Reviews for maybe there's hope in the messes
thelilacfield chapter 1 . 7/10/2011
It was so sweet and sad and absolutely beautiful.

You write so well, Mad, and you're not afraid to kill off your heroines. It's something brilliant about your writing :)

But this was incredible and I'm honoured that it's a birthday present for little ol' me.

Love you! :3
gote chapter 1 . 6/30/2011
I'm a little confused too, Mad, to be honest. Actually not really, but I think sometimes your descriptions were a bit conflicting. Like you describe Lorcan as "reason" until and after that scene where they first kiss and Lorcan's telling Molly to throw away her reason and "Does there have to be a purpose behind every action?", so he comes across there as being the one without reason. And Molly's described as "fire" except for here where "Lysander is the fire that lights up her boring, icy self", so I don't know it just wasn't really consistent.

Also this sentence: "He looks exactly like Lorcan, andshe reminds Molly every day of what she could have had" I think you meant "and he" not "andshe".

I really hope I'm not coming across too negative, because I'm just trying to help, and I honestly did enjoy this story. Now that I've got the kind of negative stuff out of the way I'll move onto the praise you deserve. :D

I really like this story line. It has elements of other plots that are used but is still different and it's own, and I really like the idea of the one girl torn between the two brothers and I think you told the story really well, with what you decided to include and what you didn't and you portrayed the emotions really, really well. You could just feel how torn Molly was and the end just ajndhtjahtj so tragic. :( I can't honestly say how I reacted to that as I read the reviews when I was halfway through this story so I knew what was going to happen but it still got me. :(

I really loved this Molly and this Lorcan, they would've been so good together! I don't quite get why Molly /had/ to be with Lysander and why Lorcan /had/ to be with Lucy especially after you begin with "But everyone knows that Molly Weasley has never been one for cliché, especially the whole friendship-to-more thing." -or was that referring to her and Lorcan? Also why Lysander was amused when she ran out from Lucy and Lorcan's wedding?

I don't know if I'm reading into everything too much or am just missing things so sorry if I'm getting this all wrong.

Urgh, I feel like I'm being too negative, because this isn't a bad fic at all and like I said you told it well and I enjoyed reading it and I think as a whole your writing is really improving, just getting better and better and who even knows where you'll be in a few years if this is what you're up to now. You should've seen my writing when I was fourteen. It was terrible. I could string sentences together but it wasn't easy to read like this and you have good flow and actual well developed plots, which I never had. And oh my god, I just looked at the time. That can't be right, I've spent twenty minutes writing this review. Oh my god. I'll shut up now.

Nicely done and keep writing! (like you'd ever stop ;D)
I Am Me And I Can Fly chapter 1 . 6/28/2011
That was a great story. :) It was sad, though, when she killed herself.
centralperks chapter 1 . 6/28/2011


Well, then, fine.

Seriously, though this is one of the best pieces you've ever written, no lie! I loved everything from the imagery of the characters to the way you described the relationship between the three of them- wow. It was so good. It was so different, you know? That Molly actually really loved them both, and both their relationships were just perfect. If I were Molly, I totally would've gone for Lorcan, though. Ly was just too... safe, in this xD

Great work! You would've gotten a 15/15 if you were in the competition! :)
my best enemy chapter 1 . 6/28/2011
Mad. Um. Wow. I am so glad that you killed Molly off, cause it was a PERECT ending. Seriously. And the picture they each have? SO GOOD. Anyway, I loved it. And you know Lorcan and Lysander aren't exactly my favorite people, but this was just so fantastic and beautiful that I could push all the RolfLuna out of my mind. It was amazing, and know I have started unwillingly shipping fire-Molly and water-Lorcan (go away Lucy!). Please write more stories where people die, so I can review them, too. Please?

~Your rambling reviewer, Wevi
headcanon chapter 1 . 6/28/2011
Mad, that was really good. :D Siriusly, I'm normally Mollysander, but I felt really bad for Lorcan.

And I loved the fire/water contrast between the twins. :D

reallyreally good job. Beth will love it. :)
BlueEyes444 chapter 1 . 6/28/2011