Reviews for A Change in Plans
To tired2 login chapter 19 . 4/10
I really enjoy this story. pls don't stop T-T
SoulMore chapter 21 . 4/4
sad sabrin chapter 21 . 4/3
update soon
kirallie chapter 21 . 4/2
Sad to hear this won't be continued, it was interesting
Natalie668 chapter 1 . 4/2
Aw baby Harry, so the Cullen's are in England. will we see a time skip or are we following Harry as he grows.
Abeham chapter 20 . 3/31
Ooops. I was so eager for the story that i did not read the A/N. I just read it. While I would love to read more. It is okay if you cant write it further.
You have to feel the story sometimes, otherwise it just stops coming and you cant see any of the strings that had started it. So i get it. :)
Best of Luck with whatever you do next.
Abeham chapter 21 . 3/31
oooh. Me want more. me want more.
haha. You have left my mind in a very primitive state with the words, more, more, banging in my head. I read this story before but i left because i could not stand Harry's pain, it got too much for me. I found this story again and decided to brave it :)
It is beautiful story with emotions jumping of the pages. Great work and i really enjoyed it this time around. I was more prepared. I had hated Edwards and his thingy with Bella. I felt like beating him and i was surprised that no one else actually had beaten him. I get now, why that was important for the story... So hats of to you, I was not expecting that :P.
I eagerly wait for more.
darkest magic chapter 21 . 3/30
Is Harry the master of death? Will we see his awsome power? you can't stop now! We must know. Do you plan on letting someone adopt this story if you don't continue it?
Monkshood and Angels-Trumpet chapter 21 . 3/28
Bella needs to burn in the seventh circle of hell for what shes doing o harry and ed ward deserves to be torn apart a few times. Poor Harry.
Ryum chapter 20 . 3/27
I have a question. I am a bit confused because I have read loads of stories. But if I remember this fic correctly didn't Harry have a relationship with the twins for a while? Even though he knew he was Edward's mate?
I was a 100% sure that that happened in this story. But now I am not so sure anymore after looking through the previous chapters. Did you remove that part of the story? Or was it never even there?
I was curious about it after reading that Harry waited for Edward and was faithful.
misteeirene chapter 21 . 3/27
So sad this fic is being dropped, it was so good! Why don't you adopt it out and let someone finish it?
Kuramaworshiper chapter 21 . 3/27
plz plz plz plz update soon.
Kris chapter 8 . 3/27
I'm a bit surprised that Dumbledore didn't try to keep Harry in England with the Dursleys or another family after denying him a winter break with the Cullens.
eveemars87 chapter 21 . 3/27
Keep loving this story...
babed1026 chapter 21 . 3/27
Please please finish this story with ur maturity new writing you can do it in 2 chapter. You already reach the height of the story and 21 chapter would be horrible if u didnt finish. Thanks for ur creating and entertainment. I look forward to any and all future stories.
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