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Kelekiah Galadrian chapter 60 . 6/11/2012
Another Clanverse drabble. I like Clanverse. It’s a very interesting universe that only gets more complicated the further you go.

Oh wow. I don’t think I have a clue who this girl is O.O That’s probably not a good thing. I don’t remember at all who Yugi went to the Yule Ball with. It’s been way too long for my mind to recall something like that.

Either way, though, I really like the emotion in this. It pulls you in and allows you to feel what she’s feeling.

Kelekiah Galadrian
Kelekiah Galadrian chapter 59 . 6/11/2012
Wow! I think that’s your longest drabble yet!

You’re definitely right—way way way WAY later than where we are now. I’m not really familiar with Left 4 Dead, but I know it enough to understand what’s going on here. That’s really depressing that such a thing would happen, but it’s brilliant anyway (and by that, I mean from a writer’s point of view).

I really like your control of emotion and the desperate helplessness and tragedy that’s shown through your writing. It gives this piece a lot more depth.

Kelekiah Galadrian
Kelekiah Galadrian chapter 58 . 6/11/2012
Haha! That’s a very funny observation, and I like that Joey’s the one who made it. Although I shouldn’t laugh at Yugi’s suicidal tendencies when it comes to his friends, I find this quite hilarious because it’s SO TRUE!

But we love Yugi for it anyway.

Kelekiah Galadrian
Kelekiah Galadrian chapter 57 . 6/11/2012
Even though I know nothing about Card Captor Sakura and I’m not following Stars and Shadows, I will say that I very much understand the situation in this drabble. Yugi is such a hard person to sacrifice what with his adorable and friendly attitude, but his loyalty to everyone he meets (most especially his friends). But at the cost of one’s own family? That would be a tough decision to make. I don’t know what I’d do in that situation.

Kelekiah Galadrian
Kelekiah Galadrian chapter 56 . 6/11/2012
Ooh, Overworld! I’m glad I finally caught up with that so I can be in the know on what this drabble is talking about.

Despite all else, I really do adore Valon. He’s such a cute guy and I love his personality. But Jamie (if that’s whose point of view this is from) is right to be wary around him. He’s not a good guy until AFTER the Doma arc, after all. There is definitely danger ahead for them :D

Kelekiah Galadrian
Kelekiah Galadrian chapter 55 . 6/11/2012
I don’t know what it is with me, but for some reason, I cannot fathom who this could possibly be talking about. I know I should recognize him, but I don’t. Prolly ‘cause Clanverse is so long and there are lots of things to remember from it.

But it was still well-written, and it speaks a very true message. Very interesting read. I like it :D

Kelekiah Galadrian
Kelekiah Galadrian chapter 54 . 4/28/2012
Aw, such a sad drabble this is.

If I remember correctly, I cried when Kari died. In fact, I'm pretty sure I actually did. It was very very depressing and a hard moment for me, and I was merely a reader. I can't imagine how Ombre would feel at this time.

~Kelekiah Galadrian
Kelekiah Galadrian chapter 53 . 4/24/2012
Ooh, it’s been a while since we’ve had a Clanverse drabble! How exciting!

Ooh, very very nice insight! I like that! This sounds like Ombre, if I’m correct. She’s a fantastic character. She fits this drabble well, me thinks.

Great job so far on all of these! I love them so very much, and I congratulate you for sticking with it so long! That’s GREAT!

Alright! I’m roughly halfway now that I’ve completed all of these chapters. I hope to have read and reviewed all of them by the end of the day!

~Kelekiah Galadrian
Kelekiah Galadrian chapter 52 . 4/24/2012
I probably wouldn’t enjoy that date all that much, to be honest with you. Tea’s very strong for putting up with Yami. Ryou or Yugi is more my type of guy, really. But Tea’s trying, which is a very good attribute to her character.

At the same time, I do feel bad for Yami. His situation would be very difficult to handle and adjust to. He’s doing a very good job, actually, much better than I would in the same circumstance. Very admirable of him.

I very much like the last line of this drabble—very effective.

~Kelekiah Galadrian
Kelekiah Galadrian chapter 51 . 4/24/2012
Ugh, sports are horrible. I hate them too.

Poor Yugi and Ryou—that sounds very uncomfortable indeed. They’d be pummeled XP

Despite the negative vibes from Yugi’s last sentence, I think it’s funny that Yami would react that way (even though that’s definitely in his character). But it’s a funny statement nevertheless.

~Kelekiah Galadrian
Kelekiah Galadrian chapter 50 . 4/24/2012
Shadow Games are very interesting creations if you ask me. I very much like them and the potential they have to run rampant in fanfiction.

I hope I’m correct in assuming we’re discussing Yami here. It sounds very much like him, which is great if I’m correct—that means I correctly assembled the context clues to come to a decision. Yay me~

~Kelekiah Galadrian
Kelekiah Galadrian chapter 49 . 4/24/2012
I like Ryou’s striped shirt, thank you very much, Bakura. Even if it does somehow let you sneak around unnoticed.

Hehe, I really like the addition of him doing something stupid and creating an accident. It might go against what he really was before, but I think his skills are a tad rusty from hiding away in a dark ring for thousands of years.

Despite all, however, this drabble made me laugh

~Kelekiah Galadrian
Kelekiah Galadrian chapter 48 . 4/24/2012
Tea went and picked the wrong crowd of friends for some of the things she wanted—with guys who mostly had hard childhoods, it’s hard to get anything out of them.

But she’s still a really good person for befriending them and they make great friends.

I personally don’t think it’s normal to not share stories from your childhood—or maybe I’m just a blabbermouth. Either way, Tea has every right to feel the way she does. It’s much easier to understand who your friends are and the potential they have for becoming what they will in the future if the childhood is shared. That was a long and complicated sentence, so I hope it makes sense XP

~Kelekiah Galadrian
Kelekiah Galadrian chapter 47 . 4/24/2012
Ooh, very nice insight into Pegasus’s character. I really do like him, despite what he did in Duelist Kingdom—but he was doing it for his deceased wife, that’s all. He’s really a fantastic character.

I like the idea of him being able to see soul monsters of other people to create new cards. It’s brilliant and genius (since there’s only so many that could’ve existed as tablets buried away in Egypt’s sands and whatnot).

I very much like this one~

~Kelekiah Galadrian
Kelekiah Galadrian chapter 46 . 4/24/2012
Yay, a drabble in which Joey doesn’t get beaten up or put down! I really like that protective side of him that’s been evident in all your drabbles about him (his sister, Mai, his new family, his friends, etc).

Of course the Mutou’s would want Joey in their family—he IS Yugi’s best friend, after all. I’m really glad it’s not a pity family either. And Joey fits right in, which is an extra plus

~Kelekiah Galadrian
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