Reviews for Two Makes Five
Minnie chapter 12 . 4/15
Why i have the feeling that G will cause troubles later! not just to Alice.. to Bella too! i dont like him at all!
Twins with an Autism kid is really hard.. poor Bella.. and E is busy to b with her.. huge issues will may happen!
Cant wait for more
Thx hun :)
marilynnellsworth chapter 12 . 4/15
So glad you are backj
DeeFC chapter 12 . 4/15
Even though Alice helped with Bree, she's a little too pushy for me. And I still don't trust Garrett.
woosh48 chapter 12 . 4/15
Bella has so much on her plate. I hope she does talk to Alice. Still don't trust Garrett.
Chilly Howdy chapter 12 . 4/15
Hmmm B Hun! Why is Edward not in the best of moods when he gets home?

Can't wait to find out what's happening in that front.

This chapter thou... hmmmmm hmmmmm What's up with Allycrocker? She's a bit off her rocker Meh is thinking.

Garrett? Now this turkey has still got me thinking around in circles? What is up with him.

Way to get us guessing Honey.

Thanks for the wonderful update

Be seeing you next one

Kiss Baby B for me.

Chilleeeee xxx
divyvicki chapter 12 . 4/14
I'm still not unite sure what to think of Garrett!
Ellelovesedward chapter 12 . 4/14
I'm just going to put this out there; Bella should be more concerned with her own marriage and less with Alice's.
Nonita chapter 12 . 4/14
Can't wait for next chapter!
lanigirl96003 chapter 12 . 4/14
Looking forwards to the next chapter
Kgunter34 chapter 12 . 4/14
Great chapter. Alice is a right pushy pain in the ass.
teacher1209 chapter 12 . 4/14
Yeah...SO not trusting Garrett, or James any further than I could throw them, and I'm not a big person so I couldn't throw them far! I cannot wait to find out why Edward is in a bad mood after the meeting about his new movie. I hope he doesn't come home to something that looks like its not on the up and up between Bella and Garrett.
Payton79 chapter 12 . 4/14
Why do I have the very bad feeling that Edward's new movie will be shot far away and over an extended period of time? I really hope I'm wrong, because, if it is, that's the point where I, if I were Bella, would ut my foot down and force him to make a decision: career of family.
It's so hard to watch Bella go through all the hard times with Bree and the twins and mostly without Edward. It feels like he's slowly fading out of their lives, leaving Bella to pick up his mess. I really missed him in most of this chapter, but then again, that's probably exactly the way Bella feels. So you did a great job making us feel it too.
Thanks for this great chapter and hurry to get the next one out ;).
dvickd chapter 12 . 4/14
Love the story but each chapter Edward seems to be slipping from realizing what is important. Still very Leary of garret. Great job.
princess07890 chapter 12 . 4/14
Oh wow! I loved this so much! I wonder what will happen when Edward comes home?
magmom4 chapter 12 . 4/14
As usual, I love Bree. Not the tantrum though. I still don't trust Garrett or James. Now I can't wait to find out about Edward's bad mood.
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