Fuku

Steryotype: The Fierce Girl

Dorm: Same as Emma

Boyfriend: Sydney has been trying to get my attention...

Other Info: Emma & Saki are like sisters
iWriteStuff202 chapter 1 . 6/29/2011
Hey, is it ok if i submit 2? Theyre besties

Name: Stephanie St. James

Age: 13 and a 3/4

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia

Appearance: About 5 foot 10, average weight of 100 or so, caramel colored hair with ocean blue streaks that reaches just below her shoulders, lightly tanned skin (but you can tell she was born a pasty white kid), heart-shaped face, blue eyes with little flecks of green in them, kinda big nose, rosy pink pouty lips, and a (VERY) small scar on her forehead from when she ran into a cheap fence (but its covers by her hair, which is done Avril Lavigne style)

Average: B

Extracurricular(s): choir, drama club, young authors club, art club, shes the drummer in her friends' band if that counts,and volleyball (team captain)

Fave Subject: french! (c'est un çi belle langue!)

Snotty Scale (1-11): 5 or 6, depends on the day

Alpha Features: deternimation, creativity, and knows shes important

Alpha Track: performing arts, in general

Alpha Majors: singing, acting, and writing

Alpha Minors: acting, and cooking (if youre gonna have that in your fic)

Personality: you do NOT wanna get in Stephanie's way. She'll chew you up, spit you up, and crush you with her lucky green Converse. She does however, have a sweet, girly side, that she only shows to her closest friends: Deanna, Stevie (dont be fooled by his name and personality, hes a he), and Vanessa (i only mentioned them because she mentions her friends A LOT) Stephanie has a passion for music that could probably make the whole world music-loving hippies, and lets her star power shine 24/7. She loves humor, rebellion, and freedom, and is considered somewhat a tomboy because she has a killstreak of 379 on Black Ops, and skateboards EVERYWHERE (even on Alpha Island). She is her parent's least favorite kid (she has three siblings: her brothers Jacob and Edward, and her twin sister Sophie), and doesnt really care what people think of her. Except Shira, of course. Stephanie respects all musical tastes, but prefers her rock/punk/alternative/electro/somewhat emo taste.

Alpha Motto: "If I try I can shine brighter than the stars... oh, sorry, am I blinding you?"

Interests: Twitter, her friends, music, Paramore, her cat, Black Veil Brides, Green Day, sports (she was part of the Canuckas riot), video games, FanFiction, Facebook

Fave Color: ocean blue, though she is also a fan of dark violet and light-ish music

Can' Leave The House Without: iPod touch (she's already filled the memory with just songs), iced capp, and breaking something

Outfit: leather jacket with studs, long white graphic tee with the words "Gimme Your Best Shot" on it in typewriter font with a picture of a cat holding a shotgun, dark wash skinny jeans with zippers at the bottom of each leg, and her signature green Converse. She'll kill anyone who makes her wear a skirt or dress.

Steryotype: rebellious rocker, probably, but lots of people count her as a musician or a tomboy

Dorm: whatever one you think is best, cause i have no idea which ones you're using. Avril Lavigne or Hayley Williams (i know theyre not in the series, but use your imagination!)

Boyfriend: Stephanie's single, but wouldnt mind a boyfriend

Other Info: Shaylene has a rubber bracelet for every day of the week: Paramore on Monday, Black Veil Brides on Tuesday, Green Day on Wednesday, Owl City on Thursday, Deadmau5 on Friday, Linkin Park on Saturday, and Kinks Of Leon on Sunday. And she loves her friends like family :)

And now my second OC...

Name: Nikki McHendry

Age: 14

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Appearance: Nikki got her hair done to look like Hayley Williams', and has a peach colored skin tone, with light freckles on the bridge of her nose, and hazel eyes. She's a short 5 foot 4, but is skinny to balance it out. She has a narrow face, and plump peach lips.

Average: A-

Extracurricular(s): basketball (captain), drama club, choir, band with her friends (Nikki plays bass)

Fave Subject: Art

Snotty Scale (1-11): 2 or 3

Alpha Features: passionate, in control, confident

Alpha Track: modeling

Alpha Majors: bass playing, visual arts (painting, sculpting, etc...), acting

Alpha Minors: fashion designing and baking

Personality: despite her appearance, Nikki is a tough girl. She once beat up her muscly friends Stevie to prove that point. Speaking of guys, Nikki has a crush on her best friend Stephanie's might-as-well-be boyfriend, who just happens to be Stevie. Stephanie doesnt know though, so keep it a secret! Being the oldest of 3, Nikki has learned how to handle responsibility and knows how to put people in her place. She love crazy-fast beats that make everyone wanna dance and her bass down low.

Alpha Motto: "Im awesomer than a cat with a sniper. Yeah, i went there."

Interests: her bass, playing her bass, her friends, music, Twitter, fun, parties, and Stephanie's cat

Fave Color: fiery red, midnight blue, lilac purple

Can't Leave The House Without: her charm necklace and a cup of mango juice

Outfit: purple skinny jeans, burnout mid-thigh length red v-neck tee with a grey cami underneath, her usual charm bracelet, and dark green Chucks.

Steryotype: musician, rebel, stuff like that

Dorm: same as Stephanie :)

Boyfriend: she has a crush on Stephanie's crush (and a bestie to both of them) Stevie

Other Info: Nikki has a scar on her lower leg (she ditched school for a concert, and cut her ankle on the fence

Wow. It took me a day to create these characters. PLEASE USE THEM! and good luck with your story :) cant wait to read it!
yougotrejected chapter 1 . 6/28/2011
Name:Noah Heart


Hometown:australua (That might be spelled wrong)

Appearance:blond hair that goes to her ankels with a bow in it and blue eyes


Extracurricular(s):cheerleading, soccer, track and art if that is one

Fave Subject:art

Snotty Scale (1-11):1

Alpha Features:her looks and artistic and sweetness

Alpha Track: artist and modeling

Alpha Majors: artistic talents and running

Alpha Minors: she is clutsy

Personality:nice random and can beat someone up when angered

Alpha Motto:you knows it

Interests: drawing, singing, acting

Fave Color:baby blue

Can' Leave The House Without:phone and ipod

Outfit:off the shoulder baby blue shirt that is cut off at the bellybutton black mini skirt and black high heels

Steryotype:domb blond

Dorm:the high house

Boyfriend:you can pick

Other Info: i guess since we have the same last name i could be related to Roxie?
YouGotBurned chapter 1 . 6/28/2011
You know I had to do this :)

Name: Emmaleigh Chaiki (Emma for short)

Age: 14

hometown: Honalulu, Hawaii

Appearence: long, curly brown hair that goes to the middle of the back. Brown eyes, tanned, freckles all over her face, skinny

Average: 3.9 (Stupid science)

Extracurricular: Basketball, Volleyball, track, Choir

Fav subject: Art

Snotty scale: 1

Alphe features: Loyal, friendly, tells you the truth even if it hurts

Alpha Majors: Singer, swimmer, artist

Alpha minors: Acrobatics

Personality: Outgoing, Random, shy, nice, funny, sarcastic

Alpha motto: 'Cause I'm cool like that'

Interests: Basketball, volleyball, writing, drawing

favorite color: Yellow and neon orange

can't leave house without: Her scetch pad

outfit: blue jean shorts, baggy, blue, V-neck, T- shirt that has a penguin that says 'cause I'm cool like that'

Steryotype: Quite mean girl

Dorm: which ever

Boyfriend: None, you can choose

Other info: PM me :)
AkiGirl22 chapter 1 . 6/28/2011
Name: Erika Marie Grace

Age: 14

Hometown: Hollywood, California

Appearance: Long curly/wavy red hair that glistens in the sunlight, blue-green eyes, tall and muscular build (a little skinny), petite features and a little flawless complexion

Average: 5.0

Extracurricular(s): Drama, Dance, Writing, Cheerleading, Drawing, Martial Arts, Gymnastics

Fave Subject: English & Drama

Snotty Scale (1-11): 11

Alpha Features: Attitude, Determination, Confidence, Control, Smart, Courage, Charming

Alpha Track: Does Martial Arts count?

Alpha Majors: Singing, Actress, Guitarist, Pianist

Alpha Minors: Dance, Writer, Drawing

Personality: Outgoing, Funny, Sarcastic at times, friendly, just try not to get on my bad side

Alpha Motto: I’m in it, to win it. If you need a challenge, risk it.

Interests: Singing, dancing, acting, writing, drawing, playing guitar and piano, studying, boys & if I’m in the mood, parties

Fave Color: Red

Can' Leave the House Without: her cell phone & guitar

Outfit: Dark skinny jeans, Blood Red shirt, & Brown cowgirl boots

Steryotype: The Extreme Bad Girl

Dorm: Which one’s the High House?

Boyfriend: I got my eyes on Sydney

Other Info: Roxie is like a sister to me
April chapter 1 . 6/28/2011
Name: Roxanne (Roxie) Heart

Age: 14

Hometown: Hollywood, California..

Appearance: The first thing that comes to mind you see Roxie is, "I wish I could be her." She's the girl in magazines that you wish you could be.. She has golden blonde hair that falls in perfect soft curls, big blue eyes like pools of crystals and blemish free skin that is the perfect shade of tan. She has high cheekbones and arched eyebrows. Her eyelashes are thick, long and dark and her lips are naturally pink and plump.

Average: 3.0

Extracurricular(s): Choir, drama, lacrosse, sailing, flirting

Fave Subject: Drama or Social Studies (my own, duh)

Snotty Scale (1-11): 11000000000000

Alpha Features: Her looks, her street smarts, her charming personality

Alpha Track: Modeling

Alpha Majors: Singing, acting modeling

Alpha Minors: Dancing

Personality: Roxie very well might be the sweetest girl you ever meet, but if you dare even try to cross her in any way, she becomes a witch with a B.

Alpha Motto: Bring it on

Interests: Singing, dancing, modeling, acting, boys, parties

Fave Color: Hot pink

Can't Leave The House Without: her cell phone

Outfit: White daisy dukes, a hot pink tanktop that loops around her neck, white gladiator sandals

Steryotype: The Beauty Queen

Dorm: Whatever the High House is

Boyfriend: Taz Brazille has been, trying to get her to go out with him

Other Info: if you use Erikka, she is like a sister to Roxie
Muse of Storytelling chapter 1 . 6/28/2011
Name: Esme ‘Ez’ Ross


Hometown : Montréal

Appearance: Ez has dark chocolate brown hair with auburn highlights, it is styled in an inverted bob. She usually wears it loose, but when she is practicing she ties it in two tiny pigtails or pulls it back with a clip. Her eyes are a dark amber with golden flecks in them, and her skin is a creamy tan. She is petite, about 5’0”, and slender, but has some nice curves.

Average: 4.0

Extracurricular(s): none (look to bio for the reason)

Fave Subject: Math

Snotty Scale (1-11): 2, 5 if you get on her bad side

Alpha Features: Determined, charismatic, hardworking, talented, cute

Alpha Track: Acrobat

Alpha Majors: Acrobatics, Gymnastics, Tumbling

Alpha Minors: Dance and Parkour

Personality: Outgoing and fun loving, Ez is a total extrovert, who makes friends faster than you can snap your fingers. Is extremely determined and stubborn. Very friendly, but can be blunt.

Alpha Motto: ‘Everyone has talents, I just use mine.”

Interests: Parkour, acrobatics, anything involving movement (she has ADHD)

Fave Color: Candy Apple Red

Can' Leave The House Without: Ipod


When she arrives at the AA: loose one shoulder turquoise top with white jean short shorts, and black sparkly high top converse.

Steryotype: ‘Everybody’s Friend’

Dorm: you decide

Boyfriend: No boyfriend, but she likes Dingo

Other Info:

The Bloodiest Rose chapter 1 . 6/28/2011
((:3 Looking forward to the story! :D))

Name: Ria Claudia Gottschalk (Both names are German)

Age: 14


Born- Berlin, Germany

Raised- Monaco

Appearance: Ria has silky auburn hair that reaches to her mid-shoulders, her fringe is rather long but she usually keeps it loose and instead, ties her long hair into a tight or loose bun (During concerts and recitals) but when she has nothing else to do, you will most likely see her walking around with her hair let loose. Her eyes are a soft yet sophisticated shade of forest green with flecks of dark, marine blue as well. She doesn't have a ski-slope nose but a small button one, she is blessed with flawless skin; if you exclude the scars at her thigh and the semi-calloused hands.

Average: 4.0 Though she hates History and Geography.


Cheerleading Squad, debating society, drama club and Band. She likes to stay at home and study sometimes.

Fave Subject: Music, Literature and Math.

Snotty Scale (1-11): 4

Alpha Features: Doesn't give up easily, honest, hardworking, not a backstabber, charismatic and talented. What else did I miss...?

Alpha Track: Violinist

Alpha Majors: Pianist, Guitarist (Bass only) and Archer.

Alpha Minors: Dancer, Swimmer, Acting and singing.

Personality: Okay. So. When you first see Ria, she seems like the cold, don't-touch-me-or-die type of girls. She's the one who doesn't like to socialize and is very quiet. BUT. That's because she's shy. She thinks that she doesn't have the confidence to attract friends or guys. So she usually stands aside and watches people's movements and reactions. Once you do get to know her, she seems fun and easygoing, maybe a slight perfectionist but still a great girl to hang out with (though she may seem quite shy). Overall, she's shy. She wants to make friends but she doesn't know how to. But when she does, she's the happiest Alpha in town... or island.

Alpha Motto:

(To strangers): 'I wasn't born for nothing'

(To loved ones and friends): 'I will play this violin until my fingers bleed. I've done that twice and I will not hesitate to do that again! That shows how determined I am to get this score right!'

Interests: Playing the violin and other musical instruments, drawing, writing short stories and studying (only her favorite subjects though)

Fave Color: Emerald

Can' Leave The House Without: Her violin. It's practically her LITTLE SISTER.


When she arrives at AA- A black cardigan with pearl buttons, a bloody red dress that reaches to her knees with lace and Witchery sandals.

When she plays the violin or during recitals/performances- A ebony black Evening gown that touches her toes and wears silver sequined ballet flats.

Steryotype: 'The Perfectionist'

Dorm: I dunno, you decide. :D

Boyfriend: She doesn't have a boyfriend. But she's crushing HARD on Sydney.

Other Info: She's a mild perfectionist, willing to break her fingers just to perfect a score or note. She's part German and part Monacan, though she was raised in an English Speaking family.
Livinginadaydream chapter 1 . 6/28/2011
Yay. First one to apply.

Name: Alessia Summer Hinton.

Age: 14

Hometown: Long Beach, California, LA

Appearance: Ashlee has long wavy strawberry blonde hair which curls had the tips, dreamy ocean-blue eyes, heart-shaped face, tanned skin complexion. Her height is 5’9” ft and she is tall but very curvy.

Average: 4.5


Dance4Life Studio- Owned by her eldest sister, Hayden

Fave Subject: Modern Dance, English &

Snotty Scale (1-11): 1

Alpha Features: Determined, always tries her best, loyal friend and devoted to what she does.

Alpha Track: Dancer.

Alpha Majors: Dance, Singer/Songerwriter & Actress

Alpha Minors: Fashion Design & Sports.

Personality: Bubbly, caring, determined, sometimes stubborn, friendly,

Alpha Motto: Perfection has a Price

Interests: Dancing, writing her own songs, singing.

Fave Color: Amethyst purple.

Can't Leave the House Without: Ipod.

Outfit: When she arrives she is wearing a purple flowy top with black leggings and white ballet flats with gold star design on.

Stereotype: People usually think of her as model since she has a really curvy figure and stunning features.

Dorm: Author decides

Boyfriend: She’s got her eyes set on Taz Brazille, (But it’s a secret)

Other Info: She is allergic to bananas.
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