Reviews for Return of Naruto Hatake
JLdark chapter 14 . 11/28
This was good really good, the intervention was great! The way you handled the situation and it was Sakura who stopped it. Only time will tell how things get but it seem that is in a good way for the team.
JLdark chapter 13 . 11/28
So happy for Kakashi and Anko, the talk was what they needed and besides they really can tease Kurenai and Asuma in double date.

The last part was interesting, I really liked it you give a different idea why Sasuke needs power and where to gain it. I like that the bonds of team seven are working, because it was Sakura who noticed how Sasuke is acting.
QuentinTNT chapter 30 . 11/26
Be continue It getting better.
JLdark chapter 12 . 11/28
This chapter was nice, specially how the genins reunited for the show, not only that but they get to know each other better and it helps them grow ties with all of them.

Anko did an excellent job with Kurenai and Asuma , at least it served as distraction for now , but she still need to talk with Kakashi.
JLdark chapter 11 . 11/25
So glad Naruto is finally at home. I almost forgot but they have a date right! I hope it goes well. Besides that I like that Tsunade approves of team seven even with all the problems they have faced.

I wonder who is going to train Sasuke in the future? I mean Sakura with Tsunade and Naruto with Jiraya, I don't think is Kakashi, he is good but not like the Sannins.
JLdark chapter 10 . 11/24
This was nice, how Tsunade helped Kakashi and his family by healing him, besides I like how not only Naruto and Anko were worried about him even Sasuke, and is nice to see that he has changed his mind on certain things and is changing for good.

Like I said before it nice how you manage the characters and yet they maintain their original essence.
JLdark chapter 9 . 11/24
This is better than I imagined, not bad for Naruto he did managed to get Kato, it was a nice scene how Naruto showed his resolve to be Hokage. Not only that but Tsunade reaction to his resolve was great too! I like how you managed to show how these characters grow little by little.
JLdark chapter 8 . 11/24
This is getting better! I'm excited to read how the next chapter will be, it is a little bit sad about Jiraya and how he see things sometimes but I think he does enjoy life. Besides he has a godson to train later.

It seem not only Naruto has gained knowledge in the last day in this mission.
JLdark chapter 7 . 11/24
Si Sakura is getting interested in medical techniques, figure as Sasuke and Naruto getting hurt because because of training. I think you handled amazing how Kurenai talked to Anko, it was good how Anko can trust her friend for a situation situation like that.

Well at Keats the beat she did with Kurenai will keep her good mood. Now things get interesting now that Naruto has three days left.
JLdark chapter 6 . 11/24
This was awesome! I like how you talk about Jiraya and Tsunade past a little bit, it has been a hard life yet they took different paths in life .

Now how Naruto reacted was expected yet it was a really good conversation even if lead to a little battle. I wonder if the team will change her opinion about them being the future Sannins.
JLdark chapter 5 . 11/23
Itachi really did a number on Kakashi, my respect for him his will to protect his loved ones is really strong and he was at the breaking point yet he did not told anything.

This is getting exiting how things will turn I can't even imagine.
JLdark chapter 4 . 11/22
So the training is going good, and this is getting better than I imagined, the team is getting closer, Hinata is taking initiative in her training too. The suspense is known what Itachi is going to do now?
JLdark chapter 3 . 11/22
Well this will be an interesting mission, with Orochimaru plans and Tsunade stubborn attitude how this is not gonna be easy for them.

Well at least they got the training and experience if they battle stronger opponents.
JLdark chapter 2 . 11/22
Haha yeah karma for Jiraya, as much I like the idea of Hinata and Naruto for the mission, I like the idea that team seven is going for it. It means more bonding for them and I didn't expect that Jiraya would accept so easy. Well this gets better, a little sad for Jiraya too because of Tsunade maybe he could have luck with her in the future?
JLdark chapter 1 . 11/21
Hello again, I'm enjoying the sequel already it was a really funny scene at the end! Poor Kakashi, besides it seem that Anko and their relationship is getting stronger I am happy for them, how much it will grow I wonder.

Not only that it was an interesting conversation between Garaa and Naruto, I think you handled really good, with all their respective situation yet a new friendship is born.
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