Reviews for Humboldt Park Love Story
Mikayla Ryan chapter 1 . 10/19/2012
... what did I just read? First of all, GO TO FICTIONPRESS. Second of all, you ruined my Romeo and Juliet night with this story. So thanks.
RushingAutumnLeaves chapter 1 . 1/6/2012
I couldn't get past the beginning. I'm sorry, but this is just...I mean, I do like Justin, but this is...

1- check your grammar

2- check your spelling

3- there's fictionpress for original stories, you don't have to post them on fanfiction under random categories

You have potential to be a good writer, you just need to work on your technique a little.
Faerydae Kenna chapter 1 . 11/28/2011
Um... I don't think I've ever written a review like this, but that... that was just... so bad. Like really, REALLY bad. First, that has nothing to do with the fandom, as you said yourself, and violates a lot of FF rules and regulations. You agreed to their Code of Conduct or whatever when you posted your first story, which, it appears, also violated many rules. Second, your grammar is kind of, well, awful. Third, Justin Bieber is SO cliche, and in my opinion, he was never really in. No offense. Fourth, I read in your bio that you're Puerto Rican and Cuban. Therefore you are Hispanic. So you should know that all Hispanics are not typically like that. I myself am Puerto Rican and Filipino, and I know that everyone has a bitchy side. Usually, the one who've fallen into bad crowds and habits have had hard lives. Then again, there are people with naturally crappy demeanors everywhere. Anyway, the last thing is that there is a site for these kinds of stories. . You can go there and post whatever. Write about Justin Bieber to your heart's content. Post sappy, unrealistic-in-the-real-world love stories till you pass out.

Okay, so I changed my mind. That wasn't the last thing. The emotion is forced and dull. You have boring word choice. Your characters don't act like people normally would in the real world. And also, for someone who supposedly loves to read and write so much, you're not very well in the way of grammar, sentence fluency and structure, dialogue, vocabulary, and... well, basically everything it takes to write a story. No offense.

Listen, I'm not going to report you or anything. Not my style. And I'm really, sincerely sorry I was harsh. But some things just have to be said. You can do whatever you want, alright? Send nasty messages to my PM inbox, flame my two stories which I haven't updated because my internet connection is down and I only have my phone so I can't upload new stories. And I'll just take it with a grain of salt and pretend I don't even care. Which, coincidentally, I really don't.

I'm not an all-around mean, evil person. I'm actually pretty nice when you get to know me. And I'm truly sorry for the flame. I'm not some troll who goes around... well, trolling. But some things will weigh heavier on my conscience. And if you really love writing as much as you say, keep pursuing it. But remember that a little help along the way never hurt anyone. Probably.
Mlle. Verity chapter 1 . 7/14/2011
If you wish to publish original fiction, please go to fictionpress. Fanfiction is intended for the publication of fanfiction, hence the name. Also, I would strongly suggest running your story through spellcheck.
ECgreengurl17 chapter 6 . 7/6/2011
PLEASE write more!
SammyWammy21 chapter 2 . 7/2/2011
well i felt totaly ofended because hispanics dont act like that