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Guest chapter 1 . 6/30/2011
This new story sounds gd. Lol i like how noone wants to see Gennai. Can't wait to see wat happens x
WolfSummoner93 chapter 1 . 6/29/2011
you brightened my day with this Novelist! I love this series. Great start, can't wait for an update
ChrisssQ chapter 1 . 6/29/2011
Name: Giovanni 'Gio' McDragon

Age: 17

Nationality: Greek

Appearance: Gio is 6ft tall and weights 160 pounds, he is a litlle tanned and he has green eyes and darkblond shoulderlenght spiky hair, he has a atletic build structure, he

wears a yellow t-shirt under his

black zipp-up hoodie which is

always unzipped and which his

sleeves are rolled up to his

elbows he has dark blue jeans

and white sneakers

Personality (Detailed): Gio is a friendly

young man with a outgoing

nature he i a very fun company,

he can get himself in trouble

without even trying, Gio

is very responsible and he cares

much about his friends, he often

speaks or takes action before

thinking of the consequenses, he is not afraid to speak his mind. Further Gio is very difficult to get angry.

Background (detailed): Gio lives in a family with only women after his parents got divorced and he stayed with his mother, his grandmother and his 15 years old twin sisters Joanna and Maria. He lived a really normal life with no much problems except for the fact that he leaves in a house full of women. the biggest problem in Gio's life is that he can't forgive himself for loosing his younger brother in a park when he was younger that let later to his parents divorce, because they never found his litlle brother again he still believes that he is somewhere out their and is searching for them

Family:Mother: Nina grandmother:Helena sisters:Joanna and Maria

Type of Digidestined - Chosen: i will let you choose but i will tel you that i prefer chosen or guardian.

Crest/Attribute: you choose what fits best.

Digimon: kamemon

Rookie: Kamemon

Champion: Gwappamon

Ultimate: Shawjamon

Mega: JumboGamemon

Personality: happy and

adventureous but still caring and

really friendly, serious when

times need..
PinkStrawberriez chapter 1 . 6/28/2011
oh yea i forgot that my oc Yuki Miyashita wears a light purple dress with spaghetti straps that mid-thigh,a white vest,black leggings,and white ankle wears a light purple rose-shaped hair accessory.
FFFreak21 chapter 1 . 6/28/2011
Name: Roy Curulewski

Age: 14

Nationality: American (lives in Boston.)

Looks: 5ft 7in., 121 lbs., lean and lanky, egg-shaped head, tanned skin, has a dirty blonde mullet, and has emerald-green eyes.

Clothes: Boston Red Sox Baseball Cap, Black t-shirt, camo cargo pants, and green Converse sneakers.

Persona: Charismatic, talkative, very athletic, bipolar, also has a great sense of humor and is very friendly. He is also easily manipulated. He also has a romantic and flirty side to him.

Background: He is a very popular teen with many friends but a lack of attention in his home life due to the fact of his genius older sister, and his parents dote on his cute younger brother causing him to distance himself from his family and do whatever is necessary to not spend time with them from hanging out with friends or playing baseball with the school team but he doesn't hate his family. He just wishes he had a little more attention from his parents.

Family: His parents are J.T and Ramona Curulewski. His older sister is named Shannon and is in Harvard and his younger brother is named Harry and he is in 1st Grade.

He is a chosen digidestined and carries the crest of Destiny.

Digimon: Dorumon

In-Training: Dorimon

Rookie: Dorumon

Champion: Dorugamon

Ultimate: DoruGreymon or DexDoruGreymon

Mega: Examon

Personality: Dorumon is a little playful in its in-training and rookie forms but gains its natural fight-loving persona in its champion and higher forms.
Super garurumon chapter 1 . 6/28/2011
youngest is Shane,his anxiety was bad too but not as bad as Shannon's.

TYPE OF DIGI-Messenger



PERSONA-jokester,lightens up Shawn when he's stressed. Monmon never seems stressed,he looks on the bright side and cools off before he can get,angerd. He dosn't want to create negative energy, with bad loves tea.
Super garurumon chapter 1 . 6/28/2011
He gets sad though if you say you aren't his friend, not one who starts fights.

BIO-Grew up with a large family, as soon as his mom was able to she left him in charge of his siblings,so she could work. He didn't see much of his wanted their family to be secure financally,it's the reason he's able to go to college.

FAMILY-Parents,don't even enjoy the money they work for. Younger sisters Sara and Shannon(Twins) developed seperation axiety, Sara's got bad when he went to college,Shannon's worse.
Super garurumon chapter 1 . 6/28/2011
NAME-Shawn McCracken



LOOKS-6ft 4/145Ibs,lean and lanky,a square-ish shaped head,fair skin and,black hair that's cut short on his head./CLOTHES-A grey striped benie hat,A grey shirt with "Misfits" written on the front in red lettering. A belt with metal hooks and chains coming off skinnys and size 13, blue,black and white DC's.

PERSONALITY-very chill &mellow about things, stressed out and frustrated if over worked. He's friendly,and will stick up for his buds.
demonicsheepy chapter 1 . 6/28/2011
Name:Yuki Miyashita



Appearance:blackish-blue straight long hair, sky-blue eyes,fair skin,short but not midget short

Personality (Detailed):shy,gentle,caring,always thinks of others first,kind,blushes very easily,boys seem to find this the inside though she wishes to be more outgoing and carefree,smart

Background (detailed):she is a teen who doesn't have many friends because of her shy parents adore her little sister and seems to not pay the same amount of attention to yuki. however yuki does not hate her just feels lonely from time to time.

Family:she lives with her two parents named mio and ren miyashita. she has a cute younger sister in kindergarten named


Type of Digidestined - Chosen (Tai, Matt etc)/Guardian( Will, Alex etc) /Messenger (Trace, Reaver etc)/Rouge (Jack):doesn't matter

Crest/Attribute:crest of kindness







Personality:lunamon are supposed to be cowardly but however lunamon is the complete opposite of is brave and won't hesitate to help her is also very stubborn.
etiger1995 chapter 1 . 6/28/2011
Amazing! Both of the guys appeared already _; at lest their useful! So Will, Trace, Alex, Tai, Matt, and Reaver all on one team, deciding on only 4 members...i see one future problem already.

For anyone who is not NovelistOfTheSky or Dowski! JOIN THE MESSENGERS, WE HAVE BLACK WARGREYMON!
locololo chapter 1 . 6/28/2011
Name Julio

Age 16

Nationality Spain

Appearance light brown, wears dark green shorts, dark green shirt and dark blue shop coay

Personality (Detailed)very quiet, but kind and gentle. When need be he can be coldhearted and calcualating

Background (detailed)was raised by family to believe in peace and talking to answer problem, but changed his belifs when his family was killed by rogue digimon.

Family only has his uncle and older brother

Type of Digidestined - Chosen please

Crest/Attribute crest of compassion. Green and represents his inner kind self that he hides under a quiet and cold shell

Digimon Berrymon

Rookie Berrymon, small,about the size of Julio's arm, green with orange eyes. main attacks include berry bomb, and leaf dance

Champion ModBerrymon, Larger bout to Julio's hip. relatively same, except now he has brown aroudn his arms and legs. attacks are berry slash, gets strongr everytime he attacks, reverse hit, is a blockin attack, and leaf blades

Ultimate Blossomon, three times Julio's size. Green with brown armor on, has legs but floats hands with berrys attached to them. on back is a giant flower he flies with. Attacks are Berry bomb, Leaf Dance, Leafe blade, and berry blast

Mega Granblossomon, same size as blossomon. The brown armor is replaced with a white muscle suit. Get more musclular strength. Same features, except now he has a sword at hip. Attacks are Berry blast, Leafe blade, reverse hit, saber slash, and strike of nature

Personality very open, voiced opinion alot. slightly agressive also, but very playful with other humans. Often with Julio, hiding in his backpack, or following when in city from the rooftops.

very good story! does this look like good sheet for oc
Dowski chapter 1 . 6/28/2011
Woo! Another chapter/series! Hahaha. Great start. I suppose you have a place in mind for the headquarters? Otherwise, the Isle of Beginnings is always open I suppose. It gets a bit lonely there...
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