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Terikel chapter 9 . 10/1/2013
Potato to the rescue - love the title of this chapter. I'm suprised Kim didn't get beaten up this time. She's making progress. xD
Poor Marines though, they didn't stand the ghost of a chance. Maybe next time.
Terikel chapter 8 . 10/1/2013
More Marco, yay! He's so awesome. And I love their bickering, haha. And Legros saving her with a cooking bpot and Marco, that show off and Hina and Smoker and everything. *sigh*
Sorry for the rambling, I just love this story so much. :3
Terikel chapter 6 . 10/1/2013
Monsieur est trop cool! Of course he would have to be French, that's just too fitting. I'm glad Kim survived somehow and now found a safe place to hide. :D
kage kitsune 14 chapter 23 . 9/30/2013
Update soon, please. I can't wait to see the time travel chapter completed. It's an interesting idea and I can't wait to see Garp's reaction or whoever. Is there two Marcos and two Kims now?
Miss C.A.J chapter 23 . 9/30/2013
I really really love this story ! It's so rare to find OC story as interesting and well written than this one, I hope you won't give up on it. Kim is very interesting and now that she seem to have found a path for herself and she doesn't believe the world is black and white, I really want to see what will happen next, especially with Marco. I think I have withdrawal symptoms from this story, I need a new chapter ! Plus, if Garp, Sakazuki and co are still minis when they reach the next Island, it could mean a bit more freedom for Kim if she see Marco, of course there is still Pennington to get in their way. Really I just can't wait for next chapter ! Oh and about smoker and Hina, in the Alabasta Arc to decide something they flip a coin, it felt like something they're used to do, so I though you could make them do it for something to do with Kim, like whose turn it is to save her from Garp ?
Anyway really great story ! I hope we get a new chapter soon !
Terikel chapter 5 . 9/30/2013
Poor Kim indeed. Smoker is right. Garp is going to kil her before Marco even gets his second chance to. xD
Love this story, see you tomorrow. 3
Terikel chapter 4 . 9/30/2013
Aw, mashed potato indeed. But that fight was seriously awesome. Loved how Marco only played with her, thus giving her a slight chance and making the fight all the more interesting. I just hope she didn't do any lasting damage with that kick. Poor guy. xD
Terikel chapter 3 . 9/30/2013
I'm reapting myself, but I love this chapter and how you included everyone and their relationships with Kim: Hina, Smoker, Bogart (and some more Garp. He's starting to becoem my favourite character xD). I like how she decided to join the marines to be able to pay her life debt, although I'm not sure if Ensign isn't a bit too high ranked since officers normally have to attend classes and learn some stuff other than fighting which she seems not aaaaall that good at yet. But maybe I just got the wrong impression. One Piec characters tend to be stronger than average after all, why should an OC be an exception?
Did I mention I love the Flowa culture you're describing? I dunno why, but I kinda think of them as Hawain people, with all their traditions (even if they are kidna unusal).
Speaking about unusual: I love the way she handled her first mission. Being good at poker is very important on a ship, haha. xD
Now looking forward to Marco! :D
Terikel chapter 2 . 9/30/2013
Love this. The medic is great, and you got Garp down so well, I could totally see this happening in an actual epsiode. Love how he never uses the doors and how Hina is completely unfaced about that and how Smoker is totally bragging about his fighting skills. I'm also curious what books Kim doesn't want them to find.! Reading on!
Terikel chapter 1 . 9/30/2013
So, I've had this story on my alert for a while now, waiting for it to be complete because I tend to stay away from WIP (they frustrate me more often than not), but I finally couldn't resist the temptation anymore. I've read about every Marco I could find and this one just looks so very promising, featuring an OC (which I love dearly) and being long and having a good style, but most of all the amazingly creative title. It intirgued me from the very first moment and Kim's explanation for it is brillant. I guess she'll be a potato bag for a while, getting carried around against her will, hehe.
Well, love this first chapter. It provided enough backstory to get a feeling for her and keep me interested without really revealing too much. I also loved the part with the dolphin/sea king, and the appearance of young!Garp and Smoker and Hina. There are not nearly enough stories set in that time period.
I'm really curious what dream she wants to achieve in her father's stead and why she hates marines as well as pirates and why Garp since to recognize her name. You did a really good job to keep me hooked. :)
Et finalement: ton anglais est merveilleux, il y a plein de gens qui l'ont comme langue maternelle et ne savent pas l'écrire comme toi, donc il ne faut vraiment pas te faire des soucis.
À plus,
Kim :D
SomebodyLost chapter 23 . 9/29/2013
I'm a bit confused, perhaps it was a typo, but Wilde butted into their conversation at the latest chapter.

Still, this is very entertaining and well written, but may I ask, will this affect canon? And I just had to ask, is their going to be any romance at all? I don't mind if there's none, but according to the summary and plot progression, Marco and OC… so I'm curious.
LeTardis chapter 23 . 9/25/2013
I absolutely love this story! Kim is one of my favorite OCs EVER!

I love the interaction between her and Marco, it is very believable. They make me squeal And they haven't really been, you know...ROMANTIC yet. lol

I'm really curious about how Kim/her fathers dream(ambition?) is going to turn out! Makes me wonder if any revolutionaries are going to be tossed in all this! :D Probably.

The conflict she went through (probably still is going through) about wither all marines and pirates are evil and can be trusted was very relate-able, in my opinion. It is also a big step for her character, since she is starting to form her own opinion about things, instead of just living by the opinion her father had. I'm really excited about what her whole final decision will be, and if she can ever get herself to trust Marco!

Anyway, I'm not sure if that's what you had in mind when writing the story hahaha but that just really stuck out to me.

I also wonder if Kim is in deep, deep, DEEP denial about her relationship with Marco or if its not even at that stage yet. I think (what I have interpreted) is that she has developed a bad habit of blaming him for things and also (with what her father taught her) she is being so cautious that she automatically expects the worst, so her opinion of him is always flawed!
I always saw Marco as this laid back kind of guy, he probably doesn't even do/think half the things she thinks he does...or does he? And since we are on that topic it would be awesome if you wrote a snippet of his thoughts on Kim! Loved his "journal entry" btw. Laughed out loud when she burned the pages.
(In my mind she was cackling as she did so, is that disturbing?)

I always like to have a picture in my head when I am reading things, so if it is not to troubling could you maybe, in your next chapter, have like a character profile? With height, weight, birthday ect.? What I really wonder about, concerning looks, is if she has a Hawaiian look to her, because her home island reminds me a little of it.

That would be awesome if you could! But I would understand if you didn't. Some authors like to leave characters to the interpretations of the reader.

Thanks for listening (reading) my ramblings! Look forward to an Update!
Silver Hydrangea chapter 23 . 9/24/2013
Where have you gonee to/ My beloved PotatoCome back my daring Kim!

/been possess by Pennington:p

Gosh! You know, if I fail my exam today...its going to be All Your Fault. Why? Cause I found your story the evening before the exam and after that... Can't stop reading until 2 and a half in the morning. This Story is amazingg! I love your character development! Not going to fast and rushing into romance with unreasonable reason is wonderfull,( even if I want to see more of MarcoxKim soon ;p(cant wait for the time she s on Moby too/ meeting PopsXD))

Anyway, LoVe ur story so muchhhh and with all my heart( being dramatic,again) hope u update soon!

Ps. Hope u Over come any problem that's keeping you from providing these wonderful chapter! see u soon! I knew you wouldn't abandon this story, you love Kim and Marco, most of all, us reader wayyyyy too much;) hehe
Reina chapter 20 . 9/19/2013
Best chapter ever *_*
Guest chapter 23 . 9/16/2013
OK stories posted under your inspiration now - more of yours would be nicer!
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