Reviews for Scenery Called 'Everyday'
BlueAbyssHax chapter 51 . 2/19
Haha! That was pretty funny. Interesting way to handle a Valentine's chapter and its enjoyable.

Hey I Mightve asked before, but what exactly IS the world you usually use for your Dissidia?

New Dissidia game being looks amazing.
Pridam chapter 50 . 11/18/2014
Just wondering, but is it possible to make a future chapter elaborating more on the love triangle between Squall, Lightning, and Tifa? It's apparent that Tifa is attracted tk Squall, so it'd be interested to see a chapter about it
ChocolateTruffles chapter 50 . 11/10/2014
Lol no need for doujins. You're doing fine. Glad to see you're back! :) All is well I hope?

So sweet of Squall to offer fixing it. Is it a metal bed though? (I think they're both strong enough to break anything anything save for adamantium (the material for the Lionheart gunblade I think). Hehe

And...Theme#50?...notes?...nako ingat ka at hindi yan maghalo sa study notes mo. :)) Di bale, about anatomy din naman yan. hehe

Good job! Looking forward to the next update.
BlueAbyssHax chapter 49 . 10/13/2014
You say don't let it die, but Square hasn't given us too much to work with and works nowadays are being generic XS.

Nice too see this updated though, I loved this.
ChocolateTruffles chapter 49 . 10/12/2014
YOU...You're ALIVE! :D Oh my gosh. Grabe, ang tagal ko hinintay ang update na ito! XD Light and Squall are as sweet as ever despite how seemingly weird they are together. Nice development with Averia being a gifted, patient and understanding daughter. Well, she and Raine do have the best genes combined. :)) Well done! I hope this isn't a once in a blue moon update. :)
NinjaSheik chapter 48 . 7/30/2013

You always amaze me by the stuff you come up with, you know. ;P

ChocolateTruffles chapter 47 . 7/8/2013
...NICE :D
I did not expect things to unfold like that. haha I was kind of prepared for more heart-wrenching moments but hey, this ties things up quite nicely. Kumain ka ba ng mais na may cheese powder? Or Cheese flavored popcorn bago ka nagsulat? Haha

Oh and please, do breathe. You've done well. I look forward to the next chapter.
NinjaSheik chapter 47 . 7/7/2013

A perfect combination of humor and seriousness, tears and happiness! :) Love Light at the end! LOL! XD

Hein chapter 47 . 7/7/2013
I-I see. The corn... Oh, the corny-ness. Its fanta-bulous! Though I gotta admit, the Omake really fits well with what they could've said in a situation like that, no? *SpontaneousAnuerysm*
So. This is, like, the events that lead to the Tiny Titans verse, yeah? ... So what? Lightning was is SEED for only a year? XP
Love how this is going. Glad to see someone still support this pairing. Full speed ahead!
Loul chapter 46 . 7/3/2013
You're as good as usual, i'm only checking fanfiction times to times to see if you and a few other authors had uptaded something :p
Traingham chapter 46 . 6/27/2013
A man of the world will claim that he lusts after a woman who can kick his ass up until the point that she actually steps in and beats him into the floor. Doesn't stop a woman from being damn sexy while doing it!

All jokes aside "Faron Style" tough love is nothing to sneeze at. Seeing as how Lightning is the type of woman that has trouble expressing her love without hurting those she loves Squall is going to need to pray that his body outlasts her frightening bouts of passion. (Whether it be bouts of furious passion or hot passion)

Well, here's me looking forward to where their relationship goes from here!

Take care,

NinjaSheik chapter 46 . 6/23/2013
...Okay... I'm lost. :O WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!

Squall... T _ T

Dude, this was intense...

ChocolateTruffles chapter 46 . 6/23/2013
I did NOT see this coming. I mean, I expected her to be angry at Squall but to actually injure him? Wow. That's some 'lesson'. Poor Squall. I wonder just how much is he really willing to take from Lightning and her moods. People do have limits after all. :(
NinjaSheik chapter 45 . 6/20/2013
Long time no see! :D Glad to see you updated! Although, this chapter felt...sad. :(

By the way, did you freakin' see the E3 trailer for "Lightning Returns"?! IT. WAS. EPIC! :D

ChocolateTruffles chapter 45 . 6/20/2013
Wha...? Why would Lightning do that? Is she too emotionally charged that she feels the need to regroup elsewhere to avoid displaying emotions? Or...*conspiracy theory activate* that is not Lightning. Anyway, nice to see you still writing. :) You still have the touch. :)
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