Reviews for Dudley Dursley and the Quest for Truth
cathryn chapter 9 . 9/17
Hi I am writing to beg you to not stop writing this story because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it I have just found it on Fan Fiction and I read it straight off it is a brilliant story PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't give up I think you are a brilliant Writer. chapter 17 . 9/17
really liked it mate would love to
Guest chapter 17 . 9/14
Viridian chapter 1 . 9/5
What a place to end at! There's a sense of joy and relief-and great dread too. Even though I know what happened, and all the terrible losses. And yeah ... I suppose I could do without the acute grieving too ... The end was painful in so, so many ways. Thanks for picking this story up again after such a long hiatus, and I hope to read the epilogue soon.
Viridian chapter 1 . 9/4
Thanks for writing this story. I think Dudley really does have it in him to redeem himself, and. Love stories that give him the chance. The opening is beautifully written, and I'm looking forward to reading the rest.
hexcharm50 chapter 17 . 8/30
Such an amazing story! can't wait to read the epilogue!
nuke-squid chapter 17 . 8/27
I really love this, and I am extremely excited for the epilogue!
Guest chapter 17 . 8/26
Aww next is the epilogue? I dont want the story to end :'(
Zarina3908 chapter 17 . 8/20

I can't wait for the epilogue(s?) now! I really love redemption arcs for Dudley (esp after that last scene of him in the series proper). And the canon "awkward family dinners with Dudley" just doesn't cut if for me.

I found this story somewhere during the break, I'm really glad you came back to it.
Guest chapter 17 . 8/16
Wow. What a story! The whole transformation of Dudley was incredible, and the story in itself was written with so much talent, it kept me waiting for more. Good luck with the epilogue, and I hope to see a reunion...
Something I would live to see is a version of Dudley and Harry, with their families, interacting after 19 years...
Again, thanks for the awesome stories!
GwendolynD chapter 17 . 8/16
First of all, Congrat on your Masters!

Second, I love this story. It is unique. I think it is written well and I like this characterisation of the Dursleys and Petunia's and Dudley's change, I think it is really well done- I'd like to say the same for the ones we know, I think you've stayed true to them.

Even with the ones you don't know and the ones you added- they are characterised with separate personalities and you can see that too.

I also like how you told the story and informed Duddley of Harry and of his adventures.

About the chapter- again nicely done- especially when most of it is waiting and no action, but you spread it out well.

I'm curious to see what you do with the epilogue.

Thanks for this fic, I really enjoyed it:)
MadSpaceMarine chapter 17 . 8/15
BOI I'm ready to cry next chapter
bookworm1693 chapter 17 . 8/15
First of all: Congratulations on your Masters!
Second: Incredible Chapter. I could practically feel the tension in the manor during the waiting game.
I can't wait to see what you have in mind for the Epilouge, but I think the Reunion of Dudley and Harry and maybe with Sally should be in it. As well as Harry "getting to know" Aunt Petunia, because lets face it, he doesn't know his Aunt at all at this point in time.
Until next time and Good luck with the job :)
Morganite109 chapter 17 . 8/15
Great, I can't wait for the epilogue
pinkphoenix1985 chapter 17 . 8/15
Great part! I liked how you did it especially since we do know what is going on at Hogwarts. Can't wait for the epilogue.

My suggestion- I would like to see Harry's response to all the surviving wizarding relationships that Dudley has made :)
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