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Meta Write chapter 1 . 6/16/2013
Aww... So if I had entered I could've used my awesomesauce Mety in this? PS I am a guest cuz I can't log in on my tablet, but I do actually have an account under this penname on here.
Cherry-sama chapter 5 . 8/8/2012
Thanks a lot guys!
I can't believe I got 3rd.
This is my first contest, so I'm glad I got a ranking as high as I did.
And, thank you again, MoD, for all the nice things you said about my fic.

Best wishes!
Souldin chapter 5 . 7/31/2012
Just like you did a long time ago, for this here results chapter I shall proceed to real time review/reply. Hopefully this will not affect the quality of my review and it should be good practise in a style of review I have never tried before (admittedly though I have rarely experimented outside of my own, well-structured style). So let's a go.

Yes writing up a contest is a lot harder than it seems, particularly results chapters which you cannot write out before hand and simply fill in the blanks when the time comes to upload the chapters. I understand and don't fret, we've at least got the results now and the quality of the announcement is pretty much assured given the time spent on it.

For some reason I feel this is starting off rather bleak, a self-criticism of yourself that you have no need to do, we forgive you already. Hopefully the contestants will come in soon and the atmosphere will be made a little livelier. Well at least I'm spotting some bits of humour, oh, and the first mistake, that k doesn't want to form the work 'heck', he's going it alone.

Oh, here are your fellow judges; yep the mood is a little cheerier. Then comes everyone else and my gosh, amazing how just the presence of more people can make an atmosphere brighter. The introduction of the authors is a nice touch, being very brief as to not risk any OOC moments but giving away details of their entries, and allows for a lot of shout-outs as it were.

Alright, it's starting now. Funny how pain seems to be the only way to get everyone to be quiet. I feel the manner in which positions are being given is a lot different to the other contests but that's probably all the talk of cutting down 12 to 6. Anyway, it truly begins now...after I finish laughing. Araceli L's experience in the car has been funny since the start but the crying joke was really well timed.

Oh, so we are only having the topped six entries named, well, I guess that works. I feel the author ranked in last place tends to feel rather down so I can see where you are coming from with only mentioning the top six. Jolly good, so who is in sixth place? Foxpilot! He's only sixth. You're lucky my little brother isn't reading or...oh wait, he's right behind me - (PICKLED CHEESE: FOX PILOT MUST WIN!)

Thank you brother...boy, that was perfect timing. 'Besides, it's not like people didn't see that coming. Foxpilot's practically a FanFiction legend.' Yeah, that's why he came in only sixth, of course that is still a good place but knowing how good this story was I expected it to rank higher. This doesn't give my story much chance...perhaps two ranks above, at best three, but wow, these other stories must be something. As far as characters go I'd complain that Lucario isn't exactly underused, and is probably the most used of the Pokémon characters but then we'd miss out on the dynamic between Lucario and Captain Falcon which truly made Foxpilot's 'Wanted: Aura' shine.

'Assist Trophy' by When Darkness Rises certainly sounds worthy of fifth place and the way you've described it intrigues me. I'm a little disappointed it's not an Assist Trophy fanfic but I do really like Pichu, so I'll give this one a read when I have time.

I do love the interactions between you, Araceli, MouseMaster42 and Kattheamazing, I think one of the best things about the results announcements is seeing the authors interact with one another. I do love strong, solid and entertaining character interactions.

The fourth place entry is unfinished...I'm surprised it managed to got so high, either you're really lenient with unfinished works or this next one is amazing enough to succeed even with that hindrance. So, in fourth is...Guessworks 'Degenerates'. Guesswork's is a good author so no surprises there however, like with Foxpilot's story I wouldn't consider Metaknight to be an underused character, he is in fact, overused to an annoying degree. The quality of this story must have been really something in order for you and your judges to look past these things.

'MessengerOfDreams, our most treasured and beloved contest host'...yes, about that, this only applies to this contest, right? Cause I'm afraid you'll have some stiff competition otherwise.

Moving onto the third place winner is...Cherry-Sama. I believe I've read and enjoyed '2100ft' although it was so long ago that I can't really remember now...I'll probably give it another read anyway. It is always nice to see fanfics starring Sandbag and if it's managed third place in this contest I can expect great things from it. Still, if this has third place then my chances of getting into the top six have come to an end; I wouldn't conceive it being that much higher than Foxpilots. The presentation of this one is filled with charm, energy, and humour and awesome, we get to see the prizes now. The third place sounds pretty neat and no, using SSB photo shots for art pieces is not a weird hobby. Anyway, let's hope the prizes don't take as long as the results (I kid, I kid).

Oh, a confetti trap...that's nice, though not exactly crazy. You don't live in the same house as my little brother, that there is true crazy.

Second place is 'Who I Am Hates Who I've Been'? Now why does that sound familiar-wait, by RedHazeKJ! I've read that one and holy heck it was phenomenal. A truly underused character deserving of the spotlight was explored in a brilliant way with a great and rarely seen style that fits the story to a T. It even ends with a great twist. I certainly expected this to be in the top three and second place it is certainly worthy of. Congrats to RedHazeKJ.

All that applause in the story was certainly deserved. Now then, the big moment, the winner of the contest is to be revealed. It's none of the authors I was expecting it to be so this will certainly come as a surprise, I'll have to make sure to check out the winner afterwards. I know you to be a good judge of character so a 1st place winner of this contest will certainly be a read I can spare my now rather limited time for. Anyway, the tension builds, let’s find out who won.

Me! You mean I...I...wait a minute, I don't have black hair. My hairs brown in real life and on I have green hair, wear plain black clothes and a black and white scarf. Oh who cares, I won, I won, I won! This will certainly make reading the winning story easy. I now worry though if people will start thinking this is all a conspiracy, you know, with you winning my contest and me winning yours. I swear this isn't fixed.

You've got my calm composure and down, I'll give you that. Now onto all the praise, this is making me grin more and more as I read it. Yes, it is nice to be appreciated for my writing for once, the only story of mine that has gotten a decent amount of reviews would be my contest, and recently my story 'Thank You Cider!" but that's mostly because I posted it on another fanfiction site as well. Being immortal helps with the wise take on immortality and while I could say you're praising more than is needed, I'm not going to complain or argue with you. I look back on 'An Eternity to Remember' and always feel I was too direct with my themes and messages, the story not having the same subtlety that my all-round greatest fanfic, 'Dull and Dulling' has, but apparently 'An Eternity to Remember' had enough to claim first prize so maybe it's just me being my own harshest critic. Worth noting, the way you've presented the favourite system is just brilliant, it must be a real bother for all the authors who have their stories frequently favourite.

I shall of course, eagerly await my prizes while I, when I get chance, mull over which of the final prizes to have. I'm rather busy so a collaborated story would be pretty tricky but it has been something I've always wanted to do...but if I count other authors contests I've helped with then I've not only done two collaborations before but have a third one on the way. Decisions, decisions...I don't have to decide this right now do I?

The after party was a nice little way to end the contest albeit, a little depressing. It is true that people come and go, and some go away forever and ever. For me, though I don’t think I’ll ever manage to be as active in the SSB section as I once was, I’m sticking around. I’ve got stories to write, contests to plan, other contests to help out with, and one day I shall come back in full force with review after review…though this is only likely if I win the lottery. Still, for a long while I have been unsure what direction to take in regards to SSB stories and now, while I’m struggling to conceive the time to step forth with my plans, I know. Let’s just say that the assist trophies are not reserved just for contests. Anyway, to MoD, to Ace, to Kat, to Mouse, and to Modacelimazing42 as a whole, thank you for this delightful competition. Thanks for the honour of emerging victorious amongst so many wonderful talents, thanks for the coming prizes and cheerio my friends!
Twilight Okami chapter 5 . 7/30/2012
Congratulations on the winners; it was a fun contest that FINALLY came to an end :D!
Foxpilot chapter 5 . 7/30/2012
*Pops champagne* because I can actually do that now. Indeed, time has not been kind to some of us. Still, for those who fall, new talents rise to take their places. Cheers to the winners! Now excuse me as I try to bean someone in the head. What? You didn't think I'd -drink- this sludge, did you?

So that's it, then. Sixth place. Still, better than half of the entrants, who were better than most of the unfortunate writers on the site. If nothing else, we all had the guts to rise up and say "We don't need to write about Marth, Ike and Roy in a love triangle, daggit!" We're all a little richer for that, even if those stories are largely lost to time and data now. (Thank the Programmers for search engines!)

I'm not surprised the winner won. When I read that story, I knew it was impressive. In many normal circumstances, I'd be livid at sixth place. However, looking at these writers, especially the top dog, is more humbling than frustrating. And yes, that party was quite a shindig of a hoedown.

So for some of us, the wait wasn't worth it. For those who didn't make the top half, this was disappointing-and for those of us who expected higher than our stations, we feel bad. I don't say this as a means of guilting you; it is merely fact. People will be upset; people will feel distaste. That's just how contests go. If anything, I congratulate you for pulling through on this after so long. Though now, Jimbo gets to rag on you for your lateness.

One thing I'd like to say is that it feels like a disservice to those who didn't get actual rankings. Their entries matter as much as anyone else's, and leaving them in such a nebulous shroud of wonder is a little unfair. Thinking pessimistically, they could all think they're in last place.

One last thing before I end off. Most people will wonder why they didn't get a high ranking. Of course, I include myself in this. Few people, however, fail to ask the right people why. So, if I may be so bold as to inquire, how do I improve from what I had? What was missing; what was there too much of? How do I improve. I'm not asking for a review-I'd never ask that. Just some general tips would be helpful, if you please. Thank you for your consideration.

Well, thus ends the saga of Those we Left Behind. Some of us have taken lessons away from this; and on behalf of all of us who have, I thank you. For those who didn't...well, I suppose this sums up the feelings of the Smashers who will continue to be left behind:
"Back to obscurity for you, Vincent!"
"Aw, shucks!"

Here's hoping that the SSB Vincents, like the cited Vincent, get their days again.
ElementCommander chapter 5 . 7/30/2012
I didn't login... :P

And to sum up my thoughts of the results...

I don't care if I was wrong about Foxpilot placing first! In my dreamland and in my premonition, he will be placed first always, because dreams of the past never change!

Though I would have found it hilarious if I was right, so I could go around spreading rumors of how you, being a "messenger of dreams" delivered that dream to me. Haha, if only.

Anyway, congrats to the winner Souldin, who I barely know as a person!
This is The Element Commander too lazy to login version! I'll see you next time whenever you decide to host another contest! The good news about the long delay? It doubles, triples, and quadruples Kim kardashian's marriage. You've set a record!
Okay, for realz. Bye!
AvidAkiraReader chapter 5 . 7/30/2012
Blargh was my first reaction, then I was like, CONGRATZ.

Talk about bipolar reactions, haha. XD

(This was totally worth it, by the way.) AAR
Autistic chapter 3 . 10/11/2011
Hello MOD. Yeah listen, I'm not here to review The Contest For Those We've Left Behind. I'm actually here to review The Legend Of Zelda Shall Never Die. The reasion i'm writing this is simple,I don't feel like i gave you a good enough review for it the first time. So with my new found writing skills, I decided to give you a better review

(And if you're wondering why i don't just remove the previous review, Or give you a review not log in to my account. answer the first one, I didn't want to remove my first review.(Espicially since it one of the first things i written on this site.)And to answer the second one, I'm usually always log in to my account.)

So without futher ado, Let the review begin.

For starters, Wikapedia isn't a very good source of accurate information.(At least that what i think.)And so far it has been proven true...However i don't think that hinders the story...In fact it may have made it better.(Maybe.)

I honestly was enthralled by the tale. I lke this story. It one of my favorites on .

What interesting is that there are references to Fire Emblem.(It is mention that Zelda 2 is getting married to Roy.)And although the uses of Fire Emblem references isn't original.(I think)It is inspiration that the lands in the Legend Of Zelda, and the lands in fire emblem, could be in the same world. And that is a good premise for writing Legend of Zelda and Fire Emblem crossover fics, Or to write Legend of Zelda fics with at least one Fire Emblem character, And vice versa.

Anyways, this was a good fic. And i like it. So i'll end this with my(Hopefully not anoying people.)slogan.

Remember God has a plan.

(PS, If anyones intersted, then you should know that there is a Legend of Zelda manga series. you can most likely find at you're favorite library system.(Or bookstore. whitchever one you prefer.)And i'm not trying to take away Souldin title as Review King. I'm mainly writing these reviews to build writing stamina...But that doesn't mean that im not being honest in my reviews.
Autistic chapter 1 . 10/6/2011
This is inspirational. This is what inspiring authors need. You have inspire people to write. Me well...I'm not in the contest. However this have inspire me to write stories about the less populer charecters.

I can just imagine some of my future fics. A Samus and Falco romance fic. (Witch will hopefully be the first in the shipping i like to call Birdsongshipping.) (Witch i'm starting to think may be a little...inapropriate...Since i never readed Birdsong.) A Snake and Donkey Kong adventure story. A Shadow and Luigi Friendship fic. Maybe even a fic staring doctor mario...If i get interested enough.

Still this is inspiring. I hope this will help me write fics in the future

(PS. Since the site only allow one review per chapter, And since i'm usually log in to my acount everytime i visit the site. I most likely to use one of the other chapters to write a better review for The legend of Zelda shall never die)

(PPS(Or PSS)Remember God has a plan)
Bookish Cupcake chapter 2 . 9/6/2011
Just got the Modacelimazing42 memo. Fixed! :D
Layla.Kagamine chapter 4 . 9/3/2011
Hi... great contest, guys. I truly did enjoy it. Now, I know that everything' s been judged and all, but I believe I did enter a piece foelr this contest. If it's not a bother, could you please read it? It is called 'Heart of a Child'. Not that it'll change anything or what not...
PrincessDiMimi chapter 4 . 9/3/2011
I can't wait until the results come out! (: Great chapter haha!
redhazeKJ chapter 4 . 8/31/2011
Well, I must say that I laughed through this chapter, and can't wait til the results.

Even though this was an amusing chapter, I felt like it was rushed. There were a few errors that I'm sure other reviewers have notified you about, like "unfortunately complete" instead of "unfortunately incomplete". At least I hope that's what you meant...

I'm going to stop here so I don't take up to much of your time so you can begin the judging. All in all, the contest was a fun way to start my fan fiction projects and I hope you have more contests in store.

Souldin chapter 4 . 8/31/2011
So we don't have a problem like last time I will say, in the off chance it doesn't register this as a Signed Review that this review is courtesy of Review King Souldin. Also, despite how my entry never popped up in the list of entries with 'Modacelimazing42's' in their summary, you can clearly see in the summary of 'An Eternity To Remember' the word/name 'Modacelimazing42'.

Pros: Its simple, amusing, and I love what you did with the bolding and italics, using it as a source of humour. Cons: This chapter feels a little rushed and shows in the odd wrong word such as 'whistle' instead of 'whisper' and saying 'unfortunately complete' instead of 'unfortunately incomplete' though that last mistake was pretty hilarious.

Well I like how you've done this chapter as despite its short length it does what needs to be done. It presents a good deal of characters in amusing ways, and also pays due to each of the authors entering the contest. I found my part to be interesting, in part because the Ganondorf joke carried on over to another entries humour, but also because I could not understand a word R.O.B. was saying.

Some things were confusing but I guess they were references to fanfics I have not read (the Bo Dynamite part made no sense). You say there's a reference to another SSB author in this chapter but the only one I can guess at is Mr. Pichu because you are wearing a fedora but I'm probably wrong. This chapter did its job well alongside a good amount of wit and humour. Great job, keep up the good work!
VioletTheChao chapter 1 . 8/30/2011
I'm gonna have to give this a shot. It'll be my first contest AND my first SSB fic, so be prepared for anything.
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